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6 Trail Cameras You Should Know About

by Doug Howlett   |  August 12th, 2011 13

They may literally be the best thing since sliced bread, for hunters at least. Trail cameras act as high-tech sentries, allowing us to maintain 24-hour surveillance on the deer we plan to hunt so we can get a little sleep, catch a little Sportsman Channel and maybe spend a few hours with the family before the season launches. More compact than ever and with faster-firing triggers, today’s units are much easier to use, too. Trail cams allow us to inventory the deer on our land and monitor movement better than that stalker ex-wife of yours. Each of these units will help you become the ultimate woods-roaming voyeur.

Wildgame Innovations Red 6

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At a red-hot price, the Wildgame Innovations Red 6 (as in 6.0 megapixels) makes it easy for a guy with a standard camera budget to buy two cameras for double the coverage on his property (or a hunter with little to spend to at least get in the high-tech scouting game). This is a no-frills camera with straightforward menu selections using push buttons and a small, lit screen, but despite being budget-priced, it has image quality in both stills and video that are quite impressive. Triggering distance is also solid, frequently tripping on movement at 50 feet and beyond. $130.

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