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The Ultimate Hunting Jeep

by PH Online Editors   |  September 9th, 2013 8

The 2013 Jeep Wrangler makes a nearly ideal platform for the Western hunter. Nimble, extremely off-road capable, and with the addition of a hitch hauler or small utility trailer, it’s more than adequate for carrying lots of gear and game. Well-equipped in its stock form, the Jeep only gets better with some hunter-inspired modifications.

While there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of manufacturers producing aftermarket Jeep accessories, few do it with the quality and aplomb of American Expedition Vehicles (AEV). AEV is recognized in the Jeep aftermarket world as the gold standard. And while each of these AEV components can be ordered individually and installed yourself, the ultimate build involves heading to the AEV facility in Wixom, Mich., to have their expert technicians modify your Jeep to your exact specifications, which is what we did for the Petersen’s Hunting Ultimate Hunting Jeep.

  • AR

    Fantastic and very practical. It would be a perfect asset to own one of this beautiful and tough “TOYS”. All the correct gadgets and functional equipment to be ready at all times. No Excuses!!!. PERIOD! WOW!!!!

  • AJ

    OMG. I want one so bad!

  • WIBowBoy

    What’s the long container on the roof rack for?

    • Tailhooker

      Fly rods!

  • TDR42

    How do you fit an elk in that thing!

  • Mark E. Geres

    I have seen a lot of Jeep JK builds over the past couple of years but
    this one really is closest to what I like the most. I’d just want to
    have more protection though—-like rock sliders and skid plates and
    such. A good crawl ratio is another attribute. Mark (Changing Gears) Geres

  • THEGrnMtnBoy

    Looks like $40,000 to me………

  • Jeff

    Nice, but how about taking the top off and removing the doors. Once you have done that, then fold that front windshield down and put in a CB. Get a custom gun rack to carry those high powered rifles/shotguns in the passenger compartment. A few foot pedals; replace the side steps with some rails. Now we can start doing some hunting. ;)

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