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Redneck Moments

The Redneck Mini-Pickup-Van

by Awesome Rednecks   |  September 9th, 2013 0

If there’s anything we rednecks love more than our women, beer and country music, it’s gotta be our trucks. To a true redneck, the pickup truck is an extension of one’s own self, a testament to a redneck’s manliness and down-home roots. But what do you do with your truck when your old lady starts pumping out a litter of little rednecks? After all, you’ve gotta be able to get the kids around somehow, and the law frowns on just throwing them in the bed of the truck.

Consider this a solution to a problem. The redneck mini-pickup-van is the best of both worlds, offering the passenger space of a minivan with the distinct look of your old pickup. Petersen’s HUNTING: Problem solvers.


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