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Joseph Von Benedikt with whitetail buck

Tested: Browning X-Bolt Pro

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Could this be Browning’s best bolt-action big-game rifle ever? Imagine you’re strolling along a wilderness canyon bottom, sleepy enough in… more »

Darron McDougal with mule deer

How to Build a Deadly 200-Yard Muzzleloader

by Darron McDougal 0

When a monster buck poses broadside two football fields away, will your gun be up to the challenge? Two whitetails… more »

Big game hunter

Get the Best Out of Your Bolt Action Rifle

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Follow these steps to access the extraordinary performance hidden in bolt-action rifles. A century ago American doughboys were experiencing the… more »

Classic rifle cartridges

4 Lost Classic Hunting Rifle Cartridges

by Phil Massaro 0

We have had many new cartridge designs in the last three decades, from the revival if the .416-inch bore in… more »


A Kimber Rifle for Any Hunt

by Keith Wood 0

I was heading to the most remote wilderness in the United States — a place far closer to the Arctic… more »


Battle of the Bolt-Actions

by Keith Wood 0

We put five predator rifles to the test; which delivers the most bang for your buck? By the time you… more »


In Depth with the Sauer Model 100 Classic XT

by Phil Massaro 0

It was a hot Wyoming afternoon, hot and dry as it often is on the prairie, in spite of the… more »


12 New Rifles Deer Hunters Must See

by Lynn Burkhead 0

Here are 12 new, feature-packed hunting rifles deer enthusiasts should consider for the 2018 season. Here’s a glance at some… more »


6 New Scoped-Rifle Predator Hunting Packages Under $800

by Mark Kayser 0

For those of you shopping for convenience in the form of a rifle and riflescope package, you won’t be seeing… more »


Seekins Precision HAVAK

by Keith Wood 0

The company known for scope rings and ARs is entering the 6.5 Creedmoor market with an impressive bolt action, the Seekins Precision Havoc.

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