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7 Ways You Can Punk PETA

by Doug Howlett   |  April 30th, 2012 65

PETA’s efforts to sway public opinion to “their” side of thinking over the years would be humorous if it wasn’t just so downright pathetic. Among some of their tactics are violent attacks, throwing of fake blood on innocent victims and the appearances of naked young women painted up like endangered cats and herded in cages. Nude protesters (the protesters were nude, not protesting nudity) have run through the streets to shine a spotlight on their opposition to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Then of course is the famous, yet pointless “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad campaign and another banned ad campaign where scantily clad women were getting hot and heavy with their…um…vegetables. The list of stupidity goes on and on, but hey, let’s face it, their over-the-top tactics go so far beyond the pale that they have probably won hunting, as well as the meat and fur industries, more supporters than they’ve turned away.

But for the over-achieving sportsman not content with that situation, here are eight ways to turn PETA’s efforts bassackwards and use their tactics against them.

  • Dave Norris

    All I do is ignore them. Or better yet invite them to my house and let them
    view the heads on the wall. I've never had a return visit.

    • hotstriper

      I suspect you've never had a visit from a woman.

      • Guest

        I suspect you're a troll

        • Stephen

          I suspect you are easily offended and have the thick skin of a wet paper towel. Grow a spine

  • John Jeanneney

    By making this a Republican attack on Obama, you greatly weaken the message. Obama is not a vegan and the Democratic party is not Peta.

    • fghthjn

      You moron, this is not an attack on Obummer. We don't have to attack someone that has a track record of failure. Look what he pionts to as victories and each one can be atributed to someone or something else.
      he's done such a terrible job that his only tactic for this election cycle is to attack his opponent. If he had done such a good job why isn't he talking about his victories? He can't!

      • real American

        You are a self serving has taken him and his crew all this time to try and fix what the last total idiot
        did to this so called free country. Maybe you should spend your time trying to help instead of getting in the way of progress. plus do you even vote

      • hotstriper

        "You moron, this is not an attack on Obummer." <—- Followed immediately by an attack on Obama. Oh the irony.

        • ConservoDemocrat

          Ah heck, go ahead, kick out that last leg of hope for civilization by re-electing Obama to a second term and you’ll certainly trigger the apocalypse as Nostradamus predicted it.

          Read more:

    • Alissa

      Please show me where this article talks about Republicans, Obama, or any political party for that matter. Your comment is irrelevant and just goes to show your ignorance.

      • hotstriper

        From the article…..

        "Ah heck, go ahead, kick out that last leg of hope for civilization by re-electing Obama to a second term and you’ll certainly trigger the apocalypse as Nostradamus predicted it."

        You really make this easy for your average reader. I know, you were probably distracted by the pictures.

    • ConservoDemocrat

      I am Democrat, love my Guns, Love Hunting, and Hate Peta. And by the way, Obama will win. You had to go there with you stupid GOP message. Hide you your bunker the world will end. heheheheheheheheheheh

    • stereotypes

      Oh, c'mon, this is a hunting website. What did you expect?

  • robert worthington

    Everyone that does not like or agree with PETA should sign up to receive mailings and have them waste funds sending literature and throwing it in the trash when received.

    • Kevin Gregory

      This is actually a good idea really!

    • hotstriper

      That is a great idea. Support your local USPS union (APWU). Solidarity my brothers.

  • Bill of Rights

    Why don't we just leave them alone and let them speak their minds…..just like I do as a life long hunter and Life Member of the NRA. Their freedom of speech is just as important to me as mine is. Go PETA Go! Animals need the support and hunters do just fine speaking for themselves.

    • hotstriper

      That's not a very wacky idea. You sure you belong on this site?

    • Stephen

      That's a good point but that doesn't mean people can't use their freedom of speech to give activists grief for it! Not saying its the right thing to do but it is just as constitutional to jeer and harass them.

  • Kevin Gregory

    I love PETA……People Eating Tasty Animals!

    • hotstriper

      I love PATC…..People Abusing Tired Cliches!

  • your stupid

    Obama reference= page 3

  • I am vegan

    corn is much more viable and easier to produce I am not with PETA but I believe hunting should not be considered a sport both sides need to know they are playing. give the deer an Uzi then it's a sport. stop using guns and bows and arrows go out with a knife or your bare hands then it's hunting. you people think your something because you point a projectile in the right direction. please my mother is more dangerous to the animal population behind the wheel in Texas. Obama eats meat. vegetarians eat milk and eggs and fish vegans are who I believe you mean to hit on. I would kill and eat meat if I needed to I don't and in other countrys that are poorer they eat more vegetables
    Viet cong rice rat Americans enjoy diabetes and heart disease

    • sherm

      I don't consider hunting a sport, I consider necessary entertainment for enjoyment. I am more than willing to give the deer an uzi, I don't think they're bright enough to use it, but if that's all it takes to make hunting a sport lets go for it. I would agree with you that your mother is likely dangerous behind the wheel in any state than hunters, she must think she is really something special to be able to hit game without even aiming. I've heard that road kill tastes just fine, but it's more expensive to hunt that way. Tell you what, you can eat all the vegetables and rice rat you want. This may come as a news flash to you, but wild game is much healthier than beef or pork.

      • I am vegan

        it's not news and she didn't hit anything

    • Jade

      I agree with you, I just found out about this site on google(searching something else…anyway), I am not a hunting's fan.
      My stepfather hunts, I respect his choice because he still respects animals.
      Some people on this site make such idiotic comments that just prove how they are using this "sport" or "entertainment" just to hurt animals and to insult PETA.
      Even when people don't agree with someone else, they can actually give their point of view without writing those ridiculous kind of articles.
      I mean, come on, "tell those nude girls that their butt look fat or that their boobs are not identical and they will stop respecting animals rights"? It's that easy to make someone change their opinion about something?
      I don't mind if you hunt, but first do it right, second accept the fact that it's not everybody who will like it and that other people have the right to have other opinions than yours, it's some basic ethic rules that you learn in childhood…
      P.S eating at least few vegetables per day is actually good for your health, humans are omnivores. Search this word in the dictionary. You can also eat cereals and dairy products…ever heard of those?

    • David

      Iamvegan, the animals DO know that they are playing. Humans are not the only predators out there killing the prey animals and eating them. The guns, bows, and arrows are tools we use, just like you are using a computer to post here.

      • I am vegan

        ok perhaps bows and knives but firearms have no sport purpose outside of targets at a range

    • MommaNof

      You do realize the while corn is more viable and easier to produce if you have a large herd of deer they eat that corn and then you don't have as much. I grew up on a corn farm and if you don't control the deer herd they damage/destroy and eat your crop. So I think I'll eat my deer and my corn thank you!

      • I am vegan

        !!!!!!!! I can use exclamation points to. get a fence thank you.

    • Stephen

      Try hunting with a bow or firearm and you will find that it is difficult enough, deer, elk and other game are nature's walking radar dishes and what they lack in weaponry they make up for in sensory and avoidance perks.

  • i am vegan

    the more you eat the less it costs= burger for a dollar

  • Gunpowder&Lead

    If you're a vegan, why are you on a hunting website??

    • hotstriper

      Well Einstein, the forum section of this site uses…..wait for it….."Intense Debate". Debates necessarily require opposing views. I hope that helps.

  • i am vegan

    I like guns some good post on ccw and new gear

    • Kevin Gregory

      Do you have any Hunting Rifles for when you "need to eat meat"? Because if you think your .380 is going to get it done, you'll find your "sport"!

  • I am vegan

    also clipboard app on iPad

  • I am vegan

    flipboard I mean

  • wolf

    i think funny how thing get turned around we are talking about PETA and how they have to use the female body to get u to see what they are doing and then we get num nuts with there heads up ass speaking about Obama that ant worth word then we get vegan speeking well u do know when u pick anything from the ground or tree u killed it and just by way u talk show u dont know hunting or meaning behind it at all

    • hotstriper

      ^ translation required ^

  • iwhat's am vegan


  • Thomas

    Just go fishing right behind their building. I have caught some nice redfish that tasted real good there.

  • Ethical hunter

    To: I am a Vegan,

    You obviously know nothing about hunting. Many hunters go deer hunting for 2 weeks, walking well over 100 miles through deep grass, snow in terrible weather conditions and STILL DON"T GET A DEER. Many hunters don't even get close enough for a shot with a rifle that is capable of shooting 300 yards. Yes, deer are that smart. They can hear, see and smell humans at great distances. You think deer need even more advantages? Unbelievable. For your info, hunters are probably the greatest of all animal lovers. Many feel remorse when taking a life. They give MORE MONEY to conservation than any other group. Who creates habitat? Hunters. Hunting highly populated predators is another thing that actually supports deer, as well as farmers and ranchers. (you're a vegan, you should be happy that hunters help farmers) They also go out and feed starving deer in the winter. Hunting is far more humane that allowing deer to starve. Your "knife" idea would be a slow, cruel death. A well place bullet is the most humane. Hunters also save many human lives because there are less deer/auto collisions when numbers are managed. You have many reasons to thank a hunter, once you learn a thing or two about how much positive they give the world. And you should thank YOUR HUNTING ANCESTORS. Without them, you wouldn't even be alive right now.

    • juneaumac

      Dude that was so well written. You said what really needed to be said. Awesome job.



  • I am vegan

    to ethical hunter and others
    I own a 45.. your arguement is good i disagree however . I am not against eating meat. I am against industrialized food production. hunters may replace habitat but they do not create it. as for a deers intellegience I have walked right up to a wild deer and turkey with no problem. my knife idea was an exaggeration I was commenting on the ease of the kill today and the lack of respect for the animal. ethical hunter I do not question your respect for animals just the sport hunting community. I've watched hunting shows where the guy seems like he is doing something else while he narrates "ahhh look at that buck" I would easily kill to sustain me and my family. as for the deers senses they are good but they can be tricked do you gut in your hunting gear blood spray all over you they may not be able to smell it on you pending the spray you use but they can see a difference in your camo do you hunt near other hunters do you cook or eat meat before hand you can spend two weeks if you want to but in a survival situation a bag of marshmallows go a long way or a flashlight . you probably already knew this.PETA sucks there is no doubt. if you hunt and utilize the animal for you and your family and friends thats fine. or if you hunt to improve your economic status that is fine in my book. it's not a sport. as for my ancestors they were hunter gatherers not just meat eaters as some might have you believe. for hunting to be a sport yes I believe they would require more advantages

    • ECHONE

      The only deer you walked right up to was at a petting zoo.

      • I am vegan

        no it was at Lopez lake not a petting zoo

  • Ethical hunter

    To: I am a Vegan,

    Well, its probably good that you are against industrialized food production. It would be highly hypocritical to have a problem with seeing hunting as a "sport" and allowing defenseless animals inside a fence to be killed. Everyone that buys meat is basically hiring someone else to do their killing for them. (and with no fair chase of the animal at all) Are you against fur and leather also? It would seem that you would be. As for walking up to animals, yes, there are "tame" deer and turkeys that are accustomed to humans and allow you to walk up to them, even in the woods sometimes. However, the vast majority of animals in nature are wild and have a fear of humans. Where I live, I guarantee that you wont walk right up to a deer. You might stalk a deer and get within bow/arrow range if you are extremely still and quiet, and if you have the wind right and your clothes have no scent on them, etc. But thats not walking, that is stalking. Deer are most definitely smart and they know how to survive. Thats why there are thousands of detailed books about how to hunt deer. It is a challenge. As for hunting shows, I don't like most of them. I like to be in nature, not watch in on TV. I detest the so called "hunters" that shoot something because they enjoy killing. I've rarely met any like that, but they are known as "poachers" Any "hunter" that breaks ethical or legal laws doesn't deserve the respected title of hunter, or much less "sportsman." And yes, hunters DO create habitat. Hunters create it with their time and money. Also, many many, hunters are also farmers and they don't harvest all their crops, they leave some for the wildlife. As for being a sport, hunting gear is sold in "sporting goods stores" alongside other "sporting goods" Hunting is not so much a "sport" like baseball, football, although some hunters are competitive and want to shoot a "trophy' buck with big horns. I don't. I hunt because I'm an animal lover and i feel close to nature and its good for wildlife to be managed. I hunt because its totally natural, humans are predators and always have been and its instinctive in a way. Hunters are the most humane way for animals to die. Nature is violent. Ever seen a bear or lion attack and tear its prey apart?

  • Mr. Khan

    Of course Obama isn't a vegan. He eats dog.

  • Mr. Khan

    PETA kills dogs and throws them in dumpsters.

    • jafo(0^0)

      & cats Rmemeber to spay & nueter your pets

  • I am vegan

    to ethical hunter and othersto ethical hunter and others
    I'm light on my feet and hear very well and know which direction the wind is blowing. when ever I sneak up on something I pretend it's smarter than me so I have to out think it. I am not against home made fur or leather as they are generally killed humanly. PETA uses the worst killing environments to supplement their arguement which is unfair to decent hunters and or people. that I'd rather go naked is bull. really so if it suddenly dropped to zero in California which is where I live( don't judge me) they would rather go naked. fine freeze I'd where dirt if I had to. I also agree with mr khan but some need to be euthanized. yes I have seen a lion and wolf eat very rarely will they eat their prey alive .I have coyotes and bobcats in my area. I might feel inclined to carry a twenty if they weren't so skittish especially when pound the ground and scream at them. snakes are the real problem.ethical hunter as you are smart I wish to live long and prosper so in my opinion try to eat more organic or home grown vegetables. the lean meats you eat won't give you medical problems if consumed in moderation. avoid pork their fat burns at nearly the same temp ours does. fish is fine watch for mercury even in local streams. company's love to dump there stuff in there sometimes. I'm not gun loving I'm gun respecting. you look at any weapon you can see how much it has or will influence history. don't smoke or drink. sometime in your life try a vegan diet or something close I eat egg and fish on occasion no milk because of casein which is not bad by itself but can feed cancer. just to say you did. as far as human instincts I believe I have those instincts but they are generally focused on evil.

    • MD Huntress

      I am definately not a vegitarian or vegan I am a hunter. But I respect your decision. Honestly you need to call yourself a vegitarian since you admitted to eating eggs and fish. As for the idea that casein can feed cancer, there are also plenty of studies that show dairy actually lowers your chance of some cancers, diabetes and many other diseases. The funny thing about studies is whatever 1 says there's another to disprove it. As for industrial farming, I'm not saying I am a fan but the reality is production would drop drastically if hogs were not put in farrowing crates(because they will eat their young cruel yes but it's how god made them) and chickens in cages (they will eat their eggs). The EU has done this and eggs are $6/dozen. Can we justify "better care", lower production and more health risks for $6/dozen? I also have to say think it's much more humane to be shot in the head than to have mom chew your leg off!! Just my opinion as a hunter and farmer.

  • Jose Font

    I like this Psychological bable warfare, I should have thought of it sooner.

  • jafo(0^0)

    I do that & send the envelope back full of other junk mail, that way it cost them more. IF WE ALL DID THIS THEY WOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS.

  • lwr

    that burnette looks just like a chick i know

  • Bob Anderson

    Let's face it; you can't argue with stupid. As the old saying goes, "Never argue with an idiot; they'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience".

  • John Johnson

    We are all hunters,its in all of our genetic make up,you would not be here if your ancestors did not hunt.Sitting around waiting for corn to grow did not keep you from starving.Hunters are closer to this reality and celebrate it.Pansies have lost their heritage and babble about how soft they are.Be soft,we will survive as country boys can.

    • areuserious

      Don’t you think it’s time to evolve?
      It’s not ‘soft’, it’s called humanity and compassion
      I feel sorry for you


    The only thing these twits need other than a proper education and a T-bone is a boob job. They look like extras in Schindler's list.

  • the_new_guy

    More than worth the read, was a good laugh.

  • William Ludtke

    you could alway hold up your own sign the says the def of peta is people eating tasty animals

  • Kmp

    Hunter or not everyone has the right to voice thier thoughts. However they. Don't have the right to force everyone else to thier beliefs by getting the laws changed by buying judges and politicians. Hunting and eating meat are personal choiises not theirs to make for you. Veggies die for them to eat it is still a living thing blood or not. Jesus. Ate meat and fish if it's good enough for him who am I to argue.

  • I am vegan

    I believe Jesus ate fish but not meat as he was a Nazarene. he only planned to live to 33. so there's that.adam and eve were vegans. not saying you should be. if you want a bacon wrapped pork sandwich dipped in beef blood fine by me. I believe in food liberty that if you kill do it happy hunting its not a sport football, soccer, ping pong is a sport as the opponent is aware of the other and has has equal ability or least nearly to combat the other. meat is just a food group people treat it like the only food group. of the meat sources out there none match vegetable sources of protein in lack of cholesterol or fat.egg whites come close so does fish but I said meat.

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