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Greatest Photo of Editor Schoby 2011

by Conrad Evarts   |  August 23rd, 2011 1

"Are you ready for a war?"

A picture is worth a bajillion words in this case. Alice “The Boss” Poluchova snapped this one while Mike Schoby and I taped the open for our Scottish McNab hunt last week. Schoby pulled this off while a gaggle of German college students watched from below and a bunch of Royalphiles from around the world meandered behind me and the camera. Their looks ranged from disdain to confusion. One thing they were not confused about was our nationality.

Schoby, Cabela’s and Kilt This cooperated on this fashion breakthrough.

We toured this castle, so I’m pretty sure the pockets of this kilt are filled with very nice silverware.

Here are a few more photos Alice sent me for your amusement.

Even better. If kilts take off in America, Gold Bond Medicated Powder is done for.

A day at the office.

Schoby in heaven. Land Rovers everywhere and he doesn't have to fix any of them.

Schoby travels just like Brad Pitt, here's his changing trailer.



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