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Who Is Hunting’s Sexiest Meat Eater?

by PH Online Editors   |  July 13th, 2012 52

One thing we can’t stand about vegetarians is how full of themselves they are. Just because they don’t indulge in a cheeseburger or steak, they feel the urge to tell everyone in earshot about it. As such, the notorious attention whores at PETA recently launched its annual online “Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities” contest, naming a couple of Hollywood celebrities the sexiest vegetarians on the planet in an effort to say, “Hey, these two eat like rabbits! You should too!”

Well, we can play that game too. In an effort to show that even meat eaters can be rich and famous with ridiculously good looks, we’ve rounded up 16 of the sexiest meat-eating hunters on the planet — eight women and eight men — to determine who among them is the sexiest omnivore on Earth. The winners get well, nothing, other than our undying affection and the chance to tell every PETA member where they can shove their celery.

Click through the photos, learn more about these meat-loving idols and cast your vote below for your favorite male and female. Winners will be selected on July 31.


  • @RolandPaints

    Had to go with Melissa Bachman, because she kills damned near everything. And she seems pretty cool, too.

  • browcs

    Governor Palin got my vote!

  • Fred

    Blatant sexploitation shame on you

    • Derek

      Welcome to the Internet!

  • Jeff Mayes

    Could you clowns possaibly picked a less sexy picture of Brittany Boddington???? WTH are you people thinking?? You could have Used her picture from the cover (looking thru the stag horns) or one of her Bull run pics or even one of her modElimg pics. Know I know her pops is a Marine General but come on if you gonna run the competition fare and just live with the what pops might do to you. CANDY ASSES

    • gunner

      Looks good to me Jeff! Why don't you just complain a little more about the photo. You sound like the typical Internet troll.

    • Mike

      He never made General, he retired as a bird Colonel. But, you're right in one respect, if you're gonna go sexy, then make the playing field level. That picture is much more girl next door. But it's still pretty hot.

  • Steven

    My friend Kristy Lee Cook all the way!

  • Mark

    Miranda & Blake for sure all the way! Would vote for Kristy Lee Cook but her Holier than Thou persona knowing that she doesn't live such a Holy life just makes her ugly. Greatly appreciate Miranda and Blake honesty about who they are. Just seems that what ya see, is what ya get.

    • @T2Fanatics

      excuse you? i personally know kristy lee cook and she lives a wonderful life and loves God with all her heart.

      • Mark

        Interesting enough, I live in Nashville myself and have seen her at bars and going home with guys she has just met. Is that a wonderful life lived for God?

        • @T2Fanatics

          You're psychotic b/c she doesn't live in nashville she lives in oregon and she doesn't drink and she has had a bf for over 2 years… thanks though!!

          • Mark

            Shows how well you know your "friend". Anyone on facebook can see that she has a roommate in Nashville, leases her ranch out in Oregon and from what I've read on some blogs, she leases it out to people who grow marijuana for medical use… That's real Godly in itself. It also shows her one year anniversary which was just a few months ago… so who is psychotic now?

          • @T2Fanatics

            you still are…. especially to go around bashing people you don't know…

          • @T2Fanatics

            and since you hate her so much how about you delete her from facebook

          • @T2Fanatics

            and p.s. medical marijuana isn't ungodly. so how about you take your judgmental ass and sit down and shut up. He who is without sin case the first stone.

          • Mark

            Easy killer… Never said I hated her. Maybe you need to go smoke some of that medical mary jane and calm down!

          • @T2Fanatics

            you're right… clearly you like her so much you are spreading propaganda about her on social networks

          • Mark

            Didn't know that a website was a social network, interesting!

          • @_Jencita_

            you don't know a lot of things…

          • Mark

            Would anyone care to tell me where she and her current boyfriend met?

          • @_Jencita_

            no, because it's none of your business… seriously get a life

          • KLC

            I just did in a bar.. That is the first time I had my Bday party since I was 18yrs. and hosted it with my label.. And just cause I met someone in a bar doesn't mean I sleep with them.. Thanks for assuming though.!! And FYI ask any of my friends in TN I hardly ever go to bars!

          • Kristy

            Actually I'm selling it :) And we were friends for a while before we were OFFICIAL. So march is our 1 yr. so really we have been together almost 2 yrs but I just didn't tell him yes I wanted to have a BF at the time. Funny how you judge so much and yet know so little about anything you are assuming.. Anyways I appreciate it the false advertisement.

          • klc

            Hey mark, it is a small world and i have lived in a small town of about 6-800 people most my life so I know what its like to have people in my business.. BUT when you say I go home with Random Guy's you are referring to Jesse and You don't know anything about that.. He's the first guy I've ever met in a bar, and he is the last. I don't go sleep with Random men, just cause we hung out doesn't mean I sleep with them does it? I don't appreciate the false accusations that you have.. Jesse and I are happy and met for a reason.. I don't care what you think of me but I do care that you think I went with a bunch of random men. Because It is untrue. Anyway, whoever is filling your ear is a bit off. Thanks

          • Mark

            Actions speak louder than words. No need to defend yourself, correct the lifestyle that you're living to the lifestyle that you portray. Easy as that.

        • KLC

          Hey Mark, Kinda funny that I don't go home with guy's I met one guy in a bar who is my BF now of almost 2 yrs… I don't drink and I don't ever go to bars.. So I don't know who you are watching but it ain't me.. Thanks for the false advertising though. :O)

  • Phil

    Mark is probably just mad because she wouldn't go home with him. But his comment about Blake and Miranda pretty much just shows he's a fan of Blake's and Miranda's…and if someone else was in the lead instead of Kristy he would have said something bad about them. But being a fan of Kristy's for four years, what she does with her personal life is her business. This is a poll about who is the sexiest meat eater for goodness sakes. Not about who follows God and their Religious beliefs, and being a great role model. Perhaps someone can set up a poll for that as well. And I'm sure I'd still vote for Kristy along with everyone else who did. :)

    • Mark

      You are correct, what she does in her personal life is, in fact, her business. However, shacking up with her boyfriends, random men, whatever the case may be, goes against the lifestyle that she tries to show so much she lives. I get that the industry is tough and performers have to do whatever is necessary to get fans. I don't even have a problem with the lifestyle of her going home with random guys if that's what she chooses. All I am saying is, if she's going to display a life of living for the Lord and staying away from drinking, profanity, negativity, etc. That's awesome. Just make sure it's done completely and not only the parts she wants to participate in. I understand that this is a polll about "Who Is Hunting's Sexiest Meat Eater". I just gave my reason as to why she was not as sexy as she could possibly be. Sex appeal isn't everything.

      • Phil

        Quite honestly I'm tired of hearing about all the female Country Artists boyfriends and who they are dating or married to. lol And that includes Kristy. It's no wonder their songs don't get played on the radio since that's all we hear about, and the focus always ends up being about that instead of the music. First and foremost I'm a fan of music and the artist! And then the person afterwards.

        With that said, it's the singer not the song….meaning it's not what you say and do, it's how you say and do it. :) Try applying that when you write what you do and you'll just realize you pretty much sound like a PETA member.

        • Mark

          That's the only thing you saw out of that entire paragraph? Seems as though you have a one track mind. Maybe you're the one that's upset because she won't go home with you.

          • Phil

            No, read my second paragraph. It means everything you wrote doesn't deserve a reply because of the way you wrote it. I only replied to the overall general thesis of the female Country artists always bringing up their boyfriends or who they are married to (and I could include the male artists as well…it's annoying). You sound like a stalker too from reading everything I've read. Following Kristy around to bars and giving out personal details about her Facebook page. Seriously dude. Maybe you're the one growing that medical marijuana and using it on yourself. As for your last sentence you wrote…no, I wouldn't go home with her because who wants to be brought up in a casual conversation on the Internet or in a song about who a female Country Artist is dating. lol

          • Mark

            It amazes me that anyone includes the word stalker on things about facebook. It's public knowledge. I live in Nashville, I work with the industry, I don't have to do research to know these things. I don't have to follow her around. It's a "small" city when it really gets down to it.

          • Phil

            It amazes me how much you seem to focus on Kristy…there are 7 other females up for a vote. Got any dirt on them you'd like to share? Didn't think so.

          • Mark

            I'm not going to get in a pissing contest with you. You commented on my initial comment and that's where this conversation stemmed from. All of these people have dirt on them, hell, Miranda went after Blake while he was married… All I said was, and it's my opinion, you don't have to agree, if she's going to act like she lives such a holy life style and cast stones, she should try and not do some things that are so obvious.

          • Phil

            Oh, so it all has to do with her holy life style, and not following it to your satisfaction…if she didn't do that, then you'd find her to be the sexiest meat eater. lol Thanks, what an enlightening conversation. I think I'll go argue with some other PETA members now. :)

      • Klc

        hahahahhahahah random guy's HILARIOUS!!! Good call.. WRONG!!!

  • Phil

    Of course, I'm still waiting to vote in a poll about Kristy's beautiful and unique singing voice that comes across as so honest and believable and heartfelt and real in everything that she sings. Which is one of the main tangible reasons I became a fan in the first place. Being the sexiest meat eater and her religious beliefs and being a great role model and her love for hunting and horses and charity work are intangibles that came afterwards. Otherwise I probably would have never become a fan, and wouldn't even know who she is, and wouldn't even know about this poll. I'm just glad to be a fan of someone who possesses so many great personal qualities and talents, and not just singing. :)

  • Clint Hardesty

    Melissa Bachman hands down.

  • @_Jencita_

    Kristy Lee Cook for the win!!!!!

  • your momma

    Tisk Tisk. who ate the man now? Phil or mark? I bet on mark.

  • Ms Buttersworths

    Whoa…. slow down John Travolta (mark)

  • Chris

    How is Tiffany not doing better in this??? Damn Lee is a lucky man!!!

  • James

    I voted for Miranda But honestly, I am the sexiest male meat eater.

  • john ziolkowski

    Miranda got my vote but they're all sexy

  • glarson

    This contest is put on by idiots.

  • Phil

    I think we need to set up a poll for which female Country Artist has the most interesting love life. I honestly don't know who I'd vote for or if I'd even bother end up voting. One thing I do know is, listening to their songs I feel like I've cheated on every one of them and I've never even dated any of them. The closest I came was asking Taylor Swift on a date in one of my dreams and she said yes. Don't ask me how it went because I don't remember. Just like nobody will remember any of her songs or the rest of today's music for that matter. lol

  • Bob

    This is not fair, i want to vote for KLC as well as Tiffany, but i have to vote for Sarrah… Can i vote for all three?

    • klc

      Bob come on now you know you want to vote for me :)

      • Bob

        E-mail three good reasons why i should vote for you…. Include phone & or e-mail address, lets talk.

  • Expert_Opinion

    Isn’t it about time we ‘take melissa bachman off the air’. She is an embarrassment to real hunters.Thrill killing is not ethical hunting. I haven’t read anything in the charter of the NRA or Dallas Safari Club that endorses Thrill Killing. This opinion may not be popular here, but needs telling. Remember, the petition against her was originated by South Africans…let them resolve it..

  • Tom

    How is Eva Shockey not on this list

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