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Washington Poachers Arrested, Win “Manifold Morons” Award

by PH Online Editors   |  October 24th, 2012 8

It’s not just that two men from Washington poached an elk on private property—it’s that they returned a week later to do it again and thought no one would notice.

After successfully poaching the first elk and sneaking it out of a no-hunting area near East Pierce County at 1 a.m., the men returned nine days later for their second “trophy” elk, according to KIRO-TV. It was at that point that state fish and wildlife officials busted the two men, who were again trying to sneak the second elk out of the restricted area, this time at 2 a.m.

According to wildlife officials, they carried out a search warrant at the home of one of the men, where they confiscated several illegally poached birds of prey and portions of the elk remains. They were also forced to turn over all their hunting gear, elk racks and meat, spend some time in jail, and could possibly pay up to $1,000 in fines. Until recently, Washington simply fined trespassing poachers $250 and let them keep their animals.

First of all, the state of Washington was kind of asking for it by not enforcing stricter laws for trespassing. We still can’t figure out why the penalties there are still so lenient. But second, and more important, are you really dumb enough to poach one trophy elk, and then return a week later to pick up the remains of a second? And you thought no one would notice? For that alone we’re passing along the “Manifold Morons” Award.

  • shootbrownelk

    They are indeed morons, but an 18 or 19 year old poacher from Thermopolis, Wyoming has him beat! He poached several trophy mule deer bucks and was awaiting senencing when he was caught poaching yet another large mule deer!! He's being charged as a felon this time, due to a new law passed last year to get tough on poaching. He'll due some serious jail time now, and hopefully have learned something, he also lost his hunting & fishing priveliges for LIFE! That's gotta' hurt!

    • Kammy

      Also the interstate impact law will prevent him from getting a license in any other state as well. Yep, that should hurt!!

  • mike oregonhunter

    If it anything like the guides are doing in the Ochco Unit in Oregon, the guide/outfitter and land owner should be slammed in jail and never to be given rights to hunt as guides and land owners. Guides and land owners are chasing the elk out of the State, Blm and USFS onto private property to keep the honest hunter from having a fair chance. And knowingly they are harrassing the wildlife with gun fire and pursuit via horses and atvs. And they also have the gall to post people on the fench lines to keep the elk and deer from crossing back to the State, Blm and USFS. Maybe peterson hunting will look into this for the common good of hunters and wildlife.

    • Shirley

      I know this is happening in Colorado also. A big rancher who also charges about $10,000 for an elk hunt has his cowboys chasing elk back onto his property. His ranch extends into Utah and he lost his guiding/outfitting rights there for a while. I did take a trophy 368 2/8 elk on property right next to his when his hunters (about 4 of them) started shooting into a herd of elk. The biggest bull broke out of there and came running my way. Lucky me. The rancher has chewed out my friend who let me hunt on her property for "costing him 10,000 dollars" as if HE OWNED the elk!

      • shootbrownelk

        Shirley, same thing going on where I hunt in Wyoming. Several big ranches with hundreds & hundreds if not thousands of BLM that is landlocked by narrow strips that are deeded. The outfitters operating on them will take a bull for a "deep pockets" client, and then herd the elk back on "THEIR" (BLM) property.
        Two of the ranch owners are pilots and they fly the area and then contact their outfitters via cell phone to give GPS coordinates to them. It's illegal as all get out, but the G&F wardens turn a blind eye as the outfitters let the wardens hunt the places! Also, one of the ranch owners is a county comissioner!
        Sure wish the Wyoming G&F wardens didn't cherry pick what laws to enforce.
        These wardens should be prosecuting the outfitters, but they won't.

  • Ernie White

    I would love to hunt Elk but we don't have them here in MO.
    Well we do have some in Loan Elks Park just outside of St. Louis, MO. but you can not hunt there.
    All we can hunt are White tail deer. I would never risk never being able to hunt again just for a big buck.
    I hope the law hits them with big fines plus time in jail & what ever else they can give them!!!

    • mike oregonhunter

      Don't know if you will read this Ernie, but just because someone shoots an elk doesn't make that elk a trophy bull. Not all elk are trophies, some are just meat for the family bulls that some people prefer over a beef.
      If it ever comes to meat for the table to feed my family vs an elk tag purchased from a state office that doesn't uphold the laws for the sportsman that bend over backwards to hunt responsibly the state can go to hell.

  • sanpet

    Here in my hometown of Ephraim, Utah a father brought his son here who had just returned from a LDS misson to get a elk. Going up one road which has the Kane Valley Elk Ranch by it. The kid restred his rifle on the fince and shote the bigest elk they had. A 7 point. Then they went to the house and wanted them to help get the bull out. They had to pay over $10,000.

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