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Recipe: Pheasant Green Chile Enchiladas

by David Draper

Often when developing wild-game recipes, I like to pair animals with plants or flavors native or common in their home… more »


How Weather Conditions Affect the Whitetail Rut

by Josh Dahlke

The whitetail hunting world is bursting at the seams with myths and black magic. We’re all guilty as charged, adding… more »


Nikon’s New Monarch 7i VR Laser Rangefinder

by Eric Poole

For the last 15 years, there’s been a race going on among optic manufacturers with range-finding technology. And, until recently,… more »


Reticles & Turrets for Stretching Your Ethical Range

by Joseph von Benedikt

It’s the final morning of a 10-day high alpine elk and mule deer hunt in Rocky Mountain wilderness country, and… more »


Wild Boar Jaegerwurst (The Hunter’s Sausage)

by David Draper

A few years back I found myself in Croatia hunting wild boar from high stands. My guide Misha looked like… more »


Ghost Cats: Eastern Cougars Don’t Exist!

by David Hart

Mike Fies was home getting ready for Christmas when his boss called. A woman not far from Fies’ home in… more »

Whitetail Hunts

5 Whitetail Hunts to Think Hard About

by Craig Boddington

Certain whitetail destinations appear extremely attractive, either by their reputation for giant bucks or because they’re so different. Both premises… more »


10 Things You Can Do to Ensure the Future of Hunting

by Keith Wood

We live in an extremely fluid world where public perceptions and opinions on issues can change by the hour. Just… more »


Cooking a Rutting Buck

by Hank Shaw

A huge bull or monster buck walks out, perfectly broadside, and in range. Maybe you’ve waited years for this moment, or… more »


Recipe: Venison Green Chili

by David Draper

Spicy green chiles  are the perfect pairing with elk, antelope, and other venison, and a long slow braise both tempers… more »


Six Rules for Proper Meat Care

by Brad Fitzpatrick

In an age when Americans are questioning the origin and quality of the meat they consume wild game stands out… more »


Which Presidential Candidate Will Look out for Hunters?

by David Hart

It’s not just hunting season. It’s also election season. This year’s race not only will set the tone for the… more »


Choose The Perfect Hunting Boot: The 8 Rules of Fit

by Peter B. Mathiesen

If you can’t walk or stand comfortably in a dry pair of boots, it’s unlikely you’ll tag a deer, or… more »


Hunting Without Apology

by Thomas McIntyre

A magnificent male specimen of charismatic megafauna is shot and killed and the public erupts in howls of execration. “Widespread… more »


10 Tips for Every Elk Hunter

by David Hart

Nothing stirs a hunter’s soul like elk country. Towering granite peaks, rolling hills studded with glowing stands of aspen and… more »


Texas: The Republic of Hunting

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Traditions run deep in Texas, whether that’s Friday night rodeos, football, cowboy hats, or barbecue. And one of those important… more »


Poachers Pay More with Boone and Crockett’s New Plan

by Frank Miniter

You look at the photo of him grinning pensively, as if just a touch of worry is in the corners… more »


The Perfect Saturday

by Mike Schoby

Saturdays in September are precious. They are not to be taken lightly. The hunting season is upon us, and every… more »


Last-Minute Opportunities to Hunt Western Big Game

by David Hart

So you didn’t draw that coveted trophy buck or bull tag you’ve been applying for. Disappointed? Don’t be. A number… more »


Dutch Oven Elk Chili

by David Draper

Few foods mark the beginning of fall hunting season as does a big pot of chili simmering away on the… more »