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7 Idiotic PETA Campaigns

by Brian Lynn   |  October 26th, 2011 50

Hailed by followers as the truth and debunked by detractors as extremists, PETA falls short when it comes to common sense and true compassion. Here are the seven most idiotic campaigns the hypocritical animal-rights organization runs. Follow the links provided to the PETA campaigns, find out more about these shams and let your voice be heard wherever possible.

  • David

    This campaign has resulted in thousands of Canadian citizens being unemployed most of the year a their fish stocks have been decimated by seals so quotas have been reduced. When these fishermen are not fishing they are forced to sit at home and collect unemployment rather than doing what they want to do. In addition the old way of killing seals was much more efficient and quick and resulted in quotas of seal harvest being met. Rifle shots scare away more seals and thus the hug e disparity in the quota and the actual kill these days.

    • maram

      wow. just like everyone else you are a selfish bastard.

      • MyLifeMyWay

        Do you notice you are very much in the minority? The difference between you and most of the people here is they don’t care what you do, but you and most PETA (poorly educated tight asses) idiots is you want to control others. NEVER going to happen, so if I am committing genocide with a cheeseburger are you deforesting the world with your salad? As with most articles or videos if you don’t like what is being said or shown GO AWAY. Plenty of groups that help animals out there without PETA’s extremist nonsense. Real tired of one or two of you whining and bitching at everything!

  • applepickers

    Your right David.I think the fur would not help these models anyway.

  • Sharon

    I sure hope they shaved, so there's no fur. ;-)

  • NotaPETAfan

    Great Article! Now I need to go have some tea…yummy

    • maram

      worse article ive ever read. go and educate yourself Brian Lynn!

  • Realist

    Re the CruelTea, maybe someone should infest the PETA building with some mice and then see how they react….
    "Call the exterminator, have the building fumigated…just get rid of these things!!"

    • maram

      sooo mature…

  • Common Sense

    There is no ethical difference between Fur and Leather both dead animals skin.

    • maram

      yeahhh agreed.

  • Common Sense

    Peta is an animal rights organisation, most people don't understand this so I will explain.

    It really starts with Genesis, every one remembers "be fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth", but it continues "and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and
    over every living thing that moveth upon the earth".

    The idea of man having dominion over the animals is not accepted by animal rights believers. According to the animal rights concept, mankind's access to the benefits of nature is restricted to plants and minerals. The animal rights philosophy does not allow for human beings to exploit animals or to kill them- whatever the purpose might be. This philosophy is based on the idea that animals have "inherent value as the experiencing subjects of life" and that all who have the inherent value, have it equally – whether they be "human animals" or not.

    So if the ship is sinking its women and children and pets first and don't forget the ships rats.

    People who have thought through this philosophy have a utopia where the human population is reduced to a few million (Using the nutrition reduction campaign and the food wars). People live in small enclosed communities in a world wide wilderness protecting their vegetable food crops from other animals by none lethal means.

    Even in our current world, animal rights believer can be unbelievable cruel to other humans following their beliefs to the letter. A young couple have been sentenced for starving their child to death. It would seem that the mother could not breast feed. All infant formulae even those based on Soya Milk contain animal ingredients. They fed their baby straight soya milk and orange juice, it died weighing 5 pounds ten weeks old.

    • maram

      "So if the ship is sinking its women and children and pets first and don't forget the ships rats."
      wow. I feel bad for your mom, wife, daughters, etc. what an ignorant asshole jesus christ! im not even talking about animals here….

      • Animosity

        did u read that at all? he was being sarcastic at that point, its stupid to not use animals, thats why they are here…
        Let a child die rather than eat an animal, now thats stupid!

  • Disgusted.

    You people are a bunch of backwards, ignorant rednecks.

    • MIKE

      Can you support your assertion, Disgusted?

    • RTN

      But we aint starvin now is we

    • maram

      totally agree with you dude

  • Suzanne

    Grow up and educate yourself.

    • maram

      agreed. these people are a bunch of ignorants

  • Shawn O'Loughlin

    Animals are tasty. They are food. They also make good transportation in the mountains and for bearing weight as pack animals. Their skin, whether with their is fur on it or not is very useful for clothing, belts, bags, holsters, etc. Their other use is to feed other animals, as in dog food, cat food and pig food.
    I always try to feed the dogs and cats I own food that is high in animal muscle tissue and bone marrow. Dogs are especially good for protection of the home and family. Cats aren't really good for anything other than destroying furniture and shedding all over everything. And if it came down to whether my kids or myself might starve, the dogs and cats would wind up on the rotisserie. Animals are here to serve man in all capacities, as they have for thousands of years and will continue to do so. Any thoughts to the contrary are just the silly, misguided beliefs of the drug addled hippies and their progeny.

    • maram

      what an ignorant dumbass..

      • Animosity

        Funny the onl ything that any "Pro Animal Rights" person on here seems to say is "discusting, stupid, redneck" or some version of an insult while the "Others" have actual intelligent arguments on the subject…but they are the stupid ones…yea….

      • Wheres the Beef?

        what an ignorant troll

    • maram

      oh and disgusting

  • Kentucky Hunter

    I appreciate "Common Sense's" remark. We can go one step further and have any arguments sent to God. He killled the first "innocent" animal and clothed man with it's skin. If He, being God is OK with it, shouldn't we as well?

  • Metro3714

    There protest is not being rationalized of reading the sign, but checking out there body. do they know that some of there lipstick, and hair care products from the farming of said seals. there is always someone making more money in a day, then we make in a month, to rally against our pay checks. why do they not rally against the super high pay checks they receive for picture taking of there bodies, they are no better then the women prostituting to make a living. Since when doe it seem right they make thousands of dollars to do a few pictures, and sit on there ass. whe it is us the blue collar workers making it all happen, when do we get some of that babe change?

    • Animosity

      Agree, they dont really educate themselves.

  • maram

    seriously!? you think that killing seals is the answer to canada's unemployment!? and that dogs should be used for human research!? thats great, why don't YOU, the writer, just go and try the drugs yourself instead of poor innocent dogs!? this article is full of biased BS, you guys are a bunch of ignorant dumbasses. Go and watch The Cove and read a bit. morons

    • maram

      btw….really?? you are saying that its okay to kill seals because they killed a small percentage? okay, lets go and kill some chinese people for instance, there are WAY too many of them, right!? they are LIVING THINGS. you guys have NO respect what-so-ever for anything other than yourselves. go and kill each other off please, you would be making a lot of animals and people a favor.

      • Animosity

        u do know that China itself regulates child birth right?? Because there ARE too many of them… some research before you speak next time….they do kill babies.

      • MyLifeMyWay

        meat head! PLANTS are LIVING THINGS maybe we should just all wear and eat sand?

    • milkysouth

      I see nothing wrong with killing an animal for food. God told us to do just that. I am against torturing an animal and using cats, dogs, and monkeys in research facilities. However, I have no emotional feelings about one using rats, mice, or other rodents. They are nasty and disgusting. I think that if you are going to kill an animal for food then you should kill it quickly and use as much of the animal as possible because I don't believe in wasting.

  • Paul

    Ok… I saw the first story on the rather go naked campaign and I just have to say the way to get results is not to put a good looking woman behind it. You want results then put a big fat hairy white guy behind the sign and it'll get results. Personally I think Peta is an organization with people who just don't understand what hunting is really about.

    By the way has any one else ever noticed that some of the most violent people are these animal rights people?

  • Josiah

    Yeah, PETA supports bunches of arson groups that burn down the labs where animals are used for testing and other things. Dirty dirty hands.

  • Eddie Hunt

    I'm for PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

    • Wowzers

      People Eating Tasty Animals: Dumber than poison ivy since 1980

  • Guest

    Just an opportunity for exhibitionism- I'm sure these two take their clothes off at the hint of an opportunity.

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    non of them are veggies and even if there are a few it wont make any differance

  • bill

    i would like to take them peta girls on a hunting trip with me, the colder the better !!!!

  • Rick

    And as a gun owner and an avid local hunter i am called a radical by these idiots.
    This just proves who the real idiots are.
    Not just the girls but all of these issues reported in this article.
    Like one poster said PETA is responsable for burning down labs in the name of saving animals but i have to ask how many animals died in those fires?
    That makes them just as guilty of killing an animal but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Andrew

    For me and my family, I really, really, want our surgeon to have practiced on a dog or monkey before cutting on us. I have no issue with research animals.

    Of course, we could use attorneys instead. There are more attorneys than lab animals, there are some things you just cannot get a lab animal to do, and the lab assistants do not get as attached to attorneys :-)


  • bowhunter

    Some people are just clueless. A waste of breath to even argue with.. and as far lab animals, they should use prisoners sitting on death row and put my tax dollars to work. With that being said, i gotta go check my traps to see what kind of fur I got….

  • Jake

    These PETA people are so blind to reality its scary. If this world does go to hell in a hand basket, they'll be the first ones to ask for help from the ones they're chiding, cause they won't be able to fend for themselves. I'll bet they're some of the same clueless individuals responsible for putting that unqualified man with no experience in the White House, too. You keep the 'change'. I'll keep my guns.

  • Sherm

    Using fur and hides for clothing just makes good sense; neither is tasty cooked.

  • Sherm

    It always seems strange to find a potty mouth like maram reading Petersen's Hunting and droning about the evils of harvesting and using animals. I think if readers like maram would stick to magazines like National Audubon, it would help control their blood pressure.

  • Bob Saget

    Would one of the animal rights activists on here be willing to give specific reasons why this article is incorrect?

  • Sasquatch

    Why does this article not mention PETA's "Sea Kittens" campaign? That was about the most idiotic of them all.

  • joey

    Peta are people with boners for nature

  • Samuel Newnham

    Animals don’t have the right to live, we give them the privilege of living.

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