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Field-Testing the Meopta MeoPix iScoping Adapter

by David Faubion   |  May 1st, 2012 6

MeoPix_001Nothing gets me pumped for hunting season like a velvet-clad, fat-bellied mule deer buck glistening like a red sausage in an alpine basin miles from anyone but me.

While the isolation is great, I’d love to be able to give my friends and family a sneak peek at the steaks they’ll be gobbling come fall.

Thanks to Meopta, the Czech maker of high-end optics, I can now send them tasty teasers. Meopta has come out with a unit that attaches an iPhone to your spotting scope or binoculars. They call it the MeoPix iScoping Adapter.

Simply put, it is a bracket that holds your iPhone 4 or 4S centered against the ocular lens of your spotting scope.

In addition to capturing 8-megapixel images, my favorite feature is that multiple people can view the image simultaneously on the iPhone’s screen. No more wasted time struggling to find and refocus the image on a shared spotting scope. To test this feature out for ourselves, we took the MeoPix down to our parking garage overlooking the Illinois River.


For more kicks, we switched the iPhone’s camera to video, and we weren’t disappointed; just like the photos, we got great quality from our shots of the nearby bridge.

  • Shane

    What spotting scope do you have that adapter on? I have a Swarovski spotter and was hoping the adapter would work for it.

  • marinetowgunner

    only works for the meopta s2 spotters from what i've been told

  • Andy Wilson

    …but the photo shows one on a swarovski! I'm looking for one of these too – can't find them for sale in the US in the right size for Swarovski (would be 55mm or 56mm). I've even emailed Meopta customer services but not had a reply. It's frustrating – I believe they are available in the Czech Republic.
    Could the author provide any more information?

    • Meopta U.S.A.

      Thank you for your interest in the #Meopix iScoping adapter. We are working diligently in providing our customers with a variety of sizes of the Meopix, which have been specifically designed for our Meopta-branded products, MeoPro® & MeoStar®. Follow us on facebook, as we will be offering new models in the upcoming months.

  • stevekalman

    I have one with a 42mm diameter. It fits nicely on Nilkon binoculars.

    I bought it for a trip that has since been canceled.

    If that's the size you need, contact me directly. My name, displayed here, is also my domain name.

  • bkl

    just read these comments before buying anything from baseonelabs/aka mr. geyster

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