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Pink Obsession: Why Pink & Hunting Go Together for the Female Hunter

by Melissa Bachman   |  February 14th, 2012 9

I’m not the only girl hitting the woods these days with pink strings and cables on my bow, pink fletchings or even pink rage broadheads. So many guys are left wondering, what’s the deal with all this pink in hunting?  Well boys it’s time to realize that women are becoming a growing part in the hunting industry and many of us like pink!

I think even more than that, the color pink is an easy way to showcase items that have been made specifically for women.  Take my Hunter’s Safety System vest for example.  There is a little pink and purple on it and it’s called the Lady’s Pro version, but what I really like is this vest is cut and designed for a woman’s body. It is smaller, fits better and most importantly looks good in the woods and is practical for hunting. Pink is kind of a universal color that alerts a woman’s eye to an item especially when they’re looking through hunting gear. It screams, “Hey you may be looking for camo but we’ve added these little pink accents so you know this was made specifically for you!”

Granted things like a pink Lumenok won’t fly or impact an animal any differently but pink also represents another thing, Breast Cancer Research.  For example, part of the proceeds from the sales of the Pink Lumenoks are donated to the Mary Hale “Pink Arrow Project” for breast cancer research.  In fact, I was at ATA show in January when the makers of Lumenok presented a check for over $15,000 that will go directly toward breast cancer research.  Other companies are also stepping up like Mathews who has generated over $90,000 by donating a portion of the proceeds from their pink bows (Pink Lemonade Genesis, Electric Pink Ignition, Passion and Jewel) towards Aiming for a Cure and the fight against breast cancer.

Let’s face it guys, more women are getting hooked on hunting every day, so you might as well get used to seeing pink and camo together.  Anyway, isn’t there a saying that real men wear pink?  I’m interested to see some of the first photos start coming in with real men and their pink bows…I know there has to be a few of you out there!!



  • Jarrett Simoneaux

    I really respect what you are doing here Melissa..It's so great to have female hunters,you are a true inspiration to young girls everywhere who has a passion for hunting.

  • april nichols

    I love hunting and I love pink. The great thing is they look great together. I am proud to be a hunter and like for everyone to know. Pink is a clear way to show that this is mine and who I am and not my husbands.

  • Mia Anstine

    I'm not a pink girl, but when I see it, I know exactly what it means! Great to see the ladies represented!

  • desert shellback

    As long as kiyotees and desert bighorn can't detect it. :)

    I'm really surprised this needs explaining.

  • Roger Holman

    I like the pink,my granddaughter is taking the hunter ed. class.

  • George Price

    my granddaughter is gonna be clad in pink, pink pink ….

  • jerry

    Very good. Pink is in and thanks to all women in the outdoors.

  • Amber

    So my husband is not real fond of pink in the woods.. I want the Heartbreaker Razzberry by Bowtech but he thinks I won't kill anything because its bright pink.. What do u think??

  • Kayla

    I love the idea of all the pink!!!! It is for a great cause and the fact that most of the pink stuff helps breast cancer just makes it all better!!!! It deffinatly makes it easier to spend a little more knowing that some of the money goes to such a great cause! And I have to say my bf would never use pink on his stuff but he is way more than supportive of me decing every thing out in pink!!!

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