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Africa: Why Would Anyone Hunt There?

by Dwight Van Brunt 0

I don’t know where your journey began. Not exactly, anyway. It could have been while you were still at your… more »


Women Hunters: Just Call Them Hunters

by David Hart 0

You can call Rachel VandeVoort lots of things, but don’t call her a woman hunter. And definitely don’t call her… more »


Six Scrumptious Venison Marinade Recipes

by David Draper 0

A big chunk of venison backstrap needs little more than a pinch of sea salt and a few turns on… more »


Female Hunters Past and Present Deserve Respect

by Craig Boddington 6

Some millennia back the human race emerged as omnivorous hunter-gatherers. We will never know what strapping young fellow developed the… more »


Live Debate: Are Hunters Conservationists?

by Randy Hynes 0

Until July 2015 few had even heard of Cecil the lion, but once the photos of the deceased lion spread… more »


Election Update: Trump Jr. Talks Turkey

by Mike Schoby 0

With spring turkey season in full swing I was packing my hunting gear and getting ready to head out when… more »


Outfitting Your Trophy Room

by Randy Hynes 0

An accumulation of magnificent taxidermy, animal hides, sporting art and worn leather furniture adorned the room. He laughed heartily while… more »


Fred Eichler’s Narrow Escapes

by Fred Eichler 0

The sow charged us with amazing speed, her ears laid back and mouth wide open. We all froze in fear…. more »


Boddington’s Rules for Selecting an Outfitter

by Craig Boddington 1

Statistically, most hunters enjoy their sport close to home, and many of them never hunt outside their home state. So… more »


5 Unique Uses for Shed Antlers

by Remi Warren 0

There’s no doubt finding sheds can be exciting, but once you’ve found them, what can you do with them? The… more »

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