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15 Best Hunting Optics for this Season

by David Faubion   |  October 17th, 2012 5

Whether it’s the super sharp clarity of high definition binoculars or the extended range of a well made rifle scope, sometimes precision optics are the one link between a hunter and his trophy animal.

At Petersen’s Hunting we understand the essential connection between a hunter and his optics, which is why we’re poised to present our list of the best binoculars and rifle scopes for 2012. Just like any other industry, you’ve got to have the right tools if you want to get the job done right. We’ve done the legwork and testing to ensure that you’ve got the right optic in your hand this hunting season, and who knows, it could just be the difference between the shame of a missed shot and the glory of your next big trophy.

  • brian

    Have any one even looked through a redfield for the price there right up the with the expensive scopes about half price.for 200 bucks you can get a great scope and lifetime warranty…

  • Pete

    I love my Burris Fastfire and my gen I Tasco Pro-Point and have them mounted on a 45-70 guide gun and a Remy 870 slug barrel with the canteliever mount. They work great, better than regular optics on running or trotting deer. But one thing the experts never tell you is: They are a lousy choice for hunting in heavy or driving snow! They just clog up right away and all the wiping and blowing you do just serves to either scratch the lense or fog it right up.

    Even a pain when walking right after a fresh snow storm when you have to navigate under the bows of branches laden with snow. One oopps and the entire sight is covered with snow.

  • Roy Finn

    Nice to see these all new Steiner Nighthunter XP's getting the recognition they deserve. I purchased a pair of these in 8×42 and they are indeed very sharp and very bright.

  • Paul

    Nothing completes a good hunt – or any activity for that matter – better than having the best and right equipment for the job. I can already imagine how much easier hunting will be with any of these toys around.

  • Paul

    Good choices David!
    Paul from

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