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Editor’s Choice Awards: Best Gear for This Year

by PH Online Editors   |  August 8th, 2012 9

PH-Editors-Choice-Awards-logoFor the last three years, Petersen’s Hunting has awarded manufacturers with the Editor’s Choice Award for best-in-class products.  This award is given to products that embody the ideal combination of quality, craftsmanship, ingenuity and value. Hundreds of products are thoroughly tested by staff writers and editors in real-world conditions. Where scientific measures can be used for quantifiable results, they are. Where they can’t, years of hunting experience and practical field knowledge become the yardstick.

The Annual Gear Issue lists the best of the best products for over 20 categories spanning from centerfire rifles to treestands to sleeping bags. To make the cut for inclusion is a testament to a product’s quality, but there can only be one Editor’s Choice winner per category, so let the games begin.

Check out the winners here, and be sure to buy the Annual Gear Issue, featuring all the products tested here. –PH Editor Mike Schoby

  • DD80

    How about reviewing some gear that the rest of us can afford? I mean, nice stuff and all but good lord, have you noticed the economy lately? Come on Petersens, get in the real world!

    • Mike Schoby

      Agreed – in next year's annual, we will also feature a best buy section as well. That is always the problem, the "best" and "best buy" rarely are one in the same.

      Editor, Mike Schoby

  • zedd

    I kinda like the idea of seeing what the 'best' of something out there is. Gives me an idea of what I might be able to get in a couple years…

  • @SteadyForm

    Check out the new "Torque Eliminator
    seeing is believing!

    • Vinny

      Nice idea but way way overpriced.

  • Vinny

    I am amazed that none of the affordable gear is considered the best. The 4,000 dollar rifle? A bow for over $1000 cmon!

  • marinella

    I really like the DUS-T camouflage line, this shirt has a deployable facemask the pulls right out of the collar when you need it. My friends turned me on to it and it's been the best piece or camouflage i own. I think you can get one at…1 happy customer

  • mairnella

    Sorry, check it out!

  • murray

    So the browning auto 5 has an "updated gas system" maybe you guys should tell browning about it.

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