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6 Trail Cameras You Should Know About

by Doug Howlett   |  August 12th, 2011 13

They may literally be the best thing since sliced bread, for hunters at least. Trail cameras act as high-tech sentries, allowing us to maintain 24-hour surveillance on the deer we plan to hunt so we can get a little sleep, catch a little Sportsman Channel and maybe spend a few hours with the family before the season launches. More compact than ever and with faster-firing triggers, today’s units are much easier to use, too. Trail cams allow us to inventory the deer on our land and monitor movement better than that stalker ex-wife of yours. Each of these units will help you become the ultimate woods-roaming voyeur.

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Wildgame Innovations Red 6

At a red-hot price, the Wildgame Innovations Red 6 (as in 6.0 megapixels) makes it easy for a guy with a standard camera budget to buy two cameras for double the coverage on his property (or a hunter with little to spend to at least get in the high-tech scouting game). This is a no-frills camera with straightforward menu selections using push buttons and a small, lit screen, but despite being budget-priced, it has image quality in both stills and video that are quite impressive. Triggering distance is also solid, frequently tripping on movement at 50 feet and beyond. $130.

  • Game Camera Reviews

    We love the Reconyx cameras. They are high performance and super reliable. We have also had good luck with the Bushnell Trophy Cams. Customer service has been great from Reconyx and Bushnell

  • trail camera

    I have about 5 trail camera but I like Red 6 the most because it has all feature I want with good performance and the best is affordable price. Red 6 is worth my money.

  • Ronald Carlin

    I have two Cuddeback cameras. Both worked real good until the last one I bought in March oe 2011 began not working. I contacted the company and I got the camera back with an explantation that it had gotten some water and would not work.

    I have now put it on the trail where it was when I did not like the preformancd. I will check it this weekend and get with this magazine to give my impressions.

    I was real pleased wih Cuddebick company.


    wildgame,ir,ive had nothing but troubble,cant get more than a few months out of these things ive had 2 replaced 1 i still havent got back yet,returned 3wks ago,custmer care sucks, STAY AWAY FROM THESE CAMS!!!!!!!


    wildgame-x6c, put solar panel on wont reconize panel,



  • Pete MacMahon

    I don't know about all this. This too is spoiling the hunt. I saw on some outdoor show, some guy showcasing a new camara technology that let's you network a bunch together and then have it uplink somehow wirelessly to the internet and allow you to monitor your camaras from home.

    To me, this is the ultimate in laziness and it's simply no longer hunting. Get your a$$ out and enjoy the fresh air!

  • Roger

    I've had 3 Bushnell trophy cams, 3 moultrie's 50D and 55D, and one WGI (wildgame innovations) 2.0 ….the wildlife innovations camera I bought was the least expensive (taking pictures only) , (not video and pictures like the others) and The WGI did a very good job at it! I just bought another WGI 4MP today. The WGI red 6 I'm sure is better than either the 2.0 or 4.0 that I just bought! …. I like the Bushnell TC a lot also … it beats them all in the battery life (by far) and takes great pictures!

  • Ol Dad

    Whatever you do don't buy a Moultrie, they'll sit for days and not shoot or take crazy color pictures or fuzzy B&W or half frame shots you name it. Their IR series is a joke. The old flash ones would at least take pictures.


    I have gone through 6 wildgame camera of different models…Will never buy again. Looking for a camera with a viewer built in.

  • Ky Bob

    Do not buy WGI junk!!!!

  • Mike f

    I've had this game camera for two years an it works as planned! To me this is a good camera for the price. I think it beats out some of those high $$$$$ cameras!! Outcome..would buy another if I had to! Recommendations to this camera 5

  • danziboats

    Don’t buy Wildgame!!! I bought 4…all 4 went out within their first 5 trips to the woods!!! I called Wildgame and asked if they would repair them…they wanted nothing to do with them. Horrible product and even worse customer service!!!!

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