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Group of hunters

The Hunter Decline and How We Can Fix It

by Andrew McKean

We’ve lost 2.2 million hunters since 2011. Here’s how to help save hunting. Doug Hinkle has a trophy room full… more »


History and Development of Hunting Bullets

by Phil Massaro

Strolling down the ammunition aisle at your local gun shop will reveal a multitude of different brands, loaded with a… more »


Top European Optics Under $1,000

by Jeff Johnston

Everyone wants a Swarovski Z8i, Schmidt and Bender, Leica Ultravid or Zeiss Victory FL, but few want to pay upward… more »


A Kimber Rifle for Any Hunt

by Keith Wood

I was heading to the most remote wilderness in the United States — a place far closer to the Arctic… more »


Mule Deer Before and After

by Darron McDougal

Hunter photographs four separate muley bucks prior to taking them. I felt like I was dreaming. One peek over the… more »

Glassing with Bushnell Forge binos

Tested: Bushnell’s New Forge Optics

by David Draper

Bushnell has been in the optics game a long time, but their offerings had hit a plateau in recent years… more »

Planting Food Plot

7-Step Food Plot Plan

by Jeff Johnston

A beginner’s guide to sowing a successful food plot If you expect to toss some seeds on the ground and… more »

Venison in grinder

How to Use Ground Game Meat

by David Draper

Tips to elevate your ground meat game Backstraps get all the glory, followed closely by a set of fresh tenderloins…. more »


Why You Should Switch to Heavier Broadheads

by Jeff Johnston

If 125-grain broadheads are superior to their 100-grain counterparts, why aren’t they selling at a better rate? There is no… more »

New Coolers for 2018

New Coolers for 2018

by Jessyca Sortillon

Outdoorsmen are always looking for the latest and greatest gear and this includes top-notch coolers Check out some of the… more »

Venison Garlic Bacon Burger Recipe

10 Awesome Venison Burgers You Can’t Get at IHOb

by Hunting Online Staff

IHOP may have flipped their name to IHOb and added new burgers to the menu, but you won’t find these… more »

Epic Elk Venison and Onion Burger Recipe

Epic Elk Venison and Onion Burger Recipe

by PH Online Editors

With a mild essence of grated onion, chopped parsley, minced garlic and a few other seasonings, this elk venison recipe… more »


Pan-Asian Grilling Glaze Recipe for Venison

by David Draper

This particular glaze recipe comes together easily and imparts bright, sweet flavors; if you like your venison a little spicier,… more »


Venison Carne Asada Marinade Recipe

by David Draper

Use this citrusy, carne asada marinade recipe to add a Tex-Mex bite to venison steaks and flank meat Marinate steaks… more »

Corazón de Venado (Deer Heart) Marinade

Deer Heart Marinade Recipe

by David Draper

This marinade recipe is intended for venison heart skewers, but would also work nicely for various wild game cuts Anticuchos… more »

Maple-Whiskey Marinade Recipe

Maple-Whiskey Venison Marinade Recipe

by David Draper

Oh, Canada! Maple, whiskey and the rich umami of Worcestershire all combine to create this sweet and savory venison marinade… more »

Vietnamese Marinade Recipe for Banh Mi Sandwiches

Vietnamese Marinade Recipe for Banh Mi Sandwiches

by David Draper

Thinly slice your venison steak, place it in this Vietnamese marinade and use the grilled meat in a delicious banh… more »

Many military bases limit hunting to archery only making crossbows a great option.  (Photo courtesy of Aaron Carter)

Hunting Inside the Perimeter

by PH Online Editors

A primer to hunting white-tailed deer and other wild game on military bases By: Aaron Carter Though I was anticipating… more »

Three Unique Venison Slider Recipes

Three Unique Venison Slider Recipes

by Chelsie Walters

A cream cheese jalapeño slider, a peanut butter bacon slider and a BBQ Fritos slider walk into a bar …… more »

Wild Game Processing: Get the Edge

Wild Game Processing: Get the Edge

by David Draper

From field dressing wild game to prepping it for the table, a chef is judged by the blade of his… more »