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Turnbull TAR-10 Review

by Craig Boddington   |  November 12th, 2013 2

My Kansas deer season had a few days to run when, on a December morning, I headed down the ridge below the house and clambered up into my stand. It isn’t exactly “my” stand; it’s one of several, and not actually my favorite. But I had a couple of friends coming in to hunt, so I wanted to leave my favorite stands—and what I think of as the best part of my woods—for them. I guess you also couldn’t say it’s “my” deer season; the regs apply to everyone equally. And if you look at it another way, my ability to use the remaining days would be limited.

It didn’t really matter. This particular year I’d put a good bit of time in the woods. I’d hunted a couple of weeks during the archery season and seen some decent bucks. As usual, or at least as usual when I’m hunting my little Kansas farm, I’d let a couple of bucks walk by that I knew I should have taken…and I’d seen a couple of better bucks that weren’t quite close enough. I could say the same about the first few days of rifle season—but now I was down to the tail end, or at least my tail end, and that simplifies things a bit.

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