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Washington Man Attacked by Coyotes

by Eric Conn   |  January 3rd, 2013 15

After moving two weeks ago to his Kent, Wash., home, Feron Scarberry got an unwelcome visit from a couple of hostile neighbors.

Scarberry was walking his dog in his backyard when three coyotes slid under a hole in his fence and attacked him, according to KOMO News. He said one coyote lunged at his face, which he blocked with his forearm, and then another of the coyotes locked his jaws on Scarberry’s leg.

As a result of the attack, he had bites and scratches on his arms and legs that sent him to the emergency room for several hours, where he received 24 rabies shots in his arms, leg and hip. He is slated for more shots in the coming weeks.

While he wasn’t too seriously injured, Scarberry said he remains worried for the children in the neighborhood, which is about 30 minutes south of Seattle.

“I love wildlife. I like looking out the deck, looking at them. But when they’re starting to threaten the animals and people in the neighborhood, it’s gone a little bit overboard,” Scarberry told KOMO News. “I don’t want any of the neighborhood kids to get hurt.”

Scarberry’s property backs up to a wooded area and a high school, which causes obvious concerns for young children and students in the neighborhood. Scarberry’s son said he’s seen coyotes roaming the woods behind his house on numerous occasions.

Sgt. Kim Chandler of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife told KOMO News that coyote incidents in the area are pretty much constant, as they pose a specific threat to small dogs and cats.

  • Dave

    I love you response it is very sober and caring to the wildlife. I would have said the same thing!!
    I love wild life as well, but when the cute little critters begin to hurt people it must be stopped! Thees things just happen. Sorry about the rabies shots, those hurt bad!! Good luck!!

    • david

      All critters At one time have hurt humans. Beware, lest you
      Will lose.

  • Safari Hunter

    Shoot the Coyotes and solve the problem. People have rights, animals don't.

    • Dave!!

      Thats what I said, when animals begin to hurt people shoot them. Don't have to be so pushy! I agree with you!

  • Virginian2

    The one thing hunting does so efficiently is that it eliminates the aggressive animals and those that don't show fear of people.

  • johnny

    Americans in the past didn't fret and cower they just got their .22 and stopped these damn things,A yote will run right up your leg to get to your throat then his buddies will go for your legs to down you,They can kill a man.Be armed with a small pistol and protect yourself.Where you see one there are usually four or five hiding to attack if your dog or you run after one.

    • Louis

      Wow. Really jon. YOTE's avoid adults( are you a midget?) I've hunted them, skined them, and trapped them. If you say boo they run. Pull your pa..ties up and look for them…

      • john

        Did you not read the article?Are you that blind?He was attacked by yotes that came under his fence.A nature loving hippie gal was killed and eaten by a pack of them in Canada last year.Do you never read what you discuss?Really Louis?

      • john

        Really LOUIS Read the article before opening mouth

  • david

    The yoties were probally after his dog. He was in the way

  • Mardi 1

    That's what happens when to many of any species in one area they compete for food and as it becomes scarce they turn to other food sources naturally the tree huggers because they don't want to hurt the pretty little rabid coyote look at how cute he is while he chews my ass off!

  • Lou

    First… Who walks the the dog in the back yard??? If theres a hole under the fence you would fill it(ok maybe I would) right. Being a dog owner and a former coyote trapper. If the coyote's were in the area the dog would have lost his mind when the door opened. Sorry I vote BS…. on this. Look at the neighborhood cat's for this one.

    • photohawk

      I have to agree. BS all the way.

  • Get D. Coyote

    The range of the coyote used to be much smaller than it is today. But the coyote is very adaptable to human habitation and, not only has it become prolific throughout the lower 48, it has learned to thrive where people live. The best analogy I can think of is the rapid spread and persistence of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus). The coyote, like the brown rat, is a pest. It should be left alone in the wild but should be destroyed on sight in areas frequented by humans.

  • sharon svensson

    I have seen a few coyotes when I have been out cross country skiing usually real early in the morning, but all have really taken off…I never dreamed they would attack me or anyone.

    But the most I have seen was two together…I seen two once killed a deer in the snow way off, one got it by the back leg and the other bite it's nose off…It wasn't a pretty sight when I got to it…

    I seen just one coyote at daylight that circled around a bunch of ten deer, and it ran at then but they all held…It backed off and ran at them from another direction but they still did not run from it….Finally it just left them..The snow was deep and if any would have ran I think they can kill them….The fewer the better in my thinking.

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