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Best Electronic Predator Callers—Tested and Rated

by David Draper   |  June 20th, 2017 0

Electronic predator callers are the answer to fooling ever-more-educated furbearers. To give you the edge on the rest of the pack, we put the leading electronic predator callers to the test.

Here are three of the best.

Editor’s Choice – PRIMOS ALPHA DOGG

About the only thing this Transformer-like caller doesn’t include is a recording of Megan Fox’s sultry siren’s song. The unit does come with 75 other calls preprogrammed into it, along with six full-hunt sequences designed by famed fur-taker Randy Anderson. Two gigabytes of memory allow for up 1,000 sounds total, all powered by two 25-watt digital amplifiers. Twin cone speakers fold out and articulate 180 degrees, and a single horn speaker blasts out high-frequency screams and howls. The hefty, hand-filling remote is easy to read and use. $392;



Though the casual caller might be intimidated by the price, professional predator hunters know with cost comes one of the highest-quality, best-sounding callers on the market. From the full-featured remote, hunters can dial in 100 preprogrammed sounds, while controlling volume, pitch, and the ability to mix and match two sounds at once or fade between speakers to mimic moving prey. For the real geek gunner, the Fusion can record real-time information about weather and hunt data to highlight best times for calling in critters of all types. The unit does require a bit of an education to get the most bang for your buck. $500;



Budget hunters who like to stick and move will appreciate this handy little e-caller. Inside the compact housing is a four-inch cone speaker that blasts up to 110 decibels of clear, lifelike sounds. Though the unit comes with just 10 of Johnny Stewart’s authentic sounds, hunters can download more into the 256 megabytes of memory. The remote, with a 100-yard range, is easy to use, but my aging eyes had trouble reading the small display in bright sunlight. Still, the Grimm Speaker’s affordable price and utilitarian performance earned it a place in my truck. $120 ;


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