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Hunting Hogs in California

The Ultimate Wild Boar Hunting in California

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Darkness slowly dissolved, tinging the rolling reaches of grain fields the color of wine and leaving pools of lingering darkness… more »

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How to Effectively Control Wild Hogs

by Rod Pinkston 0

Depending on your chosen profession, you either love or hate feral pigs. This lack of middle ground creates a problem… more »


Breaded and Fried Wild Hog Tenderloin

by David Draper 0

Midwesterners do two things really well: grow big bucks and cook wild hog. I discovered both of these on a… more »


Recipe: Carolina Gold Wild Hog Sandwich

by David Draper 0

There are two subjects sure to start a fistfight in hunting camps across the Southeast—football and barbecue. I’ll leave the… more »


What Makes the Perfect Hog Cartridge?

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Feral swine populations are booming across the nation and pigs are consistently spreading into new areas. In 1982, wild hog… more »


Feral Firepower: Best Hog Hunting Guns for 2015

by Keith Wood 0

Freighter loads of ink have been spilled on the topic of the right gun for deer or elk, but hogs… more »

California Coast Hog Hunt

California Coast Hog Hunt

by PHTV Adventures 0

Jason Morton is hunting feral hogs on California’s Central Coast.

Springtime Hog Hunt

Springtime Hog Hunt

by PHTV Adventures 0

Kevin Steele and Jason Morton are in California in search of feral hogs.

gearing up for feral hogs

Gearing Up For Feral Hogs

by PHTV Adventures 0

Jason Morton of CZ-USA sights in his rifle as he and Kevin Steele prepare to go feral hog hunting in… more »

California Hog Hunting

California Hog Hunting

by PHTV Adventures 0

Kevin Steele and Jason Morton of CZ-USA are hog hunting in California.

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