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9 Craziest Craigslist Hunting Items

by Doug Howlett   |  February 17th, 2012 3

The Internet has opened a wide door to a new age in the old flea market and yard sale concept of selling, buying and bartering. While eBay paved the way for the online auction world to unload all of its surplus items to the highest bidder, Craigslist offers a great way to tap into local offerings and simply contact the person with an offer. Of course, web browsing can be as entertaining as in-store shopping, particularly when you come across items like these.

  • applepicker

    I have two of these deer foot lamps, and would not part with them.

  • Doug

    No doubt they are treasured–and valuable–among all who bask in their light. I am sure some of my prized possessions would be just as bizarre to someone else. Oddest items that come to mind among my personal collection: 8 loose bear claws, a rattlesnake rattle, my oldest kid's baby teeth, four porcupine quills, one business card from each of my previous jobs, the worn leather case to my very first Buck 110 folding knife (in case the knife ever shows back up) a yellowed newspaper article of two bears my late uncle and his friends killed in North Carolina, the bone from a black bear's penis, a U.S. postage stamp with Elvis on it, and a ring of keys to which I have no idea what any of the keys go to. I keep them on the off chance that I find a lock or door that needs unlocking and to which one of them fits! Yes, one day I will have my own episode on "Hoarders."

  • Displayed Name

    Those are trophies in CA

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