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The Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer for Game Meat

by Brock Norman   |  January 10th, 2012 0

The Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer might just be revolutionary for the hunter who packages their own game meat for the freezer. The Oliso Pro is fully automatic: Insert the bag and the unit does the rest. It has two sealing options for moist or dry foods.

What makes the Oliso Pro unique is its BPA-free, reclosable and reusable bags. You can reuse the bags up to 10 times, so no more buying multiple bags each year.

Another neat feature the Oliso Pro offers is the ability to package meat right in the field. All you need to do is plug into a 12-volt power plug on a vehicle and then start vacuuming. The Oliso Pro comes with a 12-foot power cord, which gave us plenty of length for working right out the back of a pickup truck.

We were able to give the Oliso Pro a try with a doe that we harvested during deer season. Here is a video of the unit in action — both in the kitchen and in the field.


The Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer retails for $199.

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