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Rocky Mountain Redemption: Part 1

by Keith Wood 0

“There he is,” D’Arcy whispered as we caught a glimpse of the buck across the rolling sage. We squatted in… more »


Why You Should Plan A Western Hunting Trip Now

by David Hart 0

There are two two types of hunters: Those who can’t dream of a hunt out West and those who dream… more »

Photo courtesy of Boone & Crockett

Boone & Crockett Crowns New World-Record Pronghorn

by Andrew Vanlaningham 0

As a whole, we as hunters have consistently demonstrated (and subsequently defended) our commitment to conservation as long as we’ve… more »

Bowhunting Wyoming Prairie Goats (Antelope)

Bowhunting Wyoming Prairie Goats (Antelope)

by PHTV Adventures 0

Mike Schoby and his wife Dory bowhunt antelope in Wyoming.

Windy Antelope Hunt

Windy Antelope Hunt

by PHTV Adventures 0

Mike Schoby overcomes windy conditions to nab a nice old antelope with his trusty bow.


HUNTING’s Antelope Forecast for 2014

by David Hart 0

2014 Outlook Pronghorn can likely be deemed the easiest path to a trophy in 2014, as success rates tend to… more »

High Plains Pronghorn

High Plains Pronghorn

by PHTV Adventures 0

Greg Rodriguez and Chris Bezzina head to New Mexico for a shot at trophy pronghorn.


Ask The Guides: What’s the Perfect Hunting Cartridge?

by Brad Fitzpatrick 2

One of the most popular discussions around any hunting camp is which cartridge is the best for a particular type… more »


2012 Big Game Roundup

by Greg Rodriguez 2

Last year proved to be a much better year than some of the folks I interviewed for the 2011 forecast… more »

This sort of relic dots the yards of Vaughn, NM

Ghost Town, NM…Pronghorn Country.

by Conrad Evarts 3

Have you ever been to an old ghost town and wondered what it looked like before humanity departed and only… more »

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