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Reporter Demonstrates How to Fend Off a Bear Attack, Hilarity Ensues

by PH Online Editors   |  July 16th, 2013 3

One of the most frightening encounters any hunter can experience in the field is coming face to face with a big, hungry, perturbed bear. Whether it’s a black bear or a monster grizzly, a big bruin can put a hurtin’ on a hunter in a matter of seconds—nothing says, “That’s all folks,” like a pair of massive jaws treating your skull like a jawbreaker.

So in an effort to teach viewers how to fend off a bear attack, reporter Julie Tremmel of WJAR in Providence, R.I., acted out a few common bear defense tactics. The results are Internet gold.

Wow. We’re not sure which is better: her wide-eyed stare, or the shouting and throwing shoes. Kudos to Tremmel for going through with this piece of hard-hitting journalism, but next time, an interview with the local game warden may just as well do the trick.

  • Roland Millington

    Holy crap. Is she for real? I mean, for really real? My God that was funny.

  • NachoLibre

    Sometimes, when you grow into a man, you wear stretchy pants. And at other times, you do a line of coke and then demonstrate how to startle a bear. There are moments you never live down…and that was one of them. Priceless.

  • DMD

    I think I will act like a Bear when I see her in the Dark, that way I can have my way with her!

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