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Wisconsin Hunter Kills Wolf, Gets Death Threats

by PH Online Editors   |  October 23rd, 2012 52

Photo from The Journal Sentinel.

With a highly disputed wolf season underway in Wisconsin, the tension between hunters and their opposition is clearly on the rise.

Dennis Nitz, a Wisconsin native and one of five people to kill a wolf last week during the state’s first annual season, said he received death threats within minutes of posting his photos of the wolf to Facebook, according to the Journal Sentinel. Nitz was one of over 1,000 people to receive a permit, while over 20,000 people applied for the right to hunt wolves this year.

After extensively scouting the area he would hunt, Nitz said he and his wife sat in a natural blind made of sticks and branches and played a rabbit-in-distress call, drawing in as many as 10 wolves. From 50 yards away he shot the wolf, at which point he submitted the carcass to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, as required by state law.

Wisconsin continues to be a battleground state for the wolf issue, as animal rights activists have gone to court in an attempt to stop the season from taking place. One group, Stop the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt 2012, held a rally in Madison to protest the season, declaring it “a dark day for Wisconsin,” according to the Journal Sentinel. The group also posted Nitz’s picture to their Facebook page, where anti-hunters wrote things like “may you all suffer a fate much worse than these Majestic Creatures are. A very slow mauling by a Grizzly would be nice. What goes around, comes around. MURDERERS.”

There’s also been a heated debate here on Petersen’s Hunting about Ron Hill’s hunting dog, which was brutally killed by wolves earlier this month.

“It’s a pretty wild topic,” Nitz told the Journal Sentinel about the wolf controversy. “For me, this was the ultimate hunting opportunity in Wisconsin. These are the top predators and their population is growing and needs to be controlled.”

  • Bob Kline

    You have to control the predators before they control us. I recently killed a coyote where I live in NJ. They are starting to run in peoples back yards and take their pets. Who's next? Small babies playing in their yards!! I have game cameras out where I hunt and I see them every week on the cameras. I can't wait to shoot more.

  • Bob

    Nice Wolf, being from Idaho I understand the need to keep these predator's in check

  • JON McLaughlin

    the same people trying to stop the hunting of these predators, are the same people who are going to be the first people to call for help when these predators do take thier pets or worse. Hunters are not just hunters we are also conservationist. I dont think they realize what it would be like if predators were allowed to just populate.

  • Joe

    I love when uneducated people tell us, the hunters and trappers who donate billions conservation every year, that we are in the wrong and shouldn’t kill or trap anything. They are under the assumption that mother nature will take care of the populations…..that’s all fine and dandy until a mangy coyote or rabid skunk finds their way into their back yard…..ya ok!

  • BRS

    Lets see, some idiots attack a man who killed a wolf, aren't they smart enough to realize he could do the same thing to a dirtbag if they attacked him or his family?

    • Bob Anderson

      In case you had not noticed, intelligence is NOT their long suit!!!!

  • Mark

    I'm a deputy sheriff in rural Kansas, and we regularly put down coyotes with our patrol rifles when covering the ranch lands while on patrol. This is a necessary conservation procedure that is well understood by the Kansas farmers and ranchers. Too bad the Wisconsin citizens don't understand why it is necessary to control these feral animals.

    • Ron

      I think the Wisconsin citizens would rather NOT have the wolves, it's the outsiders / treehuggers that want to see wolves in ALL lower 48 states. As a Wisconsin resident I understand. ( see last months read wolves kill bear hound in WI. on Petersen's Hunting)

  • jp338

    I think all of the antis should be rounded up, smeared with meat sauce (to hide their human scent so as not to spook animals), and turned loose at night in a remote, undisclosed location in wolf country, so that they could become one with nature and the animals that they so dearly love.

    • Ridge Climber

      Holy cow dude, chill out! No doubt the average anti-hunter knows little actual info about what they are talking about but what you just said just makes them more mad and paints us as bloodthirsty. If anything we need to stay calm and deal with them like the emo perpetual sophomores they are. You have the right to expression but keep in mind that it doesn't mean you wont look like an ass if you use it with hostility.

  • Phil Thennes

    If you want to get a handle on some of the citizens of WI, just watch the crowd during a Green Bay Packers game. "Understand" is closely related to "comprehend" which may be expecting too much. Splinter groups wag the dog, or wolf if you will, in WI. Remember the recall election? Billed as a grass roots uprising, brought to you by the teachers union. Most of the "protesters" were hired at the Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee, IL and bused up to Madison, WI to make jack asses of themselves for the 6 o'clock news. Outside of a handful of noisy wackjobs in Madison who are used to getting way disproportionate attention for their numbers, most of the citizens of WI get that the wolf issue needs to be managed.

  • shootbrownelk

    Typical antis, rather see a human being killed than a wolf! Gimme a break!!

    • @traeh79

      Damn right – people kill for the fun of it

  • Scott

    These idiots are supposedly against killing, yet killing people who kill animals is okay with them. What a bunch of hypocrites. They also want more gun laws, but break the law when they light up a joint. See the irony? Good job to the wolf hunter.

  • JBP

    Living in Montana during the first release of Wolves in Yellowstone, I personally thought that was the biggest mistake we ever made. Now Ranchers cattle and the elk herds are diminishing, which is an outrage.

  • Poredator

    A necessary reality. I would do a full mount if it were mine. The NY Hunters support you guys. We're dealing with the coyotes in the same way.

  • MJH

    These borderline morons who issue death threats to legally-acting hunters should be rounded up by the FBI (they can track every keystroke) and prosecuted to the full extent of the available laws; THEY are the criminals! These are the same bleeding-heart crazies who feed bambi and have made the deer populations explode, resulting in thousands of car crashes with deer in every state, every year. I'd say they're the indirect murderes.

    They are also incredibly stupid, and uneducated about the predator/hunter balance required to keep these apex predators in check. What's worse is their absolute intolerance to even investigate and learn the opposing argument to their save-the-planet, tree-hugging, Prius-driving, Polar-Bear-loving ignorance. The last time most of them had an original thought, it died of lonlieness!

  • michael

    This is a normal reaction. Talk is cheap and I'am sure thats all it is. However, there are a lot of nuts in this world.For myself I could not shoot a wolf unless it was necessary to protect myself, family, friends, or pet from a DIRECT attack. I could not hunt such like I do for food every October. Don't get me wrong I find no fault or wrong with the people that do hunt Wolves. Stay safe in your hunting. Michael C. Palm Springs CA.

  • Robert Worthington

    Hold your head high Dennis. nice wolf.

  • Daryl

    Yes- well done!! from BC. Kill them all!!!!! Sorry your government displayed such a lack of intelligence as to buy BC wolves. The only way to control them is with 10/80'd grease balls on frozen lakes and in the middle of large fields. Our local moose population has been over-run with them as well. Your government knew this would happen- they were warned by your game branches. Now, the original 50 wolves has expanded exponentially and range from Min. to Wash. States – as they were told would happen.

  • Don D

    Congratulations Dennis!
    I was luck enough to kill 2 in the Cranbrook area of BC last year, both will be life size mounts. All of the residents who saw the wolves thanked me for killing them. They see how hard the wolf population is on the ungulates.

  • Kurt Weiser

    nice job these animals need to be managed they have brought on to many problems already . These prople need to pull there heads out of there as- .

  • Tim Hubbard

    Most of the people against this have most likely never even been in the country , I find most that disagree are usually city folks . My first opinion to this topic is that if you do not put fear into predators or even non predators creatures they do seem to find their way into human inhabited areas . I also believe that if a hunter was to consume the meat for food it may even seem more desire able to non hunters . But not many will eat k-9 meat . It's ok for the animal rights protesters to have their say , we really need this balance it keeps all of us on both sides in check . Most hunters are conservationists , but not all and these are the ones that give it all a bad taste to all of us . The man has the right to post his picture , but he should have known it would raise to this topic . For many years man an animals have had to create a balance together this will never change . I aslo believe that most of the protesters eat meat , but for some reason their eyes are very closed to the process that brings the meat to the table . If they don't see it then the steak is the best steak their own grill has ever made ! But if they had to witness how the farmed animals are mass slaughtered to make that MCDS burger they may opt out of the fat store from then on . Hunters will never change the mind of none hunters , their minds are not open to realization , an hunters minds will not change just because they know the realization of the balance process . But I will say this when the farm raised animals are hit with some sort of mass killing disease an theres no meat at the back freezer then an only then minds will change , you that hunt will be the new store of choice an I promise you will have to forgive those who said you were wrong because your compassion for life is not only for the hunt but also for sustaining life of mankind . it has been said its a dog eat dog world out there , just wait until its a man eats man world ! The tables will be turned like it was for the Donner party !

    • john johnson

      Poachers are not hunters

      • Wolfsbane

        Yes they are. Hunting is killing animals for food. When will you communists realize you don't need to obtain government permission in order to do something. Keep groveling on your knees before the might of the state, comrade.

    • larry

      i agree with you on the fact we do need to control predeters, and my reply to those who thearten the hunters should be ashame of them selves.

      • HunterKiller

        You mean the way hunters threaten anyone who dares oppose them? You are pathetic.

  • eugene hamelin

    nice going,,keep trying for tags ,,im in quebec canada we keep wolves in check with a season ,,works great in keeping numbers down ,,

  • Nate

    "F" all those animal rights activist. They need a little run in with a wild wolf and then tell me how majestic they are.

  • Frank

    I'm a hunter and trapper and I get it all the time,people don't understand what damage these animals can do.millions of dollars are lost each year. I lose a lot of jobs from people when they ask what I do with the animal. hogs I relocate to my freezer,racoons to the buzzards,bambi to the freezer.but I'll tell you this keep on building and you will have more problems, coyotes are hanging out in peoples back yards,in Jupiter,Fl.dangerious it. But I like this one quote,sham on you who hunt for meat,you aught to go to the store where it is Made. Iguess we all need to be educated like them. Great Kill

  • cabin cowboy

    I think the United States has gone about re-introducing the wolf in the wrong way. As a resident of northern MN we have always had some wolves. The wolf should have been introduced in the large metropolitan cities, where they were once native. We could close off some streets to provide the wolves safety from automobiles, parks and playgrounds could be turned into wolf sanctuaries. It would be a small sacrifice for giving the wolf back some of the land that was taken from him by selfish home owners. This would likely be a great help in reducing the plague of "wild geese" that have claimed their parks and gardens.

  • Bob

    These people have the Bambi syndrome. They do not want to kill anything like they were Bambi or Thumper in the old animated movie. When I was living in Chicago, we had a coyote run into a downtown sandwich shop and the police had to shoot a cougar not far from the heart of downtown Chicago.

  • chvandergriff

    Population control my ass. In most places these animals have been absent for 60-70 years and their numbers are low. Thats why they should stay on the endangered species list. Its not the protesters who are uneducated, its y'all, the hunters of the wolves. Go after deer, elk, bison, moose, bear, but leave the wolves alone. I'd fear a bear over a wolf anyday

    • Bob Anderson

      Well, it's hard to argue with stupid. These 'endangered' animals cost BILLIONS in livestock destruction regularly. They were 're-introduced' by the same nuts (ignorant of predator/prey relationships) who are now bitching! Just 17 steers taken by these predators – and make no mistake, like humans, they are social predators – would cost the owner of the steers ~$50,000.00!!!!!!!!!! Guess that's ok by the dummies; but having grown up helping on a farm, pest animals simply MUST be contolled. When I lived in WV, one farmer regularly took OVER 100 DEER per year (eating his crops). He had to take time out from working for a living to drag their carcasses to a lime pit. And yes, on a farm, we kill the stray dogs and kits you city idiots leave by the side of the road. We have neither the time nor the money to care for them; since they are destructive pests, they are eradicated as such.

      • HunterKiller

        It's the Satan-footed ungulates who are overpopulating. Wolves WERE the ones who prevented that from happening. They still do a better job than any human or sub-human ever can. In fact, a wolf would do a FAR better job running a state or this country than the vast majority of our current leaders ever could.

        • Todd

          Your name "HunterKiller" are you threatoning hunters? Your probably a scrony little hippie. Most of you antis like to talk big. Sent from a military family man from Cordova AK. I am a hunter wolves and coyotes are fare game up here even little girls shoot them. you are a joke!

  • tony

    howdy all ,here in New Zealand we have whats called the great easter bunny hunt in central otago which in some areas the rabbits are of such plague numbers that the hillside vertily gets up and runs away when a shot is fired and no matter what damage these rodents do to the farming pasture there is still the old tree hugger mentality that will never see any different than all people who posess firearms being murderers ,nice wolf i only whish that i had the chance to hunt them as well

  • BigFishin 2012

    until you came face to snout with one.i do believe they are beautiful animals but when one is coming after you,you shoot it.its the same with regulation of the animals in Wisconsin or anywhere there has to be a balance.

  • Historypapa

    From what I understand, Mr.Nitz followed all the rules, did his homework, and worked diligently to harvest his wolf. After that, any protests to his success are based on bias and a "tree hugger mentality". It is my experience that most hunters are "animal lovers",too. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy hunting , as well. Those individuals that start hollerin' every time the term "Hunting" is mentioned, really do need to "Get A Life"!

  • Rich Kiper

    Congradutions Dennis, Nice Wolf. Hunting and controlling predators is needed more than the antis realize. Pa Hunters are with you! We're working on Coyotes here.

  • Dan

    Sustainable use of any animal is an excellent conservation tool – well done Dennis for applying for and receiving your wolf permit – and then filling it, legally! I look forward to heading over to your side of town one day and having a crack at a big wolf myself!

    While I've not had any death threats leveled at me, I've certainly had plenty of abuse; I just posted some of the responses I've had on my blog, certainly some interesting points of view

  • wolfman

    Way to go, I am glad to see that the WI. hunters are knocking them feral dogs to the dirt.

  • Bob Anderson

    What I can never understand about the 'anti-any/everything' types are this: If YOU don't like it, don't do it. If you don't like guns, don't own any. If you don't like hunting, you had best be a vegetarian before you even begin the discussion. For the rest of us, MIND YOUR OWN EFFING BUSINESS.

  • runnermedic

    Being from Wyoming and the wolves that was implanted from canada… the Canadian Grey Wolf was not the wolf that was here decades ago… Don't believe any going back in history was in the NE part of wyoming. They don't understand that these wolves are killing our animals, cows, horses, sheep etc.. not to mention the other wildlife like elk, moose and they are pushing the bears down closer to towns putting people in danger. I was so happy to see that they finally allowed wolf hunting. Lets get these preditors under check. No wonder Canada was happy to sell them….

  • andy

    First of all, murder is term that applies only to one human killing another. When a human kills an animal it is harvesting, culling or just plain killing. The same could be said of an animal killing a human. This is the underlying truth that anyone who participates in the circle of life knows to be true but of which many humans are now very disconnected- animals do not have rights. By American law animals are property- pets and livestock are property of individuals and wildlife is property of the state, to be managed in a wise manner. Wolves are a renewable resource of which we have the science and means to conserve modest populations and harvest surplus. The products of wolf harvest may be fur, an increase in production of a game animal preyed on by wolves, protection of livestock, meat (who am I to judge?), or a trophy. All of these are bona fide reasons to harvest wolves. Wolves have an ecological niche, but are also capable of immense property destruction. The state(s) should allow (and ensure) that wolves persist in the areas where society is most accepting, provide harvest opportunities for hunters, and provide ranchers the opportunity to protect livestock.

    • lon cheney jr.

      In upper micbigan there ia an island in fact it is a national park. The island is isle royal, were all hunting has been banned. There is a moose populaton on the island as well as a wolf population. These animals have co-existed there for many years both species surviving. Wolves even in packs have trouble killing healthy adult moose often risking injury or death to themselfs in doing so. I do not believe that if there were only a whitetail deer herd on the island these animals could co-exist. Deer being far easier pray to the wolves,especially in the winter months when the deer herd is yarded up weakened and up to there honches in deep snow. Wolved must be kept in check if want to maintain a huntable deer herd in the upper peninsula. Ontario has done it for years and still maintains huntalble herds of both whitetail and moose and wolved. Aoooo!!! Werewolves of london.

  • Linda

    Hey macho men, I just would like to know who's going to control the human population since there's over 7 billion, compared to just a handful of wolves. "Little Red Riding Hood" was just a story. You're obviously scared. That's why you feel the need to kill them. If you don't want to encounter a wolf, stay out of their territory and quit taking all their food away.

  • Dave

    I think think hunting wolves is fine and I also understand that hunting is not for everyone. But that anti hunting idiot makes me laugh!!! He is willing to kill a human being that may have a family and children, but he is not willing to kill a dog!! Hmmm….. He is a hypocrite!!! The Bible says, "Thow shall not kill" This refers to not killing "humans" Not animals!!! We Americans are privileged to even hunt and enjoy the creation that God has made!! Lets not ruin it with ill feelings!

  • Yasmina Boulos

    what needs to be controlled are the hunting-wolves-human flow moving to wisconsin and costing the lives of so many wolves who probably have been there before humans could draw a breath in this part of the US. if humans cannot accept such creatures among their territories than maybe they should reconsider moving to california :)

  • Yasmina Boulos

    and for all the people out there who think killing wolves for fun or sports is okay? i dont think anyone with a working brain is twisted enough to eat wolf meat. So, if hillbillies wanna have fun shooting stuff, they could start by shooting their chickens off their porch

  • Yasmina Boulos

    for those who hunt wolves for the safety of their property, well you could at least put the creatures to sleep and let a qualified team move the wolf to another area where it would not “harm your business”. i am shocked to see that so many people are willing to put a bullet through a wolf as if it was a cockroach stepping on the floor of their bathroom…

  • justice

    The only population that is growing and really needs to be controlled is the human population. and you should be among the first to die, you and all of your hunter friends. I wish you all a slow painful death, may all the suffering you bring to animals comes back to hunt you.

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