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5 Reasons Why You Need Sig Sauer's New Rangefinder

by Keith Wood

Long-range shooting has surged in popularity in recent years, thanks in-part to technological advancements in rangefinding units that have taken… more »

This spectacular blond-and-chocolate
black bear was taken by Rob Lancelotti
during New Mexico’s fall season

Best States To Hunt For Black Bears

by Joseph von Benedikt

Which are the best states to hunt for black bears? I have compiled a list of several great black bear… more »

Black bears have a thick layer of fat over
their meat. Plan on saving and using it
as an exceptional cooking ingredient.

Why you need to try black bear meat now

by David Draper

When it comes to eating, bear meat gets a bad wrap in hunting circles. But it shouldn’t. Bruins aren’t as… more »


Trijicon’s New Thermal Imaging IR-HUNTER

by Keith Wood

Trijicon’s IR-HUNTER is a compact, capable, and competitively-priced thermal optic that uses technology that many of us would have not believed… more »


The Ultimate Sleeping Bag And Pad For Backpack Hunters

by David Draper

Chasing elk in the mountains on a backpack hunt during the rut is the ultimate bucket-list adventure for many American… more »


Embracing the Classics

by David Draper

Finally, after years of recipes smothered in mushroom soup, wild-game cooking is having its moment. In fact, marketers might even… more »


Bad to the Bone .44

by Kali Parmley

Smith & Wesson’s MODEL 629 .44 MAGNUM HUNTER is the answer if you’re ready to ditch your long gun and… more »


Best Electronic Predator Callers

by David Draper

Electronic predator callers are the answer to fooling ever-more-educated furbearers. To give you the edge on the rest of the… more »


5 Reasons Why These Rangefinding Binoculars Are The Best

by PH Online Editors

While the laser changed rangefinding estimation forever, ranging made quantum leaps for hunters in 1992 when optical pioneer Leica introduced… more »

Packraft Lead copy

Just Add Water

by Kali Parmley

Rafting into pristine hunting ground is a common practice that isn’t often talked about but should be. Manufacturers have recognized… more »


Trijicon: Latest Scopes Give You an Edge on Deer

by Keith Wood

Finding success in taking big, old deer often comes down to being able to make an accurate shot in the… more »


What’s up with Utah?

by Michael R. Shea

Back in January, Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R) introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that sought to “offer… more »

Nikon’s LaserForce binoculars have built-in range-finding technology, which saves weight and adds convenience because you don’t need to carry a separate rangefinder.

Amazing New LaserForce Binoculars With Built-In Rangefinder

by Kali Parmley

The name of the game when hunting western or open-country big game is quality binoculars with a good field of view… more »


Five Great Hunting Products Introduced at the NRA Show

by PH Online Editors

One of the fun things about attending the annual NRA show is that many manufacturers introduced new products at this… more »


Recipe: Venison Sausage Rolls

by David Draper

Pigs-in-a-blanket are a tailgate staple, but you can do so much better than crappy cocktail wienies wrapped in a doughy… more »

Best Hunting Knives

Best Hunting Knives and Tools

by David Hart

Guns may have won the west, but the journey through the Appalachian Mountains, across the Mississippi and over the Great… more »


Proof Big Animals Are Still Out There!

by Craig Boddington

British Columbia resident Michael Swyers and a couple of buddies had been planning a late-season goat hunt in the fall… more »

Turkey Loads

Federal 3rd Degree & Winchester Long Beard XR Magnum Turkey Loads

by Josh Dahlke

Truth be told, there’s more than one effective, ethical way to kill a turkey. At the end of the day,… more »


Montana’s Best Hidden Gem for Elk and Deer Hunting

by Jack Ballard

The journals of Meriwether Lewis, co-captain of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, contain detailed descriptions of the country through which… more »

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.33.29 PM

How to Effectively Control Wild Hogs

by Rod Pinkston

Depending on your chosen profession, you either love or hate feral pigs. This lack of middle ground creates a problem… more »