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Redneck Moments

The Redneck Pontoon Picnic Table

by Awesome Rednecks   |  July 25th, 2013 0

If there’s one word that describes us rednecks, it’s innovative. If one of our favorite pastimes gets in the way of the other, we simply find a way to combine our two loves. So when we’re ready to ditch the family reunion down at the lake for a little fishin’, but we haven’t quite yet finished eating, what do we do? Simple: Take the table with us.


Anchors—and tablecloths—away!

Just by attaching a couple pontoons and a trolling motor, these fellas took their picnic table and made it seaworthy—or at least lakeworthy.

Take a full meal with you—fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and Mama’s famous cherry pie—while you cast a line without having to clear a little room in your bass boat’s live well.

Best of all, if that motor should run out of juice, just use the umbrella as a sail and catch a gust of wind back to shore. All this needs is some wheels to make it the ultimate redneck amphibious vehicle.

… Say, a light bulb just turned on.

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