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Best Hog Hunting Guns Right Now

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  March 28th, 2014 4

This year saw a surprising number of dedicated hog-rifle introductions from various manufacturers as well as the debut of several new hunting rifles that clearly have a destiny as blue-ribbon hog slayers. Just as pleasing, there were several ammunition introductions that should make you smile—it’s impossible not to like a load dubbed “Hog Hammer.”

Maybe you stalk individual trophy hogs across rolling hills or maybe you exterminate them from a helicopter.

Either way, there’s something for you in our list of the best hog hunting guns right now. So pull your campstool closer to the firelight, holler at Junior to turn off the generator, and peruse the following for a little inspiration.

  • 1685penn

    You say the Browning lever action gun is “gas operated” and the BAR uses a “classic lever action.” Then you swap the Remington rifle and shotgun descriptions. C’mon guys: if you gonna to be out all night drinking, at least give me a call.

  • Brian Davies

    I’ll just use one of my .45-70’s ….. that’ll work O.K.

  • Mitch Williams

    This is my thumper of choice. Marlin 45-70.

  • Kurt C Baker

    bushy .450 thumper

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