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HUNTING’s Sexiest Meat Eater 2013

by PH Online Editors   |  July 17th, 2013 23

PETA has more high-profile celebrity dollars rolling in these days than the collection plate at the Church of Scientology. Take, for instance, PETA’s annual Sexiest Vegetarian contest.

As we’ve written before, these “animal-lovers” line up dozens of celebs for an online vote and advertise the heck out of the promotion. Almost every celebrity entered tweets or posts to Facebook in support of the effort, further widening PETA’s pop culture reach. It’s that reach and committed advocacy that sets this anti-hunting group apart from their opponents. While many high-profile athletes, politicians and country singers kill animals and eat meat, few take their passions to the airwaves with as much tenacity as PETA’s Tinseltown followers. Those that do—including former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan— are often met with public pushback. That needs to change.

That’s where our Sexiest Meat Eater competition comes in.

Last year over 2,000 hunters voted and Kristy Lee Cook and the Trump brothers took home the crown for sexiest male and female meat eaters. This year we’re back to make the same statement. In our second annual ode to protein pioneers, we’re putting 16 more steak-loving role models up for your vote. The winners get well, nothing, other than our undying affection and the chance to tell every PETA member where they can shove their celery. See if Kristy and the Trumps can defend their crowns.

Click through the photos, learn more about these meat-loving idols and cast your vote below for your favorite male and female. Winners will be selected on Aug. 7.

  • Chuck S.

    Dude, love this contest! I voted for Uncle Si! Glad to see ya’ll putting this on again. Let’s stand up for the real PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)

  • Jerry

    Go Miss Kay!

  • NachoLibre

    “Back in college this girl said ‘Hey, it’s not you, it’s me.’ You’re dang right it’s you, you heifer!” —Uncle Si, the sexiest man in America. #VoteForSi

  • Roger

    Even though you spelled her name wrong I voted for Jennifer anyway.

  • Chris Barnes

    I love that Uncle Si is winning the men’s side.
    As for the women, I love Tiffany, but the person I really would have voted for is Rebecca Wolfe (

  • Matt Caulfield

    why is their men in this list, and kay robertson GTFO

    • dylanpolk

      There are men on this list because women are allowed to vote too, Matt.

      Dylan Polk
      Petersen’s Hunting Social Media Editor

  • Nicholas Fitzgerald

    Names with the pics would be helpful, not everyone pays attention to everyone. A couple of those people, I’m not sure who they are. Killing your own meat is sexier than just eating it. Where’s Eva Shockey, Julie Kreuter and a lot of other hottie huntresses?

    • dylanpolk

      Names and a description of each person should show up as you scroll through the gallery. What browser are you using?

      Dylan Polk
      Petersen’s Hunting Social Media Editor

  • Gert Oosthuizen

    Corey Cogdell???

    US Olympic trap shooter who was given death threats by the anti hunting establishment during the 2012 Olympics. They ran a Facebook smear campaign against her as well. What a beautiful lady,and a trophy hunter to boot!!! Your list is incomplete without her and I will abstain from voting until she is in her rightful place on the ballot

  • Dave Robinson

    Seriously? You include Eva Longoria and her record of pro Obama nasty tweets during the past election, but leave Cory Cogdell off he list? Come on!

  • CJS3

    Eva Longoria ? Her actions put her squarely in the anti 2nd amendment crowd.

    Sort of like the chicken voting for Col Sanders, isn’t it?

  • ShwayComs

    nice Nacho – did some one sit kids in the early days – STO

  • Pat Fitzgerald

    Tiffany meat eater or not she’s just hot.

  • Pearl

    promoting murder here, this isn’t something to joke about and actually, is gross. Picture your sweet little doggie butchered and in your mouth! How cute is that??? 15 minutes of shame on you Kristy!!!

    • NachoLibre

      Pearl, since “murder” is defined as “the crime of unlawfully killing a person,” as defined by Webster’s and validated by the entire history of the world, killing animals is not murder, never has been, and never will be. Question: if your dog wandered off into the wild and was killed by a wolf, would you still call it murder? Is it murder when a mountain lion kills a fawn?

    • jordon

      Piss off you dingbat. Wait till your guns are taken by your loyal and caring government, then you will see murder. I hope your prepared. But I know you are not. You must be a vegetarian. So you kill plants and eat them. You mean and evil person. Destroying our plant life. How far do you want to take it. You probably drive a gas guzzling vehicle, but choose to worry about something you don’t or can’t do. Get a life.

  • Daniel Wissert

    What about Ted Nugent?

    • NachoLibre

      Meat eater, yes. Sexy? To quote Matt (below), GTFO.

    • Barbwire

      He’s a disgrace to the hunting community. He’s foulmouthed, obnoxious, has several convictions for poaching, and has at best a sordid history outside of the hunting. If the hunting community had any self-respect, they’d turn their back on him,

  • Edward Wright

    Uncle Si is the man, I would rather be in a blind with Si, than all those pop tarts together. Most stupid survey I have ever seen, Tiffinay Lakowsky ??? are you guys smoking dope or what? That pop tart is a bonafied sham, if there ever was one. Canned hunt queen, and hunter with what? skills, tracking ability, lets see the tart still hunt the great north, like the Benoit boys. Once again dumbest survey yet!

    • Jordon

      Get a life, sounds like someone upset because his choice did not win. Find something worth crying about. You sound like a little schoolgirl. No offense ladies.

  • Barbwire

    The Trump brothers? Like I’ve said, hunting ethics are on a downward trajectory and these two winning anything is another example. They are two vacuous, spoiled brats. Their commentary on their hunting expedition makes it abundantly clear they aren’t so much hunters as they are two spoiled brats who went on a safari simply because they can afford to and because other rich guys were doing it. I’d bet my liver they know squat about wildlife or hunting and would have wondered lost around Africa if it weren’t for a guide leading them round by the hand.

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