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10 New Guns to Stop the Feral Hog Invasion

by Brian McCombie   |  February 12th, 2013 18

Forget about the mythical zombie apocalypse for a moment, and let’s focus on the real invasion currently in progress: the millions of feral hogs over-running our country. Some estimate hog populations have doubled in the last decade or so, and some put the total as high as 5 million feral hogs nationwide. Texas is home to at least 2 million of them—maybe more—and the prolific, smart and adaptable wild pigs keep spreading north and west across the continent.

Hogs, therefore, provide a far more abundant hunting opportunity than anything offered by the living dead.

More hunters than ever now have hog on the brain and are thinking about what it takes to bag one. Yes, any firearm of decent caliber and good accuracy can do the job. At the same time, though, a lot of hog hunting is done in rather specific field conditions, including the thick brush these wary porkers often hide in. So there may be some better choices of guns to consider for your next hog hunt. To help you in your quest to put that black hog down and place some fresh pork on the table, let’s take a quick survey of some of the latest hog hunting guns available to us.

  • Pete

    Sorry guys, but there no way I would ever consider the 5.56 a competent hog killer. Seriously, what were you thinking!? I'm iffy in the 45 acp too.

    • Russ

      Comment to Pete. That's a AR-10 (T) 7.62Nato/.308 Caliber…not a 5.56/.223, although a ..223 will still down a pig with the right ammo and a well placed shot. Just Sayin'

    • hell yea

      i have shot a hog that was close to 300 lbs and it went down with one 5.56 round to the ribs and

  • Chris

    bullet placement is key, I've dropped 250#s within 50 yds of the shot, 2 bullets, but I do prefer bigger. I'm thinking about a .458 SOCOM upper……my small arm is usually a .41 mag and my big boy for a follow up in thick stuff is a Marlin lever in .450 Marlin, you don't feel the pain till an hr after, the adrenalin carries you thru………

  • kentnewcomb

    I have to agree with Pete. The Ar platform is great for hogs but the 5.56 is simply not enough. Hogs in the TX Panhandle can easily go 300 to 400#. The AR10 in .308 is much better suited to the job. My personal preference a Springfield M1a.

    • josh

      Savage 308. Axis dorps em in one shot

      • josh


  • MWL

    with the .223/.556 shoot the hog in the head!!!! it has worked for me many times!!!

  • Roger Holman

    We use buckshot in Sim/Auto,We have killed ytd over 130 @ Riverside Hunting Club Sumter S.C.We stll hunt and use dogs.

  • Johnnny J

    where's Chris with his BMG when you need him..

  • J_Z

    7.62×39 in hollow point equals a dead hog

  • jose

    You want a true hog hunt challenge? Mosin Nagant, 7.62X54r with steel sights. That is my choice, and it drops them every time. Scopes are for amateurs.

  • Newley

    We use fmj 556 and kill over 1000 hogs a year. Our goal is not pictures, it is depredation. The 556 fmj allows us to kill the animal with out having to drag them out of agriculture feilds. They die eventully

  • Nick

    who needs guns when you have dogs and a knife

  • DigitalFOV

    Don’t care what you shoot, Digital Crosshairs will let you see what you are shooting at in total darkness.

    • ngamokai

      its a stupid product mate, no offence intended but look at the size of it, no way I would waste money on that.

  • JESS1344

    Rossi 92 in stainless w/ 20″ bbl in .454 Casull.

    10 rnds. capacity, full-up.

    225gr. Barnes XPB over 30.0gr. H110; est. MV 2200FPS.

    A “Pocket 45-70″.

    Hit a 225lb hog in the right shoulder at about 30yds., and it just went stiff and fell over stone dead (DRT), didn’t flip-flop-squeal-nothing, as if electrocuted.

    Bullet ranged forward, exiting left side of neck, appx. 7″ in front of left shoulder, and kept going.

    Re: 556R: I think the poorly designed Gen I’s left a bad taste in peoples mouths.

    A P.O.S. for 1K+, and a stain on SIG’s good name.

    I have a Gen ll and it’s good-to-go; Recommended.


  • Garth

    Good Lord, I cannot stand these military looking rifles for hunting. Great if you want to play G.I. Joe or you’re overcompensating for something physical you lack. Just give me the plain vanilla bolt action rifle in standard calibers like .243, 25.06, or 308. I’m not hunting elephants and I’m not trying to impress anyone.

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