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Yesterday to Today: MLB Stars Who Hunt

by Martin Hobe   |  April 9th, 2012 4

Baseball fans across the country flocked to the ballpark to enjoy Major League Baseball’s opening weekend this year. America’s most storied sport was at full throat over the Easter break and all eyes were on the stars of our National Pastime. Is this the year the Cubs finally win it all? Is Albert Pujols going to lead the Angels to a World Series? Will the Florida Miami Marlins implode under Ozzie Guillen?

These questions are about as important to baseball fans as the rut is to our beloved whitetail junkies. So, we did some research to find out which MLB players share our passion. Here are some famous ballers both past and present that trade their pin stripes for camo the first chance they get. Maybe, just maybe, this will help all you hardcore killers connect with the stat-loving baseball geek in your life.



  • Dale Reisert

    I know Neal Heaton personally and he is one of the most dedicated Whitetail hunter I know, and I know plenty!

    He use to pitch for the Kansas City Royals and finished his career pitching for the Yankees.

    Plus there are many Yankee and Mets players who are avid bow hunters.

    Dale Reisert

    • wekkly

      like jon niese

  • Kevin Livermore

    You missed the very best example. Mark Buehrle forever Chicago White Sox hero (now Miami Marlins). Multiple no hitters, Gold Gloves, ESPN Defensive play of the YEAR, a Perfect Game (no hits, no walks, no hit batsmen…No, No, Nobody touced first base, retiring 27 batters. The best part, he LIVES to hunt. Home: St. Charles, MO. Fastest working pitcher in MLB and MAJOR hunter. Mentions I'd rather be hunting at every turn. His UNWAVERING on-and-off field lead-by-example and character makes many other athletes look sick.

  • Sister Katherine

    To hell with MLB…nothing but a bunch of spoiled pussies.

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