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A Virginia Hunter’s Open Letter to Those Who Support the Sunday Hunting Ban

by Matt O'Brien 10

It started in 1990 with a single breach barrel New England Firearm shotgun that probably cost me about $80. It… more »


Read & React: Virginia to Repeal Sunday Hunting Ban

by David Hart 26

It looks like Virginia is on the verge of stepping into the 21st century. Barring any last-minute underhanded attempts by… more »


Read & React: Idaho Fish and Game Seeks to Lower the Age Limit for Youth Hunters

by David Hart 2

If the Idaho Fish and Game Department gets its way, 10-year-olds would be allowed to hunt elk, deer, wolves and… more »


What the Recently Approved 2014 Farm Bill Means for Hunters

by David Hart 0

After nearly three years of partisan wrangling, the House Agriculture Committee came to an agreement on the 2014 Farm Bill… more »


TV Host Steve Rinella Gets Charged by Moose

by PH Online Editors 5

Think moose charges aren’t a big deal? Ask TV host Steve Rinella what he thinks and you might get a… more »


Why Antis are Wrong About Corey Knowlton & Hunting the Black Rhino

by Ben O'Brien 29

The fierce and unrelenting attack on hunters around the world continued this week, but this time antis have a new… more »


Exclusive: Weapon-Mounted FLIR ThermoSight RS Review

by Mike Schoby 1

The Texas night was eerily black, as the thin shroud of clouds blotted out the normally bright stars and the… more »

Chicago coyote attack

Read & React: Coyote Attacks Chicago Boy in City Park

by Dylan Polk 1

Farmers and hunters have long lamented the problems coyotes present when it comes to livestock and deer populations. As it… more »


Illegal Hunters Rescued by Wildlife Agents, Win ‘Little Help?’ Award

by PH Online Editors 0

Choosing to break game laws is bad enough in itself. Having to call for help from the people paid to… more »


First Look: Sportsman Channel Unveils ‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin’

by PH Online Editors 52

Sportsman Channel has long been the leader in quality outdoor television, bringing stories of the great outdoors right to your… more »

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