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(GRAPHIC) Photos: Wisconsin Wolf Pack Kills Hunting Dog

by Eric Conn   |  October 16th, 2012 179

For a lot of folks on both sides of the wolf debate, it’s something they deal with from a safe distance. But for hunters like Ron Hill, it’s a war being waged in his own backyard.

On October 6, Hill and his hunting group were tracking a bear in Wisconsin—in an area familiar to them—with the use of their hound dogs, when one of the dogs got separated from the group and was brutally killed by a pack of wolves. The dog was a 1 1/2 year old female Treeing Walker and was killed in Douglas County.

According to Hill, after treeing a bear he realized that one of the dogs was missing. He and his group heard wolves howling, and at that point began tracking the dog by its electronic collar. As they followed the signals from the collar and drew near to the dog, the wolf pack kept pushing it away from them. Part of their tactic, Hill said, is to wait until the dog is worn out and then isolate it, preying on the weak.

After nearly three hours of trying to get to the dog, Hill said they began seeing serious amounts of blood splatter, all about 20 yards apart. As he approached, he realized that the dog had been torn to pieces by the wolves. The dog put up a fight over a 60 yard length, but was ultimately no match for the pack of skilled predators. Hill contacted state officials, who keep records of wolf depredation and assess the financial damages incurred by owners.

“I understand some people’s sentimental notion about wolves, but a lot of that is misconception,” Hill said. “Over the years I’ve spoken to many people about wolves, and most of them who oppose wolf hunting live in cities where they don’t see the real damage that the wolves are capable of doing. They don’t understand that as a farmer or landowner, they’re destroying your livelihood and income.”

The hound dog, valued at $3,000, was the third killed in the same area in 2012, which means that particular area is now listed on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website as one hunters should avoid. Despite the DNR payout, Hill said they’ll probably be lucky to recover half of the dog’s value.

Depredation on the Rise

The attack also illustrates an overall rise in the number of wolf attacks since 1999, when the state DNR reclassified the wolf as “threatened” and initiated a new program to protect the species. Since that time the wolf population has grown from 250 to 800 statewide, and with that increase has come the decline of whitetail populations and a steady climb in wolf-inflicted damages.

In 2000, the first year of the wolf protection program, there was one hunting dog killed by wolves. Since that time, there have been 166 hound dogs killed, with an average of about 15 a year. There have also been 31 non-hunting dogs killed in that time, not to mention livestock deaths—all of which the DNR tracks and pays for.

From 1985 to 1998, the DNR spent roughly $40,000 on wolf depredation. From 1999 to present, they’ve shelled out about $1.4 million in taxpayer dollars for wolf-related damages. The irony in all of this? The state and federal government shell out taxpayer dollars to protect the wolves, then turn around and pay for damages because those same wolves are overpopulated and destructive. This is the first year Wisconsin will host a controversial wolf hunt, which Hill says he’s ready for.

“I think wolves, as well as other animals, need to be kept in check to maintain a healthy ecosystem. The wolves have been protected for so many years that the population has become a nuisance. They are killing livestock, pets and killing off game animals such as deer and elk,” Hill said. “I’m glad that the state has given hunters  the opportunity to help control the wolf population.”

Hill and his hunting group say they’re prepared for the 2012 wolf season, which they drew eight tags for.

“Normally I’d be scouting out some good deer hunting, but this year’s different. We’re gonna go out and see what we can’t do to fix some of the wolf situation. We’re ready for it.”

From the Landowners

Kevin Hogie, the landowner on whose property the dog was killed, said he’s been meeting with 40 or so other landowners, as well as officials with the DNR, to help address the problem. After purchasing his land years ago for whitetail hunting, Hogie said deer populations don’t leave much to be optimistic about.

“We’ve seen, and state studies have clearly shown, that there is a dramatic decrease in deer populations in the last ten years. We’ve decided as landowners that we have to get together and voice our concerns, and we’ve had some heated meetings with the DNR as a result, even talking with their biologist about this,” Hogie said.

With a dozen trail cameras set up on his property, Hogie said there’s an obvious and worrisome trend—most of the pictures are of wolves, not deer.

“I think the photos kind of say it all. You see photos with deer limbs being hauled around, we’ve seen carcasses all over the property, and just picture after picture has got a wolf in it,” Hogie said.

Hogie said he’s talked with the DNR this past week to discuss the latest kill and to apply for a landowner permit to hunt wolves on his property, but that request was denied. According to DNR biologist Greg Kessler, because the dog wasn’t near his owner at the time, that makes Hogie ineligible for such a permit.

Kessler also said the DNR continues to monitor the wolf situation, as they have for decades now, and are keeping a very close eye on deer populations. He pointed out that while deer populations have declined, a lot of that was by design—six years ago record numbers of deer were deemed unsustainable, so the state acted by allowing more hunting opportunities at a lower cost to residents.

“We continue to monitor the situation actively and conservatively, though I know some hunters aren’t satisfied with that. It’s a biological and social issue,” Kessler said. “They certainly have real concerns and we’re trying to address those specific areas like Kevin’s in the best way possible.”

  • wolfman

    Update: The Wisconsin wolf season started on the 15th of Oct.- 4 wolves have been killed in 24 hours, 2 males and 2 females.

  • Moose n Deer Hunter

    Amen to that !

    • cathy

      amen to that?? there is NO biological reason to kill a wolf..this is being done for fun and trophy. wolves are a symbol of wilderness. this killing frenzy in this country has got to end. we are teaching the children the wrong values!

      • wolfman

        @ Cathy
        Wait till they start eating children, think before you speak.

  • pooster

    If a tree falls in the forest does it make noise? If a wolf falls in the forest does it make noise?

    • Larry

      Amen, Brother. Don't know why more don't think like this…

  • Raazorblade

    Same double talk B S we put up with here in Montana and Idaho. The game herds have beed devistated and millions are being spent to try to protect the livestock industry from the damage done by wolves. So much time is being spent on the wolves that the other predators like bear, mountain lions, coyoties, etc. have a free rein in slaughtering the fawn crop each year and some game herds here in the state are at 1960"s level. If something is not done there will be no hunting in areas of Montana. But you can't tell the stupid wolf lovers.

    • Sandra Skinaway

      After you kill all the wolves in Montana and Idaho and Wyoming, I'll bet you were one of the twenty thousand plus, who applied for a wolf permit to come here in Minnesota and Wisconsin so you can kill all our wolves! Your a sick and demented coward who likes to kill animals who can't fight back.

      • Bruce Hemming

        Sandra you are sick twisted anti hunting lunatic spreading lies and proganda. The Federal Law states clearly only 100 wolves per State. Grow up for once in your lonely pathetic life and stop worshiping wolves because your sick death cult told you what to think and what to say.

        • Sandra Skinaway

          Sticks and stones Bruce Hemming, I'm not anti-hunting as I said later, if only done for sustenance and not for sport kill & thrill for the sick and demented cowards! There has been more than 100 wolves per state by poaching and your "SSS code" of immorality and lack of ethics. Wolves are a part of my culture and why I am fighting so hard to stop the senseless slaughter of wolves. What kind of human kills any animal that's defenseless? They can't carry guns or traps or poison humans or bait them while the sport hunter hides like cowards to kill an unsuspecting baited animal? Ughhh, it's so exhausting trying to educate you dummies!

          • Ridge Climber

            Defenseless? Senseless slaughter? For a person who considers Wolves part of their culture you don't seem to know much about the "ease" at which they are hunted. They are one of the most difficult animals to spot, let alone hunt. They have plenty of defenses and could kill a man as easily with their pack tactics as they do Elk. If anything you insult the nature of the wolf and also fail to acknowledge their ability to avoid humanity. Now lets talk about this slaughter you speak out against. The number of wolves harvested in comparison to the number of wolf tags being sold is insignificant. The number of wolves killed this last year in no way justified the use of the word slaughter, if you want slaughter go to a cattle processing plant and then rethink the topic. Now lets talk about these accusations of widespread acceptance of the SSS practice. I grew up in the west and the people who tout the Shoot Shovel Shut up slogan are more talk than action, the people who have poached wolves have the common sense not to brag about it. Crimes of that nature land a person in prison with hefty fines and no one wants their hunting gear confiscated and their hunting privileges suspended. I will admit I have no clue how many wolves die as a result of poaching but what I do know is that people in the west wouldn't hate them so much if their species wasn't hurting other species so badly. The majority of Hunters want to hunt them to relieve the herds and there is nothing wrong with that. Lets also note that there are many good honest people who are now wolf hunting who don't bait them and hike miles and miles only to see their wolf tags unfilled, while some are lucky the odds are stacked heavily in the wolfs favor. Why don't you uphold your favorite predator by giving it a little faith? For an animal that is recognized as being noble, wise, and enduring you sure don't seem to believe that.

          • wolfman

            That was very well put.

          • Melissa

            Well I am educated and I absolutely adore all kinds of animals. When they start becoming a nuisance and start becoming a threat to someones way of life, self, and pets then you can't really say its only being done for sport. I had friends whose family had to pack up and move to another state because the wolf population was so high that wolves and other wild predators slaughtered all their livestock. That was their way of life. Can you still tell me that is unkind for them to want to hunt the wolves to lower the wolf population in that area?

    • Hill Billies

      Typical rednecked one-sided view of the world. Trying to solve everything with their guns. So pathetic.

  • L. Ierardi

    If allowed to grow in numbers wolves will be stalking the back yards of the suburbs then the streets and then the school yards. Perhaps when a wolf-hugger gets chewed up a bit, he or she will demand some kind of action. Here in New England we have already had a cougar stalking in a New Hampshire school yard and another killed by a motor vehicle on the very busy Merrit Parkway in heavily populated Southeast Connecticut. Red wolves have come down from Canada. Bears walk our roadways and scare elderly ladies who walk their pets I no longer hunt alone. Coyotes run in packs and are getting bolder. Which goes first? Apparently
    the wolves since they are so much more of a threat! I would support greate control of the wolves.

    • Fact Checker

      Wolves have not terrorized anyone, they are not stalking children or survivors of a plane crash. You watch too many movies.

    • Wind Walker

      Humans are running the streets rampant, breeding incessant violence, causing mass environmental destruction, stealing from others, consuming mass quantities of limited resources, encroaching on the other fragile ecosystem's of earth. The ridiculous diatribe that bounds on internet boards and that is spewed from the mouth of the blinder wearing and uneducated few who make arguments predicated upon their own self interest has greatly worn on me as of late. There seems to be no logic in the rhetoric that pervades the populace. I am a well traveled US Citizen, student, and scholar. I have seen much of the world, it's ecosystems, etc. I grew up in a hunting family that only hunted for sustenance. I understand and contemplate both sides of the issue. To illustrate my viewpoints on this issue I will replay a conversation I once had with a woman from the midwest. Me: Oh I see you're from the midwest. I noticed in your home state, they reintroduced wolves. Woman: Yes, they should have left well enough alone and not toyed with mother nature. Me: Actually, I strongly agree with you. They should have left mother nature alone….especially when they flew helicopters around and fired upon large droves of the animals, and then piled them up in heaps upon one another while they slowly died. Needless to say…she didn't like reply to her ill-founded argument because she wasn't educated in the facts that due to mankind's overpopulation of the area and self interests, the wolf population had been eradicated. The true source of the majority of almost every problem on the earth points directly to mass over-population of the earth. There are scarce resources which are continuing to dwindle at an alarming rate. But, for the sake of self-interest, people wear blinders, perpetrate various transgressions, and continue to engorge themselves without realizing that there are larger implications of their behavior. Animals and organisms on the planet have been forced to live within certain limitations, that we…yes we humans have placed upon them because we continue to take, in general, what we want…without worry of the long term costs. Yes…I live in a modern house. I utilize modern conveniences. I am a dog owner. I am part native american. I am a business man. My point is ……I am well rounded enough to see the viewpoints on all sides. But I am also logical and understand the science and reality of the devastation we are creating. And by the way, I have no children. Everyone is doing well enough overpopulating the earth without my help. And also understand that I'm not saying not to have children, but does a family truly need 2, 3, 4 children to be "whole." Examine the logic and weigh your arguments my friends…please…I implore you. And educated others to the fallacies in their arguments as well…we are already upon the tipping point of realizing great environmental problems. Are wolves, bears etc….entering your territory or have you encroached in theirs….it's a difficult dilemma…deal with it…but be wise about the way you deal with it.

    • NotExactly

      You are stupid. There are no red wolves in Canada. Red wolves are native to the Southeastern U.S. Try again, Einstein.

  • stanley

    kill most of them before they kill your children waiting for the school bus.

    • Sandra Skinaway

      Get real….what an idiotic uneducated comment.

    • gabriella fettucini

      you're an ass and your comment is baseless and has not foundation in fact. your bratty kid has more chance of being bullied or run over by the bus than killed by wolves.

  • Wolfman

    Another, Wisconsin wolf bites the dust, a trapper bagged this one.

  • Confused

    Sorry but I think if the animal is capable of killing you or you dog back, that is what kind of makes it a sport. You are roaming the woods trying to kill something and you are upset because something killed your dog? kind of hypocritical isn't it?

    • Bruce Hemming

      nope the law stated once the wolves recovered there would be hunting season but the pathetic worthless losers in the animal rights movement kept the wolves protected for 10 years pass recovered so they could slaughter dogs and stalk children. It takes a sick twisted demented person to want wolves to overpopulated and slaughter all our wildlife.

      • Sabrina Shepard

        Okay this is what's so funny. You blame wolfs for doing what their supposed to do they hunt for food. You are the typical redneck Let's kill the wolf because their killing the deer that YOU Want to go out and kill.

      • Sandra Skinaway

        Now who looks like an lonely pathetic loser always posting comments against great responses against sport kill & thrill!

        • Collin


      • Danger Ranger

        Bruce, I support you. Things can't be naturally balanced like they were in the past due to the rising human population. Because of the rising human population, BOTH the predator and prey species have to be controlled. Because the deer population can't survive the hunters and wolf populations combined, the wolf populations too have to be controlled. And if hunting stopped, the deer still would not survive the wolf population and the economy would take a major hit from the deduction of profits hunting generates. Antis might say that the human population needs to decrease, but I believe the procedures to do that would not be what God intended to happen when he created MAN as stewards of the land with dominion over the animals, and yes, hunting falls under that category. Don't believe me? Try reading the bible about killing animals for food and protecting livestock by killing predators. Some people apparently don't realize there is a difference in population control and eradication as well. And what I think is crazy is that hunters have showed more financial support to wildlife conservation than any anti-hunting group ever has! IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE MONEY HUNTERS RAISED THAT GOT THE WOLVES REINTRODUCED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! HA! And what's wrong with enjoying the population control process as a hunter? It's our hobby and our way of life, screw the haters and antis, they probably voted for Obama, which would explain a lot about their intelligence level right there.

  • Corrie Gillikin

    I hope the wolves eat you!!!

  • Sandra Skinaway

    So sick! Treeing bears in a tree with the use of dogs and bait, what kind of people do that? Cowards! The wolves and Bear were here first, not the European imported hunters and cattle/cows. Here you people are crying about the wolves taking their traditional food, the Deer and/or Elk. Wolves only have deer to eat when you so called hunters can go to the grocery store and pick out anything you want. As for pets being killed and especially this $3,000 valued cost of a dog, that's what happens when dogs go into another dogs terriitory. Dogs are related to wolves, have you ever seen dogs fight? Pets are also killed by vehicles, other pets, and humans through animal abuse and cruelty.

    • Bruce Hemming

      So sick this tiny lunatic fringe wolf cult can spread their lies and propaganda as our wildlife is being slaughtered off. It takes real cowards hiding in the big city to spread lies about hunting. Get a life Sandra and find a new twisted demented cult to join. Or just tell the truth you hate our wildlife you hate children you hate ranchers you hate dogs just worship wolves like your cult told you to do. Wolves have caused the Moose to go to extinction level inside Yellowstone NP tell everyone how proud you are that your wolves are causing animal to get wiped out Sandra. Good puppet girl spread your lies for your cult.

      • Sandra Skinaway

        Your a dummy. I'm a tree-hugger and a wolf-hugger so I'm told. I grew up in the north and never liked the city because of human animals there. I love wildlife and my environment. I also had many dogs in my lifetime, but I never paid $3,000 for any of them as they were mutts who were a part of my family. I'm not part of a cult, but a part of a pack of great people who are fighting to protect all other wolves from human trash like you who want to kill all animals for sport and to get your jollies off on. What has a bear done to you personally Bruce Hemming, or a wolf? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

        • Cityfolk

          You never liked the city because of the human animals there? Now that is a comment I enjoyed. LOL!!!!
          Do your "human animal parents" acknowledge your existance?

      • gabriella fettuccini

        cult propaganda….it's so funny the only way you stupid hunters know to win arguments that are fact-less and invalid is to call us names and lunatics and cult members. i'd have to say hunters are more like cult members than other normal not killers.

    • Jessica

      Seriously Sandra. Using dogs to hunt bear does not make us cowards. You must be tribal and I think that it is sick that you are allowed to kill so many more animals than the rest of us. Oh please, what happened to the indians happened centuries ago and we should not be still compensating you for that. You must live in the city and have no idea what it is like to be in the woods. The wolves are devastating to the deer herd, cattle and yes our pets. They need to be managed just like everything else. As for the $3,000 compensation the hunter received does not even begin to cover how much this hunter had in this pet. We treat our hounds just any other pet and put a lot of time and money into training them for the sport that we love. You are a coward

      • Danger Ranger


  • Sandra Skinaway

    As for cattle/livestock, farmers and ranchers are compensated for the value of their losses. The ranchers and farmers need to take responsiblity and protect their own herds and should not farm and ranch in wolf territory, DUH!. Maybe they should find a different livelihood. Go ahead and call me a "tree-hugger" and a "wolf-hugger", I guess I am since I care for my environment and the wildlife and hate seeing any animal murdered for sport and thrills. I'm not against hunting in order to put food on the table, I'm against cowards killing just so they can kill and get their fix.

    • Bruce Hemming

      Lies the laest study prove with science Sandra Ranchers are only being paid for 1 out 10 livestock killed by wolves. You hate our eco system you hate ranchers and you hate working Americans. Only a lunatic fringe cult member would worship wolves over the health and safety of the public.

      • Reyna Crow

        please cite the `latest study' proving that ranchers are only being paid for 1 out of 10 livestock. where is that study? who sponsored it?

      • Sandra Skinaway

        That's funny. Now who's spreading lies and propaganda Bruce Hemming? Where's your proof that Ranchers and farmers are being paid for 1 out of 10 livestock killed by wolves? Are you even sure that it is wolves? Either way, there news stories where farmers are fiinding alternate ways of protecting their herds and should since it's their herds. They are taking responsibility unlike other farmers and ranchers who are too lazy to protect their herds right. If they don't like ranching and farming in wolf country they need to get a different livlihood or move out. Wolves were here first and we are pushing them from their home and killing their only source of food, the deer, moose, and Elk, and you have the NERVE to bitch about wolves killing every deer from the great white hunters! For your information, there are grocery stores now that we can go to for food, wolves can't.

  • Dog Lover

    Good job in posting graphic photos. Wolves use my property and own 2 dogs. I love my dogs and would never deliberately put them at risk. Another dog had been killed by these wolves in July – seems you would want to take reasonable precautions. His dog got separated…but didn't notice it missing? Hum. Then, says the wolves wouldn't let him get near his dog for 3 hours? Doesn't make sense. Wolves spook very easily. A gun fired in the air would cause them to run at least long enough for him to retrieve his dog. I thought I read somewhere that a dog would not pursue a wolf and that hunters could call back their dog if encountered by a pack of wolves or so they claim in defense in allowing the use of dogs to hunt wolves. I think it is most likely, his dog got separated and he didn't notice (or care), thinking nothing bad can happen until it was too late. I feel sorry for the dog that he had such an irresponsible owner.

    • Wolfman

      Hey Einstein/ dog lover,
      you should do some research before you say something stupid like this, I love dogs as well but the part where you said wolves spook easy, B.S tell that to the grouse hunters from MN. who's dog was almost killed by a wolf. Those dogs hunt close, in case you did not know this, a wolf came running out of the bushes to try to kill it right next to the 2 hunters. As luck would have it, they shot the wolf just before the wolf got the dog. Spook easy ?.
      These 2 guys cared they shot the wolf. Get your facts right next time.

      • Redneck Hunters

        I guess we should just kill all the wolves then, because that's the solution to everything for us rednecks!

        • Sandra Skinaway

          You were born a century too late you redneck……missed out on obliterating most of the buffalo, the trumpeter swans, and the bald eagles. For sure you missed out on killing out the dodo bird and the passenger pigeon. We will stop you though on killing all our wolves here in Minnesota!

      • Sandra Skinaway

        Yeah I heard about that too Wolfman, but dogs are descended from wolves and are pretty much the same. Have you seen dogs fight or go into another dogs property? They are very territorial and will fight any agressor and this is what happened in that Park Rapids case. This wolf did not go after the hunter and only went after the dog after it wandered into the wolf's territory. It was a sad incident and could have been avoid had the dog(s) stayed close to the hunters.

  • Dog Lover

    Easy solution. We should stop paying for hunting dogs killed by wolves. I don't want my tax money to support this behavior. Just look at the facts. Trail cam photos show a wolf carrying a pup – they would know where and when the photo was taken. Basic wolf fact – dens are generally in the center of their territory & that wolves are protective of their pups. Seems you would want to avoid that area. What is not noted in any of the descriptions is that wolf pup mortality is very high – 70 per cent of pups do not survive to their first birthday, adult mortality is also high, so overall the pack size stabilizes may go up during pup production, but then goes back down as adults disperse or die –

    • Bruce Hemming

      Easy solution put an open season on the worhtless wolves and tax the wolf loving lunatic fringe cult at 50% of their income to pay for all the destruction of their childish pipedreams. Only way immature children can understand how to grow up is face reality of the cost of their mistakes

  • PJMZ28

    There is a difference between killing an animal for it's meat and killing just for the enjoyment of it. If you kill for enjoyment you are sick individual that needs mental help.

    • Bruce Hemming

      There is differnce between supporting wildlife and supporting wolves. Only a wildlife hating lunatic support wolves to stay overpopuatale to wipe out our animals. So just tell the truth you hate wildlife and stop with your other propaganda and lies.

      • Fact Checker

        Bruce, you are spouting off but have no real facts. Predators kill – get over it. Human hunters & weather have more to do with declining elk and deer numbers than wolves. But then, when you surround yourself with those with group think, you are able to talk yourself into believing bull. So sad, can't imagine what it would be like to be so stupid.

    • Danger Ranger

      Here, Bruce, is an example of having no concept of population control.

  • PJMZ28

    People only see wolves as a forest dwelling monster killing their dogs and livestock. But the real issue is this. The human population is growing faster than any wolf, cougar, or bear. In order to maintain this population we are taking away their habitat. What are they supposed to do? We encroach on their living space and they kill our livestock. Sounds like a fair traid to me.

    • Bruce Hemming

      So you are part of the death cult that preaches too many humans there is easy soltuion practice what you preach and remove yourself from the gene pool.

      • Guest

        You first, tosspot!

  • Reyna Crow

    Am I reading this right? Hill who took this dog out to tree bears, thinks he should be COMPENSATED for this dog? Does he actually think tax payers should subsidize his cruel and reckless conduct?

    Speaking of compensation, `livestock' owners are already compensated for wolf depredation, which is a subsidy, so the argument that ranchers and farmers are suffering considerable economic losses is bunk.

    We have a bunch of people here who feel that they should `own' everything, even our northwoods. That attitude was responsible for bringing most non-human predators to the brink of extinction in the first place. We don't need any more catlle or sheep in wolf country, thanks very much.

    • Wolfman

      Reyna Crow
      Why you worried about it now, you as a taxpayer have been doing it for many years already, and I bet you did not even know it till you read this article. I see those endangered species licence plates on Wisconsin roads everyday, some of the money that people spend on these go for wolf damage. Keep supporting those wolves.

      • Taxpayer

        Actually until this year, compensation was paid from the Endangered Resource Fund which was funded through voluntary check-off on state income tax & through the sale of the wolf license plate (yes, people who supported work recovery paid for compensation). The Fund also received money from the General tax revenue. But now, this year, Cathy Stepp announced that the money that paid for wolf depredations, came from tax revenues so the money collected from the wolf license plate and tax write off went for something else. Politics at its best.

      • Reyna Crow

        actually i have been worrying about these issues for some years and thank you, yes i will continue to support wolves.

    • Bruce Hemming

      Yes and if fruitcake wolf lover like you would have allow hunting season on wolves 10 years ago their population would have stayed in check. You know 60 million has been spend on these worthless wolves. You are like a child crying about paying a 2500? Duh here is your sign. Maybe when you grow up and learn to act like an adult you can pay for your pipedreams. Or do you have the welfare queen mindset and want everyone else to pay for your worthless wolves?

  • alan

    let youre dog off his leash to bad for you:)

  • alan wilson

    ps looks more like a bear ate your dog

    • Bruce Hemming

      How would you know Alan as you hide in the city and never been in the northwoods?

    • wolfman

      Hidee ho there neighbor
      Bears don't eat dogs, but they will kill them..

  • animalconnectionac

    Hound hunting needs to be banned, even the hound hunters themselves are giving evidence as to why it needs to be banned. Sorry for the dog, but if hound hunting were banned this wouldn't have happened in the first place.

    • Wolfman

      So if hound hunting is banned all around, what do you think is going to happen to all the hound hunting dogs?

      • animalconnectionac

        The same thing that happened to hunting dogs in States that have already banned hound hunting, nothing.

  • Hunters are pathetic

    Sick, disguesting excuse for human life the 'sportsmen' in this story are! Anyone who hunts bears or would willingly put his dogs in harms way (and then BLAME THE WILD ANIMALS) for a trophy is PATHETIC! You are truely scum, killing for pleasure.You are a disgrace to the human species. If only the bears could shoot back, THEN it would be a fair sport.

  • Anti-HuntingUSA

    It's apparent who's at fault here, when you place your own dogs in harms way what do you expect to happen? Ban hound hunting, the mounting evidence proves why it's cruel for both wildlife, and dogs.

    • Wolfman

      If your name holds true, why are you on a hunting website?. I suppose you are one of those who also goes into a bar and complains about the smoking, don't like it leave. I am sure because this dog was killed by a wolf they will not stop bear hunting, they said they are going wolf hunting. I am sure they have plenty of bear rugs, and would love a wolf rug, who wouldn't .

  • Bruce Hemming

    I suffer from a mental disorder that causes me to behave irrationally and illogically, please excuse my trolling as this is also part of the mental disorder, thank you.

    • Fact Checker

      First thing you have written that makes sense – it explains a lot, hope you are getting the help you urgently need.

  • common sense hunter

    Sorry for the loss of the dog. But you say that $3000 is not enough to compensate? Give me a break. You took the dog into an area where other dogs have been killed by wolves — which are protecting their territory, by the way, not killing for fun– and you are compensated. I fail to see what you have to complain about.

    • Terri Minnick

      I thought a hunter recently said in the news (when arguing the use of dogs in wolf hunts) that the wolf runs the other way and the dog comes back when called?? And they knowingly go into areas where other dogs have been killed?? Enough of this nonsense !!! BAN HOUNDING !!! It is inhumane to all species involved

  • Joe Ward

    The owner of the hound needs to be arrested and charged with felony animal abuse.

  • Joseph Ogrodnik

    The human population is growing faster than any wolf, cougar, or bear. In order to maintain this population we are taking away their habitat. Stop the back woods hunter uneducated B.S.,educate yourself and get your mind right.This scard little girl put put his dog on the front line and now he cries… F him… he killed his dog.
    Peter David, a biologist with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. “I’m concerned about the impact it is going to have and the lack of science built into the hunt.” Wisconsin population studies have shown 9 to 19 percent of the state’s wolves are illegally killed each year.

  • clark w griswold

    Poor little dog, "probably put up a good fight for a mile or so"

    • shootbrownelk

      Do you know what the penalty for animal cruelty is in this state? It's probably pretty stiff!!

  • pjwilson

    if you decide, on your own, to use your dogs to hunt ANYTHING, and they are killed in the process, then YOU are the one at fault, and should take for your acts responsibility – NOT the taxpayers! It was YOUR fault, NOT ours! You are the one who put your dogs in a dangerous situation – to buck up! "We didn't do this – YOU did!"
    I feel sorry for the dogs that are being put in harms way.

    • wolfman

      I am sure, that if there was no program set up by the state to compensate hound hunters for thier loss, there would be nothing they could do, but chalk it up as a loss, but as long as there is such program I am sure, as well as other fellow americans they want the money they have coming to them. It's kind of like our court system, we don't like to pay for all the criminals, but it comes out of our tax dollars, like it or not.

    • isntthatrich

      The funny part is, this guy is probably a staunch conservative that says nobody should be asking for a “handout.”

  • Reyna Crow

    People who kill for fun are not people who i would entrust with the welfare of either wildlife or domesticated animals. i too have no problem with hunting for subsistence. it is much more humane than animal agriculture is.

  • animalconnectionac

    Where is your proof that hound breeds would go "extinct"? Would really like to hear what your rationale is for making such a bizarre statement. Are you inferring that these breeds sole purpose is to hunt? If so, you're absolutely incorrect. Plenty of people love hounds, and keep these breeds as companion animals, they would not go extinct if hound hunting were banned.

  • Chuck Ashley

    If deer populations are declining look in your mirrors as humans kill more deer than wolves whether it's hunting legally & illegally (poaching) and of course car/deer accidents. Wolves kill to eat & if you run out of deer than maybe it's Past time Wisconsin limits Human hunting to allow the populations to rebound. As to using dogs to hunt bears & wolves well if you were too Stupid to figure it out before then you should Understand it now-Wolves will KILL ANY invading canine in THEIR Territory so guess what You Morons Are to Blame for the poor dogs death & NOT the wolves! They were acting on their instincts & you are apparently Too Stupid to figure this out & therefore are NOT entitled to ANY financial compensation for said stupidity! Oh and you gave us wolf protectors the Best Evidence we could EVER ask for to not only ban the use of dogs for wolf hunting but bear hunting as well-Thank You very,very much! Just a shame a dog had to die to prove how foolish & cowardly you all are!

  • houndsman

    The worst thing about this whole deal is the lack of truth being told by hill. He is not telling the whole truth
    about the situation. I have been a huge fan of petersens hunting but the last 2 years some of the hunting stories
    have been sugar coated and miss leading. I will be e-mailing the editor of this story later next week. I think for now I would reccomend eastmans hunting for more factual non made up hunting stories

    • dnr

      I am sure as a “houndsman” you are a top notch hunter. I would suggest you subscribe to Cosmopolitan.

  • vonshots

    #1…you would have no hunting dogs or pets without wolves …where do you think they came from?/ #2 wolves and all wild animals used to live in balance in nature…it was humans who through that balance off and continue to devastate wildlife and the land. You can gripe about the science all you want . You will believe what you want to believe. it doesn't change anything Humans are responsible for the imbalance

  • Mike coop

    wolves need to eat to these wolves belong in these woods more then man and your hound dogs. And this is coming from a hunters mouth

  • storm the wolf

    Hey i'm only like 12 years old so sorry if i offend. But, WOLVES ARE ENDANGERED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! We only kill them to kill them. wolves kill animals to eat. There's ton of us and a limited amout of wolves. AND why would you get a dog worth 3,000$? But, I can see it from the hunter's side. This is his dog which he-un smartly- spent a lot of money on. And wolves are made up to be these horrible animals that kill all the deer and such. So in the end i can see it from both sides. But, can't we learn to agree? Move the wolves to a place where hunters won't hunt them and then the hunter's can hunt all the deer they want. As long as it's not it the wolves territory.

  • Queef

    Shootem shovelem and stfu

  • Queef

    If your a male and hound hunting offends u. Then u are not a true man…when the elite shutdown the power grid where will your next meal come from. Hunting with hounds goes farther back than any other animal human bond. Thank a hound that fed your ancestors and clothed them with fur…owning a hunting hound that puts meat and fur on the table guarantees your survival people..All you tree huggers would do a 180 on your thoughts and opinions if your daughter or son was laying in that picture half eaten..

    • storm the wolf

      Yeah but all the way back then it wasn't dogs we went hunting with. it was wolves. what's the big deal with them? Yeah they killed this dog and probly more but, what else are they supposed to do? You guys are all killing the deer so natrually the wolves are going to get anything they can. AND it wasn't a child sitting there. Y'know why? 'cause wolves arn't that desperete yet. Any way I just want to say thanks to everyone commenting on this 'cause i'm writing a book called The Spirit Wolf Cronnicles. And everyone's opinion's ( Good or bad) help me write it thanks!

  • Randy Kerr

    Here in michigan we have wolves living on the outskirts of small towns and i have seen them several times within 1/4 mile of village limits. Walking down roads and driveways where kids walk to school and catch the bus. Bad situtation.

    • storm the wolf

      Did anyboady suggst putting up fences around the town? Just a thought.

    • Caroline

      And how many kids have those wolves killed? And how does that compare to say the numbers killed in, I don’t know, hunting accidents?

  • Really??

    I just came upon this story and even more disturbing, the comments following. After reading a few minutes I realized I can never get those few minutes back! Trying to reason with fanatical wolf people is impossible, since they don not have the ability to reason. That's why they are fanatics! Good luck to those trying to explain hunting and population control of wildlife to somebody sitting at the computer in their condo downtown. They feel like they have a grasp because of what they have read or what another fanatic told them at last weekends rally. If you think you will change the mind of these people you are in for a disappointment.

  • stelzer , pig hunter

    Bleeding heart liberals, let go of that tree or get off that time out chair and go vote for Obama again and see what he will take away from you next. As we all know predators pick out the weak and take it cause its easy. The wolves already took the dog out of her pack just for food and territory rights, but when you build your dream house in the wolves territory, this is ok? You didn't think of it at the time you were building, but you have coffee cup in hand and now cable is hooked up you can do damage, Hmmmm. Man has ben given dominion over animals since beginning of time. Sounds like the study with wolves has numerous hours of data and now its time to keep the Eco system in check before all the "Pretty deer" and get the camera animals start loosing there battle. Farmers have enough to worry about let alone worry about wolves attacking their livestock, like drought and grazing land, and OMG, why is this steak so expensive. We don't see that when we go to the store, we just complain about the price of eggs went up , maybe they should put on the package that the fox are eating the chickens or the wolves are eating the calves, you wouldn't buy it then. Leave the hunters and the Department of Natural Resources take care of the animals from things that effect whats on your table and go build your dream house out in the field so you don't hurt the tree's and zebra snails, it will be hard to let go of that tree to build your house tho.
    Keep up the good work Ron Hill and look for wolves in them Obama sticker yards attacking there pets and family members just honk when you drive by, and by all means do not call 911.
    Shoot straight and often!!

    • Maria Elena Gonzalez

      Go back to school…and btw, tree huggers is ancient, what are you, 90 ? Your time is over dumbass hick…GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN HOW TO SPELL

      • steve

        Gonzalez ???? we paid for your school. You are welcome.

        • Leon Bonta

          yeah n we gave you land so stfu

  • Mark

    blah, blah, blah, dogs are nothing but a waste of resources. Wolves don't have to be taken to the vet.

    • wolfman

      They do if they get lead poison.

  • Mark

    Dogs have no business being in the woods. If there are so many wolves around you shouldn't need dogs to hunt them. If you can't live with any wolves maybe you should go move to Pansiville or better yet go move to the Cayman Islands where you can suck up to Mitt Romney when he's there counting his money.

    • shootbrownelk

      Mark, the guy was BEAR hunting, you dipstick!

  • wolfman

    Your right Mark , Wolves and Coyotes are are dogs, this is why we want to kill-em.

  • fredrodriguez77

    This is sad and it took a lot of courage for me to read the said article, as the photo inset is too graphic for me. It is not only hunting dogs that were killed, but I gathered that a wolf attacked a person’s dog that was on a leash. It was good that no one was home; otherwise, they would be in great danger. There should be a constant supply of people patrolling for such wolves, and keep them at a safe distance from the community. However, they should also take safe precautions when they are on a hunt of these wolves.

  • andy

    Yes, wolves are beautiful. And so is their fur. It is also very warm, which is why it makes a great coat. Wake up people, wolves are furbearers. They are a renewable resource. We have the science to conserve populations and harvest individuals. Yes, some city dwellers cannot mentally disconnect Fido from a feral wolf. They are the minority, they just scream loudly. The wild places where wolves and society can coexist are few. The mechanism to control geographical distribution of a population is harvest. The mechanism for rancher’s to protect their livestock is harvest. I feel very badly for the dog owner. Bear hounds are like members of the family. The only solace I can offer is that the dog died doing what it loved, and the hunter is fortunate to hunt in country wild enough to afford wolves. It is a risk worth taking.

    • Tim

      Two things:

      1. If the dog was “like family” then why is the hunter’s main concern the value of the dog? I don’t give a flying fuck how much the dog is work, that dog suffered because of a man with a small dick.

      2. The dog died doing what it loved. To think, all the years I spent with dogs, I had no idea the thing they loved the most was running from a pack of wolves for three hours and then being eaten alive while their owner calls his banker to find out how much he’s out financially.

      I am not a city dweller. I have lived in the country for most of my life. The wolves were here first. But of course, humans are all “Our needs are more important because we are human.”

      Go fuck yourself you self-righteous cunt.

      • Bill

        Why do you anti hunters always use the small dick argument? It’s pathetic

        • Tim

          Because in order to find joy in taking somethings life, then be proud of the fact that you did so, show the animal no respect, and do so using a gun from a distance with the animal having no idea you are there…well, sounds to me like your trying to prove something.

          • realdeal

            You seem to just be an angry person, which is the first sign of small penis disorder. And judging by your pic your either 14 or have never had sex before(except with your hand of course). As far as the country goes sorry bud your 10 acre ranchette and Jason Aldean cd does not qualify you for “country”. If you wanna run your mouth come on out to Wyoming ill show you what country is. A 9,400 acre working cattle ranch. FYI wolves will kill big game animals and cattle for fun without being hungry. We find deer and cattle with their guts and throat ripped out, but all the meat intact, with wolf tracts everywhere. So tomorrow while you sit in your cubicle maybe try using the internet for research instead of porn.

          • Raven Cassidy

            Do wolves kill for sport?

            Answer: Wolves, like all wild carnivores, do not kill for sport. They kill to sustain themselves. Though it is uncommon, “surplus killing” (killing more prey animals than can be immediately consumed) has been observed in many predator species. If given the opportunity to secure future meals, many animals will sometimes do so. It is a survival mechanism. It is this survival tactic that has led to the misplaced notion of “sport killing” arises. It has nothing to do with sport. Only people kill for sport.

            Surplus killing occurs when prey is at an unusual disadvantage, offering an opportunity to significantly lower both the risk of injury to the predator and the amount of energy required to kill the prey. It is for this reason that surplus killing by wolves, although rare, occurs more with livestock than it does with wild prey.

            Typically, when a pack of wolves kills an elk or a deer, by the time the pack has subdued its prey, the rest of the herd has fled and is no longer in the area. This is not the case with livestock introduced by humans. Unlike their wild cousins, livestock have lost much of their survival instinct. Spending a good amount of their existence fenced in or being herded, their reaction to a predator in their midst is very different from that of wild prey. Calves and yearling cattle, for instance, flee during the chaos of the chase, but once the wolves have made a kill, rather than continuing to move away from danger, they have been known to stand nearby, watching in curiosity, perhaps unable to comprehend the threat and what might happen next. Instead of fleeing, as a wild prey animal would, sheep, when confronted with danger, often run in frantic circles, triggering predatory instinct in wolves and increasing the opportunity for multiple kills.

            Wolves are further mischaracterized as killing for sport when people happen upon a dead animal or animals, killed by wolves, but the wolves are no longer present. This leads people to assume that the wolves abandoned their kill and therefore, must have killed for recreation or pleasure. This is far from the reality. The fact is that wolves are easily frightened away from their kill by the approach of human beings, whom they regard as a predator and tend to fear. Wolves may be also chased away by other, larger carnivores, eager to take advantage of an easy meal. So a presumably abandoned carcass is not what it seems. In nature, where the margins of survival are narrow, surplus food is not forgotten. Research shows that wolves return repeatedly, almost always eating the entire carcass.

            For wolves, more so than bears and mountain lions, hunting can be very risky work. Unlike the larger, solitary mountain lion that relies on the element of surprise, ambushing and then quickly overpowering its prey, wolves work together as a pack, chasing their prey and wearing it down, looking for vulnerabilities. This is very difficult and dangerous, and they are often fatally wounded while hunting, gored by antlers or horns or kicked by a hoof. 80 to 90% of the time, their efforts to make a kill fail. When they succeed, if any food is left unfinished by wolves, it feeds scavengers or other animals.

            Misinterpretation of animal behavior and motives often perpetuate a bad reputation for wolves, but reality does not support the theory that wolves kill for sport.

          • lon cheney jr.

            I have a huge hairy cock want a date. Ahooo!!! Werewolves of london.

          • lon cheney jr.

            Leave my brothers alone aooo!!! werewolves of london..

      • MMA Rob

        You might be the dumbest, most misinformed pussy on the planet.

  • Andreas

    I love wolves as any other wild animal but there must be a way to regulate their population. As the wolves are apex predators they are at the top of the food chain. If wolves are not regulated by hunting they will take over our suburbs and towns pretty soon.
    Maybe those tree and bunny huggers will change their mind once the first kid become prey of the wolves, which I hope will never happen.
    So far I am ok with hunting wolves as long as the goal is regulation of population and not extinguishing them.

    • Johnpeter

      Fun Fact of the day – wolves are naturally afraid of human beings and will instinctively hide from us and not approach us. iN FACT wolves would not make a good guard dog.

      • Anonymous

        If a predator has a choice between longpig and elk, it will choose the elk. Something about redmeat from a herbavor being far more palatable than white meat from an omnivor. Therefore wolves eating a child is very unlikely. However I do agree with population control If you take out the old and weak and leave the existing pack with sufficient members to be successful at hunting so they will not immediatly turn to the much easier to hunt and very tender and fat domesticated livestock. If your going to do this then by all means skin it AFTER it is dead as a BIPRODUCT. Do not take the skin as the AIM.

    • Jason Spaulding

      Over run towns and suburbs? Really, are you that naive?

    • lon cheney jr.

      Now that the deer herd has been desamated by wolve predation. There are many of these beautiful animals hungry and starving. Us wolve lovers would like some farmers to donate some beef cattle and a few dairy cattle and maybe some sheep to help feed these starving beautiful animals. We could also through in some geriatric little old laddies and some beef choy mein ahoooo!!! Werewolves of london.

      • lon cheney jr.

        Werewolves have huge penises and a big set of nuts to go with it.

  • jack

    Amazing. Some of the morons posting their mindless liberal screed here.

    Interestingly, if you read enough of thr dnr's own publications they admit that actual numbers are much higher than the "official" counts. And their numbers are experessed as minimums.

    Another interesting spec ( … Regardless of whether we believe the numbers are accurate Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan have significantly more wolves than the West. Of course Alaska has many more.

    • shootbrownelk

      Jack, I say we ask someone from Alaska how they feel about wolves. That'd be interesting. Wildlife biologists from Canada told the USFW when they asked for Canadian gray wolves to re-introduce them in Yellowstone park NOT to do it, that they'd be sorry……guess what? The introduction was a colossal mistake.
      Our Wyoming Elk, Moose & Deer herds are suffering because of it. Not to mention the monetary loss to Wyoming G&F in terms of licenses sold, both resident & non-resident. Our ancestors got rid of wolves for a reason. They kill everything they come across….and for fun as well, I've seen them do it on the Jackson Hole National Elk Refuge.

      • Caroline

        So the wolves don’t have a right to hunt elk but you do?

        • lon cheney jr.

          Wolves do have the right to hunt for fresh meet. If your going to hunt me bring silver bullets. Aooooo!!!! Werewolves of london.

  • goooon

    Let me get this straight….
    1- you take your dogs out into the woods as a 'pack' top locate and kill bears for fun.
    2-One of your dogs was eaten by a wolf pack looking for food.
    So basically, you put your dog in harms way (for your own enjoyment) and it was killed. Do you not understand that you are the responsible party for the dogs death?

    • Sam

      Haha. First off, we keep the bear population in check. Second, you haven’t witnessed any of this first hand. When wolves are being hit on main highways and crossing main roads and going on to YOUR property and killing your house dogs. It’s time for a change! They chase the bear away from the baits and attacking OUR dogs in packs. Yes it is fun. But do you think we like losing your dogs! NO!!! We don’t! So before you tree huggers go flapping your mouths maybe learn a little first! Just wait till they get even more over populated they’ll be invading your property and before you know it they’ll be eating you too cause their “hungry”. Those animals are beasts. They kill even when they’re not hungry. I took a walk in the woods with my dog and it followed me till I got home! So y’all can pipe down about loving the damn wolves. But that season is gonna be here eventually and when I does I’ll be sure to post pictures.(: and their tails make nice decoration on my truck antenna.(: have a good day!

      • rebeccadrellermayo

        Your post = TRUE STUPIDITY
        You are only regurgitating the complete BULLSHIT that your fellow wolf haters pull from their asses. Wolves ARE INDIGENOUS to the United States. What rights do you animal slaughtering, backwoods yokels think you have in “controlling” the numbers of ANY species. Wolves ARE VITAL to maintain a healthy eco-system. Ironically, the ONLY reason you want to “protect” ungulate populations, is so you can kill them yourselves. BTW, you are NOT doing any favors to the bear populations by KILLING them. We’re working very hard to get them on the threatened species list. But I hope you pay for your callousness, ignorance and utter disregard for animal life. Your ideals of “protecting” one species by exterminating another……is ridiculous, detrimental and will eventually have devastating consequences to both the eco-system, as well as the wildlife themselves. In closing: only pussies bait bears and use hounds to track and tree bears. I hope you get violated by a Black Bear.

    • Raven Cassidy

      100% agree … this guy is a complete moron. wolves are suppose to kill deer and elk you jerk.. the wolves are the ones who make the ecosystem healthy not moron hunters who want a fucking trophy for their wall !!!!! and I highly doubt your stupid hound dog was worth 3 grand !!! please you people are playing the violin …. get a new fucking hobby and leave wild animals in the wild where they belong, protect your livestock by electric fence and large livestock protection dogs… remember you people moved into natures home not the other way around … humans have no respect for animals that belong there!!!!!!!

      • lon cheney jr.

        Its.guys like me that make the ecosystem healthy aooii!!! Werewolves of london.

  • ThederWolfen

    Hunting (along with firearms) should be banned. These throwbacks have no place in modern society. Let the wolves (and other predators) naturally adjust the ecosystem accordingly. The comments on this site and others are shockingly ill informed and simple minded. It would seem that "sportsmen" (really animal abusers with over powered firearms) are the most stoned-brained of the lot.

  • hunter

    use hound hunters will help all the people out that wants the wolves we will live trap all the wolves in the area of kevins land and a hundred mile around and ship them for free to all the parks and public lands in all the magor metros in wis and minn so that all the people in the metros can injoy there beauty and this will not cost the tax payers nothing and lets see how they control the population of wolves i figure if we have to live with them why cant they

  • Country Girl

    I love how ppl think that hunting bear is just for fun. people eat bear meat, use the capes for things. so dont just say that people go out and hunt just for fun. its a sport that lots of people enjoy and jsut because u dont understand it cause you grew up in a city or somewhere that ppl dont hunt for food because you just go out and buy meat at the store doesnt give you the right to bash people that hunt. Hunting is a beautiful thing. yes you get your few people that hunt and yes just for kill, thats what gives hunters a bad name. its that one out of fifteen that do that. the thing you dont understand is that most people hunt for food to feed there familys. something that you city people just dont understand cause you just go buy it instead… well heres a news flash where do u thing that meat comes from it gets killed somehow. just cause you are buying it in a store makes you better… your eating the same stuff we are just your paying an arm and a leg for it and we r going out hunting doing somethign that we enjoy and feeding our familys at the same time… so next time think before you say something that makes you a hypocrite

    • KD

      But those wolves – weren’t they hunting for food, too, or do they not have the right to do so?

      • Johnpeter

        they protect themselves, if a wild hunting hound dog appears in your territory as an wolf you will feel threatened and attack to protect your pack. Not to mention the wolves in Wisconsin have grown wayyy more protective and hostile since last years hunt. Wolves grow, learn and evolve quick. They are smart and know that the hounds are there to hunt them and pose a threat so they find them as an enemy now which is no good now they will think that all dogs are a threat and start killing residential pets

    • Johnpeter

      Im sorry, if you wouldn’t kill a bear will you starve to death or prolly jus drive up the road to a picknsave or mcdonalds and get some food? Killing an animals and having its head hang on your wall is trophy hunting you idiot. If your out in the middle of nowhere and kill for food to survive than its different. Animals struggle everyday to chase down there food and kill it and split it with the family to survive and if they dont get a kill than they dont eat. Humans can eat whenever we want, we are greedy and all we do is take and not give back. humans kill FOR GREED animals kill for NEED. Who the fuck is eating bear meat anyways its all fat an grease, guys just wanna kill a bear to feel like a big tough man. Go fuckin hunt a bear without hounds or a gun or bow and ull be pooping ur pants like a bitch.

      • David

        Salmon are outgunned, but do you think that stops the bear? The bear
        can survive all winter long without hibernating if it wants to: it’s a
        freaking bear! And yet it still GREEDily eats up everything it can so
        it can get fat and sleep half it’s life away. And humans don’t NEED to
        eat more than a little bit of food to survive. But humans want to
        thrive, at least most I ‘ve met. Maybe you don’t? Are you going to
        avoid eating delicious animal based foods that you don’t NEED and stick
        to a bare minimum diet, despite the challenges you’ll face in finding
        sufficient energy from such a minimum. I’m going to say that if you’re
        like most people, you’ve greedily devoured flesh-meat at some point.
        And even if you haven’t, my point is abundantly clear. You tried to
        allege some kind of moral parallel between animals and humans, but then
        failed to apply the same standard to both. You were wrong to call
        anybody an idiot and you should apologize.

        “if you wouldn’t kill a bear will you starve to death or prolly
        jus drive up the road to a picknsave or mcdonalds and get some food”

        good point, it is a great waste to kill any animal for no other reason
        than to take a trophy. There are good reasons like, as you said, to eat
        out of necessity, and a lot of other reasons too, not the least of
        which might be it’s badly injured and suffering too much, it’s hungry
        and trying to gnaw your face off, there are too many of them in a
        certain area and they are upsetting the balance of the local ecology or
        killing livestock, pets, children, etc.

        If the government allows
        killing a certain predator for one of these reasons, from time to time,
        but the hunter who only cares about his or her trophy can go ahead get
        it it at that time as far as I care.

        • lon cheney jr.

          I love fresh meat aoooo!!!! Werewolves of london.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t mind hunting if it is controlled, that you don’t take more than you need and you don’t kill just for the sake of killing and if there is some reason you need to kill a wolf for example population CONTROL you make sure the animal is dead before skinning it and whose death was as quick and painless as you could possibly have made it. Wolves are natural born hunters and hunt for food, not for fun, not because they can but because they need it. Elk are environmentally destructive in large numbers, if there are too many the forests start die. In some area’s wolves were brought BACK IN to help take care of this problem because hunters were barely able to make a dent in the Elk populous. Because there were so many Elk to begin with there were more successful hunts therefore the better the wolves ate the more pups could be successfully raised resulting in the increase of the wolf population after which the Elk populous will be less able to support the wolves so they turn to stock in the more difficult times like winter which in turn leads to much anger and hate towards the wolves from those farmers who have lost stock and therefore several hundred or thousand dollars depending on whether it was dairy or beef. If humans had never stuck their noses where they didn’t belong in the first place and massacred what wolves were originally there in the first place after encroaching on THEIR territory you wouldn’t have this problem. Besides wolves are almost completely carnivorous while humans are omnivorous and can sustain themselves on more than just meat. I would agree to CONTOLLED killing of wolves if you took out the old and weak and did not completely exterminate an entire pack. This is called SELECTIVE killing. On top of this, of course wolves prey on the old, weak and sick as this is natures way of keeping down the spread of disease and keeping the stronger animals healthy and their numbers down so that they do not exhaust their own food supply. This doesn’t just go for wolves but also for any other predator humans have tried or successfully taken out because their interests and food sources clash. Oh and anyone else ever noticed humans are the most destructive mammal on this planet and when we say someone is ‘animalistic’ we are describing something that only humans do? Like plotting another human’s death for example.

    • Unity Nowe

      There is only one thing I agree on. Eating meat is eating meat, period ! In fact, the meat sold in grocery stores goes through much more pain and suffering than most animals killed by hunters. Hunting out of the need to eat is one thing. Hunting for sport, trophies and fun is for those with a tiny penis or none at all.
      I do not eat meat, dairy or eggs. So, I can fucking say whatever I want to about either and not be a hypocrite. So, fuck you !!

      • lon cheney jr.

        We have all disrupted natures balance, but none more than me aoooo!!!!werewolves of london.

    • Jason Spaulding

      It’s not the 1800’s anymore. We don’t get to live off the land. If the woods are your main food source I suggest get a job. I’ve seen how bear is hunted. Really can’t call it hunting. Take away the dogs and you got a hunter who can’t fill his tag!

  • Kate

    Since the sport of fox hunting was banned, so should the sport of wolf hunting be banned. Each canines were into their proverbial chicken pens killing what farmers want for themselves…. But, the law changed, the riders got off their mounts, it's time for the wolf hunters to get off their high horses also. Go fish.

  • Kate

    When there aren't enough whitetails the wolves will starve and nature has taken it's course. As it should be.. man interferes far too much in nature. If you truly want to hunt, use a bow and drop the gun. Give the game a chance rather than being able to aim with high power rifles that can drop a deer or bear hundreds of yards away. You are just picking them off and it should be illegal. I will do my very best to help in that regard.

  • Badger

    I hate stupid people like this lady Kate. Wolfs are not cute, not cuddly and nice. They hunt in packs. and because the stupidity of my state of wisconsin putting these killing machines in my woods, deer populations Turkey, and pheasant, and rabbit populations have declined in massive numbers. Take a walk on a state trail up north on your own, Go mountain biking up north on your own. I pack, I'm not stupid. Thank god Wisconsin has a new laws to ceceal and carry. I won't hesitate to drop An alien on the spot if it ment my life. A wolfs a PEDATOR, IT SEES A MEAL AND STALKS, like a mt.lion. I wish the farmers and crop and live stock farmers kill on site and ask no questions. Only Good WOLF IS A DEAD WOLF.IiTS THAT SIMPLE. THEY SERVE NO PURPOSE THE THE EGO SYSTEM AT ALL!!!

    • Johnpeter

      Wolves have been around WAYyy longer than humans you idiot. They serve a huge part in the ecosystem for thousands of years they have lived and survived with other animals and everything sustained itself. Its just morons like you who get out hunted by wolves and than complain about there not being enough animals to kill. Wolves kill for food and for NEED to feed their packs and familys to SURVIVE!! you kill for greed and trophy hunting you dipshit ass licker. The wolves will ALWAYS be better hunters than all humans especially men like youl

      • lon cheney jr.

        Yes there were more animals in wisconsin before human nterference. I miss one of my favorite dishes upland caribou a big one once kicked me in the head hurt for a weak. Now all i have to feed on are whitetails and the occasional human aooooo!!!! Werewolves of london.

    • Jason Spaulding

      It’s called “eco” system. If you’re that scared of wolves than you probably shouldn’t go in the woods. It’s no place for pussies…

  • Hetro!

    I have read enough!!!! To all my fellow American loving hunting friends…….. Back a liberal into the corner with their own reasoning and all you get is more hatred and venom spewing out. Certainly not intelligence! And they truely think they are right all while their demagogue in the White House destroys our country. Ron, sorry for the loss of your dog. I'm sure she showed more loyalty to you than these liberals will to their president

    • Ron

      Amen!!! to that
      The thing I love the most about wolf lovers (in Wisconsin) is that they paid for my dog. Little do they know.
      And for that, I thank you.

      • Tim

        That’s all that matters to you, you sick fuck…your money. Not the life of the animal that was in your care.

  • Kim Adams

    Wolf Killer are PSYCHOS!!! That dog is dead because of the psycho Wolf Killer not the wolves. I would never take my dog into an area with wild animals and expect him to chase after them. The thought of even doing something like that shows that Wolf Killers – SIT ON THEIR BRAINS.

  • Kim Adams


  • Tom

    $3000 for a dog is a lie. It's your fault that the dog was put in harms way, the wolves were just doing what they do instinctually. Thanks for wasting more tax payer money.What happens if my dog gets hit by a car, is the state going to give me money back because it was the car or road or state's fault? What a joke, stop making us "REAL" hunters look like such asshats.

  • asc

    Tom knows nothing about dog prices…. or spelling….. or "REAL" hunters..

  • houndsman

    this was not Rons Hills dog, nor was it worth 3,000.00 dollars. Ron lets try telling the

    true story on what happened yes this dog was killed by wolves just not how you described

    it. Should I keep going ?

    • dnr

      Funny how some people hide behind a false name.

      • houndsman

        HERE IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, this dog fell out of a bear chase, The hunters
        finished there hunt and then started to look for the dog. One man did walk
        in and try to recover the dog but was not able to due to his inability to run a tracking box. At 5:00 pm the hunters decided to leave the dog overnight and look for it in the morning. At 7:30 that evening this dog was still alive
        I know this because I could here the dog barking “lost”(a bark a young hound will sometimes do when it cannot track its way out) . The next day
        Hill arrived to hunt with the group. After hunting Hill and others tracked the
        dog down and found it to have been killed by wolves. A few days later I got
        the gps coordinates for the kill site from the dnr . I walked with 2 others to
        the site. It took us under 20 minutes to get there from where the truck was
        parked. This dog died with in 250yards of where another hound did the year before. Every one that hunts that area knows there is a wolf den
        there and has been for years. Its not a place to leave a dog overnight.
        here’s some facts-
        not hills dog
        hill not there when dog went “missing”
        dog was left out overnight
        this is not hills Backyard
        this is a known problem area for wolves
        this dog was killed by wolves, and that shouldn’t happen, most often there isn’t much you can do. All they had to do is walk about 20 min. (if you know the area) and this could have been avoided.
        Ron this isn’t the first story that’s been heavily edited why don’t you tell
        the stories like they happen .

  • Edward Wright

    The last line said it all ” it’s a biological, and social issue”, where do these idiots come from? The DNR’s of wolf states allowed these damn vermin to spread with the forward vision of a 5 year old watching a Bambi movie.
    Are you kidding me? Wolves are poison to the ecosystem period. I will explain.
    God created wolves as the predatory barometer for ungulid populations. The wolves decimate ungulid populations to near extinction if left unchecked. Over populated wolves then die of starvation, and remaining pack members disperse to farther lands. Ungulids slowly repopulate as distant wolves decimate distant herds. Rise to low numbers, and distant herd falls, wolves return, and repeat the cycle.
    Insert man, wolves sutain their numbers instead of die off, by consuming livestock when ungulid numbers fall in the wild. Wolves survive in artificial capsules supported by man.
    Yellowstone was wolf free for years, ungulids numbers strengthened, wolves introduced, decimation has started, now wolves are moving out of Yellowstone. There is no hunting in Yellowstone, and ungulids are very near threatened levels. excluding bison., and sheep.
    Outside Yellowstone ungulid numbers are falling, along with livestock loss. Artificial capsule created with safety zone of Yellowstone backup. End result? Mule deer, and elk decimation in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. It is already happening.
    As long as state DNR’s drink the social kool-aid wolves will destroy the very tax dollars that pay their salaries, but deer, and elk will be threatened by then.
    Think PETA does’nt have this figured out? Wolves eat all the game animals, game species listed threatened, protected wolves keep them that way. Hunting now extinct. Getting it yet?

  • bill

    That picture is not real, photoshoped like the idaho wolf pictures.

  • Caroline

    I feel sorry for the dog but I don’t know what the hunters have to complain about. You chase terrified cougars up trees with dogs and then shoot them with arrows. Do you think they have less right to live or are less terrified than this dog wise? A hunter trying to take the moral high ground on any predator is laughable. Ignoramuses.

  • birddawger

    Another cry baby hound guy…..being a hunting dog is a hard job. The wolves are just part of the risk….and to say that hound was worth $3000, what a joke….$500 tops….cry baby hound guys always whining.

  • Эрин Уильямс

    I find the fact that people continue to thrust their dogs into this kind of danger deplorable. Especially when they have this happen to their dog and they just continue hunting with their other dogs. If you want to hunt, hunt by your own god damn self. You are welcome to thrust yourself into danger because you have the conscious choice to do so. But to use dogs as devices in stalking down the animals that can turn and rip them apart in under a minute? Preposterous. If there is any tradition that needs to be broken it is using a dog as an apparatus to hunt dangerous predatory animals.
    I needn’t mention the fact that the way that these dogs are massacred is an incredibly violent and excruciating. I’m pretty sure that I also don’t have to mention (at least to the people that have a single ounce of empathy in their body) how tremendously frightening it is for a small animal to be charged and pounced upon by a significantly larger predator. If you could imagine (which you more than likely actually couldn’t, considering you have a gun to save your own skin) having chunks of your flesh ripped off and the contents of your stomach spilling out through the wounds or writhing in the pain of exsanguination from deep injuries, I would doubt that you would ever do something as selfishly cruel as bring your dog with you; knowing the risk of it perishing in a gruesome and painful death
    Thousands have dogs have died in this way, only because their owners, the ones that were supposedly there to maintain their welfare and well-being as well as having a companionship with it, failed to do that one very simple thing!
    The reason why I choose to be literal and frank in my explanation is in hope for the possibility of those who do, and/or support this can get some of this through their thick skulls.

    If you think that the inconvenience of having to track an animal you are hunting simply because you don’t have your dog’s keen sense of scent with you outweighs the possibility of the dogs you proclaim to ‘love’ on these huntings sites perishing in one of the worst ways imaginable… you are either some kind of evil or some kind of stupid to think this way.

  • Johnpeter

    I live in Wisconsin and so far 23 hunting hounds have been killed by wolves. Dont fucking send your dogs out in the woods with as that WILL kill them you dumb jack asses. Dont blame the wolves, they are doing whats natural to them when threatened they WILL protect the pack and fight to the death. I love my dog and would NEVER send it in to die like that. Wolves were born and evolved thousands of years to hunt and kill and fight for their lives. You wanna hunt go do it like a man not like a fucking pussie ass bitch.

    • lon cheney jr.

      Please dont bring silver bullets. Ahoooo!!! Werwolves of london.

  • Thomas Kane

    Hounder uses dogs to terrify and corner animals and then whines about the loss of his dogs. SOS keep your hounds out of the woods and away from wild animals. Hounding is inhumane to dogs, bears, wolves and every other living being trying to stay out of the way. Hounding is criminal

  • Thomas Kane

    The headline should read, “Local man charged with animal abuse and wildlife terrorism after sending dog into woods to be killed by animals defending their young and territories”

  • Hmmm

    And you get reimbursed from the state for your dog’s death. Using dogs to hunt is sick.

  • Stacy Parks

    That is so sad. I agree the wolves have been protected for too long and they are now becoming a nuisance. Time to utilize conservation!

    • Farty Fartsalot

      Why don’t you go eat Sarah Palin’s box & shut up.

  • Tina Braun

    killing and killing does not solve the situation.. and what do the wolves do like millions of dogs it’s called BREEDING… to stop over population of humans, dogs, cat what ever.. it’s sterilization… it really works

  • Loboluvr1

    You’re an unmitigated idiot for putting your hounds in harms way hunting in areas where there are wolves present. There’s no other way around it. Wolves are territorial, and act on it – especially around denning and mating season. You, however, are supposed to be “rational thinkers” – but clearly are contradicting yourselves when you chose to let hounds run in wolf territory. You have no one but yourselves to blame when your dog(s) are killed. Oh, and gee, here in WI, you get reimbursed up to $2500 for each DNR verified dog killed by a wolf. So don’t go crying in your Wheaties and boo-hoo-ing when you lose a dog and “blaming it” on wolves – that’s where dogs get their territoriality and the reason some make great guard dogs.

  • Michael Sluka

    I’m a houndsman myself I grew up running my dogs on mountain lions an bobcats. There seems to be a huge misconception about us houndsman, we do what we do because we love to watch our dogs work to hear there voices in distance! There is more work than you could imagine that we put into our dogs an the bond that is created in the process is unbreakable. So to all you people out there saying that I shouldn’t be able to run my hounds because you think it’s wrong, or in humane, you don’t have the slightest idea what your talking about! My hounds will tree a cat and I will go to the tree, my high powered rifle is a camera if you we’re wondering. I only harvest a cat if it is past it’s prime and needs to be taken out of the cycle! Now the subject on the wolves is very touchy all around! So this how I will put it, there is way too many in different regions they need to be managed just like everything else, I’m also a trapper and in my home state of Idaho I also exercise that right and trap all fur bearing animals including wolves! It’s hard to find spots to run my hounds where wolves aren’t present! I have been lucky so far but know other houndsman that haven’t been so lucky! I feel as if there is radicals on both sides and that’s why things are the way they are in today’s society! Well those are some things for all of you to think about! Good running, and take a youngster hunting!

  • Kainai kid

    im sorry but i live in the forest and i see wolves all around. i also have two wolves of my own and i watch a lot of them hunt deer elk and other larger animals as well. but what i notice a lot is that they mostly go for those of the herd that are old, sickly or lame. on occasion they go for prime hunting animals that are healthy. but when i watched as they take them down they always have a larger pack, which means they need more meat for them and the pack. i do understand that losing your dog costed a lot of money but can i ask you this, why was your dog gone from the other dogs and you? the only reason i can think is it went after a chosen kill by the wolves and in consequence it was chased away. but it does disturb me to hear that they slaughtered your dog in the end. that i dont understand because they chase away the competition of their food and return to the kill. i would like to ask if you happened to see a struggle of sorts around where it first went missing because it might of attacked the alpha and thus challenging it for leadership. i know this must sound bias and one sided but if you’ve been around wolves as long as i have you will understand that like us they protect their own and will kill the hostile attacker. i deeply regret the loss of your dog but try to think of both sides of the attack. i don’t believe your dog is entirely to blame but you must understand that you are in their home and like you they will protect it with their lives as well. on behalf of a wolf owner and leader, i give my respects for your loss and hope that you will find it in your hearts to forgive this transgression towards you, your family, and your pets.

  • Anonymous

    Before there was civilisation in America their was balance between the wolf and elk/deer populations. So why is there now a problem? It was naturally in balance before and now suddenly wolves are causing problems? That doesn’t make sense…

  • Vincent A Kennard

    Yes, another $2500 in the bag. I bet if it was the wolf that was torn to shreds by your dog you would have been quite happy but that isn’t something that will happen. Now you all in Wisconsin are ready to turn your beloved hunting dogs loose on these “develish” creatures. What better way to make $2500 per dog than to “train” a poor dog on a pack of wolves. Kill the wolf in “defense”of your beloved pet doggie that you willfully sent to be shredded to pieces, blow it all out of proportion in mags like this and cry about the loss of your poor beloved pet that sleeps with your babies. You are pathetic to say the least. If you lot think that you fool the general public with your cruel money spinning scheme think again. Its just a pity that an innocent animals have to take the brunt of your schemes.

  • lon cheney jr.

    Leave us wolves alone ahooo!!! Werewolves of london.

  • lon cheney jr.

    Stay away from him hell rip your lungs out jim ahooo!! Werewolves of london

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