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8 Crazy Reasons We Will Always Love Ted Nugent

by Ben O'Brien   |  April 18th, 2012 36

Ted Nugent is crazy. We’ve all said it once or twice (or ten times) in our lives.

Whether you love him or hate him, the Nuge is often on the fringe. He’s bold, he’s powerful and he certainly hasn’t changed. The Motor City Madman is proud of his gun-toting, liberal-hating core beliefs, and he’s been pushing the boundaries of public outrage since Barack Obama was roaming the halls at Columbia University.

Were we surprised when Uncle Ted blasted Obama, the Supreme Court and any democrat within earshot at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis? No.

“We need to ride onto that battlefield and chop their heads off in November,” he said. “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Since his comments this past weekend, there’s been a public outcry, a Secret Service investigation and a rash of public condemnation of the Nuge.

Again, how can we be surprised? What’s great about Ted is likely the reason why he’ll be a polarizing figure until the day he rides the great white buffalo into the sunset. He is a rocker, a redneck, a hunter, a shooter and a passionate advocate of all these things.

It’s for that reason alone, we can’t help but love him….like a crazy, harmless uncle. Here’s eight other reasons.


  • Jose Font

    It appears that Ted Nugent and I share at least one thing in common- we both Loath Bill Majer! You have my vote Ted (I have a new Uncle now).

    • Run

      Ted Nugent is a DoucheBag

      • Robert Bolander

        You My Friend, Are A Douche Bag

  • Jose Font

    PETA? Isn't that some kind of Mediteranian flat bread? I personally love cats & dogs, cough, cough! excuse me while I pull out this bone from my cat burrito! We are havin dog Tacos next! You're always welcome to join us, bring the Tabasco sauce!

  • Jose Font

    Wow, I had no idea Uncle Ted was a suscribing member of over 34 clubs &/or organizations around the country and not only the NRA but also the New York City Policeman's Benevolent Association. Way to go Ted!

  • Rich

    The Motor City Madman has definately has cat scratch fever, still!

    • Rich

      The Motor City Madman definately has cat scratch fever, still!

    • Robert Bolander

      What Are You Talking About? He always did and always will have Cat Scratch Fever!

  • Patriot

    If everyone remains silent as their freedom's are taken one by one then one day they will be gone, at least they will say Ted was there in the fight and he was heard. Now for the rest of us, what will you do today to fight for your country before what we have is gone the way of the buffalo. I hope this fall every sportsman and woman stands up and says ENOUGH! Time to take our conutry back!

  • Manuel Moreira

    I was born in Venezuela…. At First the actual Goverment began to Make a" Gun national registration" They begun with shotguns, (before that we simple have to travel with the sale and registry form and the hunting license to go hunt with a shotgun) So this right was lost and you must pay every 3 year a tax that is equivalent of the minimum salary wage of a month for each Gun you have; after that they restricted the use of Rifles (all the time they should be registered and pay the 3 years renewal gun permit for each several calibers, and no more than 2 0r 3 at total discretion of officer that review your "personnal file of guns registered" and Finally Government pass a law bill "to forfeit the arms of the Legal Owners of Guns" in a Country that each weak between 120 and 140 persons , are murdered on hold ups and cars robery… Think about this reality…. This is a free Country and you have a wonderfull 2nd amendment…

    NRA Member

  • gary bruce

    I always thought ole Ted was crazy, but i have to admit, he has guts.And i`vegained a new respect for him. Go uncle Ted, the man, i`ll back him up .and if he is arrested for his comments, i`ll sign petitions to release him or whatever it takes.

  • jp338

    Ted isn't crazy, at least not when you compare him to most of the left-wing liberal wack-jobs we have in this country! Everything is relative.

  • moon

    Hey Ted , let's go hunting together someday Bud .

  • Jack Walling

    could not loathe this man more. I remember when i heard Journey to the Center of the Mind and thought here was a new rock group with a good singer and a good guitar player. Since then, I have realized that that faint praise of Nugent is the best i can give him. Nugent's only redeeming value is he likes Fred Bear.

    Other than that, he is a wood's pig. A hater of the truth and a self flagellating douche. I saw him fire a maching gun into a river in Africa with total disregard for African wildlife. the ugly American lost in a new wilderness that he can control with machine gun fire. I saw him shoot a deer in the ass from about 40 yards on audio vis tape and then claim, he knew it would hit the femoral artery.

    • mari

      Couldn't agree with you more. :)

    • Rich Haas

      then you would hate to see what we fired a machine gun on…

  • steve

    You people do know what the word "crazy" means,right,mentally deranged,foolish,unsound,although I have always been a fan of his music and enjoyed his entertainment but what is his real mission,front man for the NRA or shock jock.

  • Patriot

    Ted's "Mission" is to protect something that is under assault, starting with the First Amendment which covers his right to speak freely which is threatened. It is shocking that talk radio is under threat of being silenced with govt. regulation becuase liberals on the radio can't find an audience, there is also the threat to take the Second Amendment and water it down to something the liberals like, it is as if they are waiting to stage an incident, like the Fast and Furious Program where the AG staged a reason to ban semi-auto rifles because they were being taken across the border by Govt. order and then they were subsequently used against our own Border Patrol, so far the AG is still in office, which is beyond belief. All of us should support the very freedom's are forefathers fought for and that are now under liberal assault and this fall is a chance to begin to turn it around.

  • we have rights too

    Uncle Ted rocks!!! in more ways than one!!! we are becoming a land of sheeple!! WAKE THE F__ UP PEOPLE the current administration is taking our RIGHTS away!!! I along with EVERY other vet took an oath to DEFEND our CONSTITUTION against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!!!!!!! looks like we have domestic enemies ANYONE who wants to do away with our constitutional rights are enemies PERIOD!!! Doesn't matter if they were born in America or just hot roped in from North Korea… ANYONE who tries to take what is mine will get a fight, UNITED we stand DIVIDED we fall…

  • Strength in Texas

    Amen! These are God Given Rights. The Constitution is just the document to bind our God Given Rights!
    Wake up people!
    They are taking God out of everything. Our country was created by strength from God almighty, and prospered under his power. Now the Great Deceiver(s) have arrived and are doing away with our God, our Rights, and our Strong Godly Morals. Take out God, take our rights away and what will you have??? Pure Hell!
    God Bless those who are willing to stand up and speak the truth! And especially Bless those that have the Guts and God given strength to call them out….
    Evil is evil, no matter how you like to sugar coat it in the Media.

    So…. Go Uncle Ted. God Speed.

  • hotstriper

    Anybody who thinks Ted is sane hasn't heard this quote. “(Palin’s) on her way to being a good leader. She’s coming from the street, she’s coming from the we-the-people rank-and-file. She makes sense when she talks, she says all the right things, she’s sincere, she’s knowledgeable , she’s articulate, she’s damn good-looking, plus she kills moose. How can you go wrong?” — on Anderson Cooper in 2011

    • VBG

      I'm guessing you're not a Ted fan. What is it? The camo clothing? Lack of musical ability? Icky hair thingy that looks like it's duct-taped in place? Or just his idiocy in general?

      • hotstriper

        Option e, all of the above.

        • VBG

          Laughing here. It wasn't actually a multiple-choice quiz….the answer requires something akin to an essay. But I'm feeling very sweet today, so I'll cut you some slack. I choose Option E also. Hi there, HS — I'm new here. =)

          • VBG

            I think it's unlikely, but it looks like if one waits a few days, no one notices? Newbie, eh?

  • tp

    ted you are the man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Bolander

    Ted Nugent 2012

  • Joshua

    It would be nice if the people in america would stand up and say enough that the government is going to far and getting a but to in your home and controlling over the population they fear an armed civilian population because they know eventually the citizens of America will eventually get off their lazy asses and say enough is enough so therefore they're doing everything in their power to make it to where any little thing cost u your gun rights well till the day I die I'll say kiss my happy &$$ . It is the duty of Americans to protect the constitutional rights given to us by our forefathers and it is also our constitutional duty to redistribute power in the government when the government comes into a position of to much power well that's long over due we might be the most free country but even we aren't free anymore

  • Joshua

    And uncle Ted u r the man keep on keepin on

  • MD Huntress

    He makes some good points but not sure he goes about it correctly. As for Palin..can't stand her. I am a woman hunter and she is an emabrrassment. Little tough for me to support someone who stands behind her. There were many posts down grading the poached PA record buck. Let's not all forget that "Uncle Ted" was in fact caught poaching in CA. There are a lot of people that are fighting for our rights without making the nightly news. Some accomplish just as much as him without the media. Personally I find it hard to convert non gun activists because Ted is the image in everyone's eye. He is nothing like the vast majority of hunters/gun owners. Let's find a spokesman that leaves a little better taste in everyone's mouths and get to work on educating the public instead of insulting them.

  • MemeMe

    I see a lot of people that are butthurt since they don't have the balls to stand up and shout like Ted does
    Jealousy gets you nowhere in life

  • Chewy Nugent

    Wanna show the world how much you love the Nuge? We're looking for Detroit-area Nuge fans for TV game show. Are you hugely into the Nugely? Comment here if you know anyone who can represent.

  • Eric from Arizona

    I just ordered directv for the first time in my life just to watch some hunting shows during the summer month's Here in Arizona because it's to hot to do anything outside now. I have hunted all of my life and now I am disabled from a back injury. Now I have to change my way of hunting I can no longer chase game over hills etc.I am very limited to what I can hunt. I am going to try Coyote, Bobcat and Mt. Lion this winter I am very concerned about Ted and his show he was hunting coyote on his property he said was killing deer. He made a comment that the only good coyote was a dead coyote! With saying that he is hurting all hunters by giving the anti's ammo to discredit the ethics of responsible hunters everywhere just because you have money comming out your ass you should be carefull of the crap comming out of your mouth!. He needs to think first.

  • Lawrence

    To everyboby that's just now the Nuge as uncle Ted welcome to the family!

  • Steve

    Ted Nugent is a joke and does more harm than good for the hunting community. He certainly does not speak for or represent me. He makes me embarassed to be a hunter. He is a draft-dodger who now wraps himself in the flag. Please take your fear-mongering rhetoric and go away.

  • cmp

    Ted is an embarrassment to our sport and industry and with his most recent hunting violations he makes us hunters look incredibly "redneck"…

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