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Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence Spills Squirrel Guts, Smashes PETA

by Skip Knowles   |  April 5th, 2012 50

This 21-year-old beauty gutted a squirrel in the most talked about scene for her role in last year’s Winter’s Bone.

Pass the squirrel guts on PETA bread, please. The Hunger Games‘ mega-hottie and Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence is apparently as cool in real life as she is playing Katniss, a bowhunting super badass survivor girl in the blockbuster movie.

The 21-year-old beauty gutted a squirrel in the most talked about scene for her role in 2010’s Winter’s Bone, (for which she was nominated). The scene was not faked, she told Rolling Stone magazine: “I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA,” she said. “But screw PETA.”

Prior to shooting Winter’s Bone, (a charming little movie RS describes as “a gritty, gothic, murder story set in Ozark meth country”), Lawrence spent a month in Missouri with a rural family shooting rifles and chopping wood in preparation for the role.

Actor Woody Harrelson, (a real hippy earth-cookie and lovable nut job himself), describes co-star Lawrence in the interview, as “the real deal, who’s not trying to be anyone she’s not. She’s just this frickin’ amazing gal from Kentucky who hit it big.”

Later in the article (titled “America’s Kick-Ass Sweetheart”), she tells RS writer Josh Eells that when she is done with her next movie she is “thinking about buying a house. And a big dog. And a shotgun.”

But no matter how many squirrels, fowl or big game she slays in her charmed film reel of a life, she’ll never kill as many animals as PETA.

For the record, if she’s serious about the shotgun, our editors would probably extend a warm and permanent invitation to Ms. Lawrence to join us in the duck blind anytime. You know Maxx Outdoors has those cool new two-man layouts…

  • Outwrite

    Proof that not all Hollywood types are dumb. Nice!
    (Doesn't hurt that she's hot too!)

  • randy

    a beautiful sexie woman living the Holly-Weird dream wants a house BIG DOG and a shotgun she needs to know i love her and i want to have her baby after all we have something in common PETA sucks and i have a few shotguns

  • ODP

    I like her a lot more now

  • Ramon

    Whoa,for me, it proof that not all Hollywood people live in a fantasy world. I'm amazed on how many famous actors and actresses are hoplophobic (an irrational, morbid, and persistent fear or dread of weapons) and can still handle a fake firearm in front of a camera or cameras for a movie or television show. I hope this dosen't ruin her career. because I've heard or have read from formal actors, if your not famous in Hollywood or someone who draws in the crowd to a movie theater, your done. Your own agent would even call you and your friend will forget your name. In Hollywood, you have to be a stealth republican or a stealth 2nd amendment avocate. I wish her luck in that.

  • Matt Miller

    You mean she has survival skills ? Not part of the libtarded media prick, dumbass group? She has my vote… Gun, Survival culture is in … ya think ? I think… Sheepeople suck !

    • JoAnne Davis

      Oh yeah, because all the survivalists are Conservative… I own several firearms for hunting, I'm a traditional bowhunter (recurve), I do back country excursions, and I've taught a few "survival skills basics" classes. I'm a fisherman, a camper, and a wildland firefighter. Oh, I'm also a Democrat.

  • jtexasreb

    i never go to back country without at minimum a large handgun, i live in texas so haveing a firearm is not near as difficut as the republic, in 2005 on a trip to clean up a hunting lease we came upon a meth lab, no one was tending it thank god we caaled county sheriff and they took care of it, so no there are two legged anamals out there in my east texas home snakes and wild hogs are about all we got that could be dangeous game but i had brother stay prepared

  • Doug

    Great piece Skip. Always good to hear when true A-listers still have some sense and independence and don't cave to the Hollywood PC machine out of fear of hurting ticket sales.

  • Brian

    Does every one know what P.E.T.A stands for. (People Eating Tastey Animals!)Lol

  • Mike James

    Screw those envirofacist punks… PETA… people eating tasty animals… screw em for tryna tell everybody how to live- the ONLY thing they did right was getting that girl to to dump all that flour on Kimmy K's head

  • Susan Davis

    THIS IS THE SHAMEFUL, HORRIBLE TRUTH ABOUT PETA: " The Daily Caller reports that PETA killed 95 percent of the pets in its care in 2011, slaughtering 1,911 cats and dogs while finding homes for just 24 pets according to a report from the Center for Consumer Freedom. Incredible — only 24 families in the U.S. wanted pets last year!

    Similar reports show that PETA has killed over 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, Va., since 1998. That’s more animals than any one of us have killed in that time frame.

    “PETA hasn’t slowed down its slaughterhouse operation,” said Rick Berman, CCF’s executive director, criticizing the group’s apparent misuse of its $37 million dollar annual budget. “It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats.”

    PETA should be investigated and SHUT DOWN!

    • gogosian2020

      SUSAN – If the United States treated its military veterans with the same compassion as shown by "Rescue Animals", the SPCA & their spin-offs — THE WORLD WOULD BE A FAR BETTER PLACE, during my life time! ** THANKS for your revealing revelations about "The Real PETA"! -30-

  • Haynes

    Jennifer Lawrence sounds like she could be a blood relative of Sarah Palin. Beauty and Balls!!! A marvelous combination in a woman.

  • Tom

    I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence when I saw her portrayal of Ree Dolly in "Winter's Bone". Her work ethic seems second to none. She's an honest and refreshing personality in a world of Hollyweird phonies who make crazy money reading what other people have written for them. She's a keeper!

  • EdR

    Jennifer Lawrence's attack on PETA was totally gratuitous and had nothing to do with her squirrel-gutting scene. It does, however, show her to be malicious and insensitive and therefore possibly "badass" in another sense.

    • Elmer Fudd

      Had a Fluffy Bunny run across my backyard once. Grilled up real nice. Tastes like chicken!

  • Doc Kimble

    Don't hold your breath waiting for bill maher to call her the "C-word"….unless she goes moose hunting with Gov Sarah…

  • Dr. Dale

    She's ok.

  • Adrian Vance

    I have only two questions: (1) Can she make biscuits without a recipe and (2) can she yodel?

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative at

  • Dr. Dale

    I'm out of here, will cancel ALL my Petersen's magazines, due to their editing of my 1st amendment rights, that I almost gave my life in the military to defend.

    • Ralph

      Lighten up, Francis….

  • Annie

    She is heartless

    • Bagui

      I have ripped open a lot of vegetables and fruits in my day, and by all accounts of Eastern Mysticism, I should have heard the screams of the plants that were harvested for their babies. Jainists wear masks so they will not kill a gnat, by accidently inhaling them. Anthromorphic treatment of animals makes them more than humans, that are killed in the womb, for convenience-sake. I could eat Vegan for better health, and still not swallow the rhetoric of (really) violent PETA activists. By all accounts of activists in general, humans
      are only useful for protest, being material for propaganda, whether Fascist or Communist in spirit.

    • terryt

      notice she did not say SHE killed it, only gutted it and that the animal is real. It is heartless if it is done for no reason and for spite only, that would be heartless. did the animal get eaten in the movie? i havent seen it yet so i dont know.

  • Deborah

    It just goes to show that she's a good looking asshole who killed a living thing for absolutely no reason.
    I wouldn't be proud of that fact. That HBO special also was responsible for the murder of three older horses all for a stupid tv show. What a disgrace. I won't be seeing the sequel.

    • terryt

      um, i dont see where it said SHE killed it, she admits to gutting it, and that it was real. we dont know if it was killed "humanely" or if it didnt die from natural causes, or if the carcass was used for anything after the movie.

  • gogosian2020

    "OH … CANADA" — How refreshing, from a "Holly-weird star" no less – given to straight thinking and candor! HER STOCK JUST WENT UP, IMHO! ;-) ** And another thing = UP, PETA's own petard, too! -30-

  • Paul

    PETA is not a rescue group. It is an educational organization that has also helped push legislation that has helped prevent enormous suffering to animals including those raised in terribly inhumane conditions in factory farms.

    This idiot ought to actually learn what PETA is involved with before making such an assinine statement. Let somebody skin her and see how she likes it!

    • Lisa

      So Because they are a "supposed" educational oganization, it is ok to kill the thousands of animals that PETA is DIRECTLY responsible for killing??? Your comment is the most hypocritical thing I have heard in some time. Maybe YOU should understand what YOU are talking about before you go spouting your oppinion!! The dead animals are FACTS

    • shredder

      That's how PETA bills themselves. Their actions prove otherwise.

    • JennUHeartlessSlag

      HELL YEAH. I'm ALL for that. Only let's hope it's while she's still alive and writhing…

    • Bagui

      Humans are the animal at the top of the food chain in so-called civilization, for now. After our governments'
      so-called leaders (politicians in general are bi-pedal animals in suits, ready to devour the next victim). If our leaders and the media cause chaos, and general panic over many social or economic issues, there is
      just a little buffer between us, and becoming what Haiti has been for centuries, Rwanda was easily made into a bloodbath between distant cousins. It does not take much to stir up humans to hate each other.

    • RAY


  • lead paint eater

    WTF? Dr. Dale, thank you for service to your country but please throw away all your aluminum pans right away

  • lemrob

    PETA is nothing but a front for killing dogs cats. They do not stand for anything genuine. We should all ignore them and maybe they will go away. It is just another group that uses no common sense; but are always trying to be politically correct. Political Correctness is doing its best to destroy this "GREAT" nation. Shut them down and send them home. We don't need them. God Bless the USA and all of its Patriots.


    Friggin awesome! Hats off to this gal!

  • BIll

    SHE IS THE REAL DEAL….and YES SCREW PETA and our domestic terrorist organization HSUS and Osama Pacelle!!!!!

  • 'Drew Manly

    You must be: A) a woman who is nowhere near as good looking, refined, skilled or intelligent as she, and therefore easily dismissable as jealous, or B) a nominal male of the species (certainly not a Man) lacking in testicular fortitude and most necessarily masculine characteristics like reasoning, survival instinct, and everything other than downy facial hair. Momma called for you – she said your pedal car is fixed and it's time for dinner and your daily meds…

    • JennUHeartlessSlag

      You're just dismissable—period. :)

      • terryt

        look whos talking. PETA was a decent organization until it was usurped just as Green Peace has been, it is now just a mouth piece to get money and promote a liberal view point. those "humane" conditions have also cause companies to stop processing food, or made that same food more costly.

  • Reloadin'

    She's a beautiful young lady and has the right attitude towards guns and the outdoors. All these weak kneed city folk who are bird and bunny nuts and yap constantly about saving the planet give me a pain in the keister.. They ride their spindly little bikes through a city park and think they're communing with nature. Nature's not only beautiful, it's raw, savage and violent; these tree huggers only like to see the cute parts.

    I certainly hope her common sense doesn't cost her any movie roles in LeftyWood.

  • Bagui

    I like it when sociopaths and psychos like you, come out of the wood work to further exemplify humanity at its best. Keep your personal sludge coming for more fertilizer on humans in general. That is what anarchy is all about…looks like that's what's in charge of our country, through the Communist model of stuffing the ballot box with dead humans' names to win elections. Yey, ACORN!

    • JennUHeartlessSlag

      You angry little conservatives are all so delusional. :)

  • justin

    hunting is a natural state of human nature. peta just over reacts about every little damn thing. smash a bug and your a murderer. peta just needs to fuckin calm down and quit hugging their trees because i got a stand to hook up and put me down a big buck! suck on that one peta!

  • @Lakan_Kildap

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who played the female lead in Transformers 3, said in MAXIM that she grew up hunting and shooting. In England.

    Nice to know not all Hollywood people are Jane Fonda's sorority sisters.

  • animalconnectionac

    How does gutting a squirrel make her cool? That's pretty effing disgusting if you ask me. Oh, and she didn't even kill the poor thing, it was roadkill.

  • Sami

    Loved her since I saw Winter's bone, and now my appreciation for her has gone through the roof. I've always dated real attractive women who enjoyed fishing and welcomed the bag of ducks I brought home after a day's shooting, and without the slightest bet of B.S. I get turned off by the other type of brainwashed barbie dolls no matter how they look.

  • great white hunter

    In my books, anybody giving money to PETA or any of those sad groups is missing the big picture. It is VERY selfish to give money to groups that try to stop legal hunting when children are dying in hospitals right here at home or in less fortunate parts of this world, they are dying of much more gruesome ways than any hunting method I could think of. Those "compassionate" people would rather stop the common man or woman to get to his/her duck blind than find a cure for leuchemia. One day maybe these "good" people will get their priorities in order and fight the good fights. A view from a Canadian who knows what is important in life.

  • Red

    For Gods sake ! All of ya'll need to chill the heck out ! So she skinned a squirrel , and it was in a damn movie. That doesn't make her a monster. She also said 'screw PETA ' Well guess what ; your precious ass PETA needs to shut the hell up for once . I love animals , have two rescue dogs and have rescued seven horses , and guess what ! I HUNT!!!!!

  • Firebird

    Proves that unlike ALEC BALDWIN and PAMELA ANDERSON not everybody in Hollywood is into this animal rights poppycock or dose stupid ads for PETA

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