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Introducing the Thompson/Center Dimension Rifle

by PH Online Editors   |  January 27th, 2012 8

Matt Rice of Thompson/Center Arms introduces us to the Thompson/Center Dimension Rifle at the 2012 SHOT Show Media Day. This bolt-action rifle offers easy interchangeability, allowing the shooter to switch barrels in under five minutes, and can handle most cartridges from .204 Ruger to magnums. The T/C Dimension also features a two-position safety and adjustable trigger, as well as adjustable spacers, allowing young shooters to grow with the rifle. Check out the video straight from the range at SHOT Show, and for a step-by-step reassembly, visit our friends over at Shooting Times!

  • John Zelazny

    Looking forward to buy one as soon as they put them on the market

  • Matt

    I have a 204 ruger and mines awesome looking forward to more barrels

  • regina layfield

    do they make it in lefthanded?

  • KevinJones33

    This sounds like a good rifle for people to learn with, any idea where we can get to try our hands on them? I am also curious whether left handers will find the rifle easy to adapt to.

  • Gordon Dempsey

    I really wish rifle makers would have the products available after they are announced. This is almost August, and no one has gotten one in stock yet. If it will hold MOA and interchange barrels, one will go on my hunting trips with a light deer caliber and a heavier moose caliber. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on one.

  • Doramin

    That is the butt-ugliest rifle I have ever seen in my life.

    BUT. If the system works as advertised, then I say hallelujah. There's your "four-gun battery" right there.

    Now they need an "E" option to include the really big stuff.

    • GSD in Alaska

      I got my right hand model in July, and it shhots MOA or better off the bench with 150 Hornady handloads. Our gun store had them in left hand as well.
      The stock is an issue with me that I have written to TC Customer Service about, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. My first trip out I kept getting brush caught between the stock and the barrel. I put electrical tape around the fore end and the barrel, and in the short term, that helped. Then the rains came and I had to take the stock off each night and dump it out so it could dry. I used duct tape along the whole barrel to prevent trash from getting in, and to keep water out. Currently I have four letter to TC Customer Service, starting in July2012. #4 was sent certified mail on 18 September 2012, and included the other letters. So far no reply.
      I really like the barreled action, and I like the way the gun shoots, but I would like to put a Venture stock on it, if it would fit.
      I know these people will never get into Metric calibers, so I asked about .375 and .416 of any flavor. The action is sure big enoufh to handle the H&H and Remington magnums, but I would even go for the .375 and .416 Rugers.
      I will buy another barrel, for a two barrel set, but if I have to inlet a wood stock, bed the pillars and set it up for the magazine changes I will.

      • GSD in Alaska

        GSD in Alaska. Mine is a .30-06, My first letter to Customer service was 31 July 2012.
        I'm shooting 150 gr. bonded core bullets or the 150 gr GMX bullets. I do feel the barreled action is good. I just hope TC remembers those of us who purchased the rifle with the original stock!

        GSD in Alaska.

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