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HUNTING’s Sexiest Meat Eater 2014

by PH Online Editors 2

This is undoubtedly the year of the meat eater. Hunting participation is on the rise, and those that go afield… more »


Grills Gone Wild: Hottest Grills on the Market

by David Draper 0

Sure, cooking over an open fire is a romantic notion, one that resonates deep in our medulla oblongata. But the… more »


The Meat Eater Revolution

by Ben OBrien 3

I’m just going to come out and say it: Right now intellectual foodies might just be saving hunting. Some call… more »


HUNTING Ranks the Best States for Meat Eaters

by Ben OBrien 4

Hunting is a lifestyle. A coworker living in the vicinity of HUNTING’s home office here in the Midwest once remarked… more »


Chef Lenny McNab: Best Cook in the West

by Ben OBrien 6

The first time I met Lenny I stumbled into his kitchen, exhausted from a long day of traveling. Steam was… more »


8 Best Venison Marinades

by Hank Shaw 16

Perhaps the most common question I get about cooking venison is what marinades I use the most. The truth is,… more »


How to Properly Grill Venison Steak

by Hank Shaw 0

A thick venison steak, grilled to a turn and flavored only with fire and salt, is quite possibly the finest… more »


HUNTING’s Sexiest Meat Eater 2013

by PH Online Editors 23

PETA has more high-profile celebrity dollars rolling in these days than the collection plate at the Church of Scientology. Take,… more »


Joe Rogan on First-Time Hunt: “I Don’t Think it’s Cruel at All”

by PH Online Editors 3

After a couple decades in the spotlight, there’s not a lot Joe Rogan hasn’t done. He’s hosted his own TV… more »


A Hunter’s Guide To The Perfect Meal

by Hank Shaw 1

What is the perfect meal? Honestly, it’s an unanswerable question. One moment it might be a big slice of pepperoni… more »

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