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5 Biggest Threats to Your Gun Club

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  April 26th, 2012 14

Do you have a favorite gun club—the type where everybody knows your name? Maybe you even volunteer for projects or serve as safety master. Well imagine one day a group of people show up, lawyers at their sides, and inform you they’re shutting down your happy little club. Think it can’t happen? It already has. It seems an increasing number of city folks are moving out into the countryside and complaining about the cow paddies—or, in this case, the sound of gunshots. Here are some of the top ways they’re attacking local gun clubs, so you can be prepared in case they come knocking.

  • trustfunded

    You forgot to mention inappropriate behavior by drunken rednecks.

  • hotstriper

    Oh, and terrorists.

  • kelly

    trustfunded and hot stripper – please spew your vile somewhere else, it is not wanted here.

    • hotstriper

      I thought you righties liked free speech?

  • Mike

    Better to drink than smoke dope like you tree huggin hippie environmentalists!….LOL

  • Theresa

    In the 30 years I have been shooting and going to gun clubs I have seen all of these thing happen. The one thing I have noticed is when land because valuable the anti gun people protest more. I think that all shooters need to keep united the hunters the skeet shooters etc.. we have more power in numbers and keep your NRA dues paid. Large voting power keeps us safe.

  • poppsie56

    Ammunition for the "Anti's"…….Anyone who has been consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking dope or whatever before or during the handling of a firearm whether it be at a gun range or hunting, just provides another bit of ammunition to the firearm control freaks in the country. And of course, the media jumps all over it because it's "news" they can sensationalize. Don't go there, folks, they are well enough stocked on ammunition without 'our' help.

    • trustfunded

      Some refer to alcohol as aiming fluid.

  • pagj

    One of the local AMVET hall has a shooting range, when built was no homes anywhere near them. Then houses started springing up. A few residents started crying the range was a danger for their kids. They were afraid to let them out of the house for fear of being shot by one of these "crazed drunken veterens!" One persons quote. They tryed to get the county to close it completly. Due to the consruction of the range and the fact the range was there first, the county said it stays and it is not a danger to the public. I figure the residents are now just waiting to get some of their people elected to try again.

  • Guest

    Anyone ever notice how most of the people who complain / fear guns, haver never owned or shot one? Maybe gun clubs (providing they dont already) could offer an education program to their surrounding communities?

  • Patrick

    those parents should be worried about all the gang members with the illeagel gun and not the veterens who put their lives on the line to fight wars in other countries.whats next take away every ones right to have a gun hobby,how about the peopel who talk on the phone or text each other while driving more kids are in danger from that than anything else.

    • trustfunded

      I think we need to get the guns out of the hands of the criminals. Unfortunately, that would remove 50% of the NRA's base. That's not going to happen.

  • jafo(0^0)


  • saturn2462002

    I tried to be a liberal and think like a liberal once; just like you trustfunded. I gave up though when I realized I couldn't stick my head that far up my ass.

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