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Deer Dumbest Poachers Poaching Wyoming

Wyoming Teen Banned for Life, Wins the “And Stay Out!” Award

by PH Online Editors   |  July 23rd, 2012 14

Colton LappEvery kid makes stupid mistakes; that’s just part of growing up. It’s what we choose to do after making those mistakes as kids that determines how we’ll turn out. If we learn from those mistakes and correct our own errors, then we’re heading down the right path.

But if you choose to take life advice from 19-year-old Colton Lapp, you might as well just burn your hunting license and camo, then hand your bows, rifles and shotguns over to whoever will take them.

According to the Northern Wyoming Daily News, Lapp received 18- to 24-month prison sentences and forfeited his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for life after he was convicted of three felony counts of taking antlered deer out of season, the first felony poaching case in Wyoming history.

This all comes after Lapp was convicted of two similar charges in 2010 — including illegally killing a 210-inch muley — for which he was placed on probation.

Tsk-tsk, Colton. Not only did you get caught poaching, but you didn’t learn and got caught again. For not learning from his mistakes and forfeiting his outdoor privileges, we at Petersen’s Hunting award young Mr. Lapp with the prestigious “And Stay Out!” Award.

  • Guest

    Do you really think being banned for life will really stop idiots like this from illegally hunting?

    • SD Hunter

      I think he deserves some serious jail time………….

      • celestine

        18 to24 for someone of his punk ass stature will be serious!

  • Irv

    Nope. And I see some bars in this kid's future. He needs a heavy fine, pay restitution, and his father needs to share his punishment for not teaching the boy sportsmanship. JMHO.

    • Jim

      You are assuming he has a father…

  • CWseven

    Banned for life may not stop him, but he can't hunt if he is in prison…

  • Subscriber

    There is no cure for STUPID!

  • Dr. J

    He didn't use a "LIE CENTS" to bag the past trophy's…….Do you think he was ever going to buy another one anyway?? He should be used by the Wardens @ 15 cents an hour to ride with them to catch other misfits. And after paying. let's see…… time of $50,000.00 fine. Then he might be able to help his Great Grand Children on how not to "HUNT"!!

  • John ODonnell

    You cant fix stupid and I hope Wyoming lets all the surrounding states know about this little creep. He will not learn and will be back at it so just a little advice Colton, If you think you're a tough guy remember anything more than thirty minutes iin jail is a long time and what you know is no defense against the animals you will confront there. Have a nice life stupid.

  • Bubba

    I wonder what his parents said about this whole thing? Did he tote an ass-whooping from his dad? Did they bail him out & tell him not to get caught again? Did he get an AT-A-Boy or what? Is mom embarrassed by the whole thing? I know a kid (and a few of his friends) here in Alabama that got caught night after night a few years back night hunting and filling their truck with good deers. Every time they got busted the dads would bail them out……. and that was it. No punishment. One dad was in my shop bragging about this. I made them leave. There is no place for this kinda behavior in my neck of the woods.
    On another note, am I the only person thinking that if 1 of the people at the theatre in Aurora had had their CCW on them, the gunamn could've been stoppped sooner? That is on a lot of ppeoples minds here.

    • Bill

      Amen, maybe not stopped right away, with body armor, but sure as hell, slowed down a bit, and I believe that even with body armor, a .38+P would have got his attention sufficiently to allow someone to get to his sorry ass and pop a cap in his brain, saving the state a great deal of money.
      BTW, when is the trial of Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter scheduled?

  • Jason

    Send his sorry ass off to afganistan where his poaching skills might teach him a lesson or two.

    • guest

      Hell ya! A future sniper send him to war!!

  • shootbrownelk

    That just goes to show you what BAD parenting and being obsessed with taking a "Trophy" head can produce….a worthless little punk that is stealing game from law-abiding hunters who play by the rules. I think he got off pretty easy. Losing the right to hunt didn't stop him from poaching more deer while he was already on probation, and NOT allowed to posess a firearm. I'm from Wyoming, and this little creep poached a BUNCH of deer….I wonder how many he shot and left to rot. He's surely done it before and got away with it!

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