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Poachers Shot at by Landowner, Win “Is This Still On?” Award

by PH Online Editors   |  August 13th, 2012 0

We’ve seen a lot of bizarre stories come across our screens, but this tall tale from Texas has to rank among the strangest.

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, a Red River County game warden and two Bowie County deputies received a tip about a possible road hunting incident near a residence.

Apparently, a couple outside their home heard gunshots, and the husband — drunk as a skunk — hopped in his truck to track the shooters down. When he did, he began firing upon their vehicle with a handgun. Of course, the “hunters” called 911 to report they were being shot at, but when they were contacted by game wardens, they denied having a part in any illegal hunting.

However, believing their 911 call had been dropped (it hadn’t), operators heard the poachers say mind-numbingly stupid things like, “Hide the gun in them woods,” and, “Not that far, we’re gonna come back and get it tonight.” Morons.

After being confronted with the recording of their admitted crime, the trio each made statements about several burglaries they had committed, and also confessed to killing an 8-point buck last August, trespassing on the land and leaving the animal to rot. Sickening.

While 24 charges were piled on the three poachers, the trigger-happy, vigilante land-owner was charged with DWI and deadly conduct.

Granted, the landowner should probably put the bottle down next time he decides to play outlaw superhero and chase down criminals, but since this is “Dumbest Poacher Awards” and not “Dumbest Landowners,” for blurting out your crime for everyone to hear like some cheesy Hollywood villain, we at Petersen’s Hunting award this trio of trespassers the prestigious “Is This Still On?” Award.


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