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5 Best .22 Rifles of All Time

by Craig Boddington   |  June 2nd, 2014 3

Almost all of us have at least one .22, and many of us have several. Back in 1979 when I interviewed for my first job with Petersen Publishing, the late Howard French at Guns & Ammo asked a bunch of questions. One of them was, “Do you own a .22?”

Fortunately, I had a couple; he told me later that he wouldn’t hire anyone who claimed to be a shooter but didn’t own a .22. Exactly which .22(s) we own depends somewhat on budget, taste, and what hand-me-downs we might have. My mission here is to offer my picks of the five greatest .22s of all time.

I will tell you up front that I don’t own one of each, but these are all great rifles that have had significant impact in the shooting world.

I’m curious to see if you agree.

  • Ed

    CZ definitely comes to my mind when thinking
    about 22 rifles. Same goes for Anschutz, curiously not included in the list.

  • raazorblade4

    I have to take exception to one thing Craig said about the Marlin 39. He said it became the Golden 39-A in 1983. I have the one that was purchased for me when I was 16 in 1959 and it plainly says Golden 39-A on the left side of the barrel directly in front of the receiver. I know I am accurate because I just got it out of the safe and checked before I wrote this.

  • Moon Doggy

    How could you forget the Marlin Model 60! The Ruger may be a better gun now but mine cira. 1967 had a 12 lb. trigger and was the most inaccurate .22 I ever owned!

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