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Redneck Mansion Is the Height of Redneck Luxury

by Dylan Polk 0

We rednecks will be first to admit those double-wides we call home ain’t exactly the Ritz. It’s a little cramped,… more »

Redneck Bachelor Party

Redneck Bachelor Party is a Blast

by Awesome Rednecks 0

For your redneck brother who is about to make the biggest mistake of his life is blessed enough to enter… more »

Redneck Bonfire

Redneck Bonfire Really Lights Up a Party

by Awesome Rednecks 0

Is there any fall activity more enjoyable than a good ole’ bonfire? Just imagining gathering around with your friends and… more »


The Redneck Mini-Pickup-Van

by Awesome Rednecks 0

If there’s anything we rednecks love more than our women, beer and country music, it’s gotta be our trucks. To… more »


The Redneck Pontoon Picnic Table

by Awesome Rednecks 0

If there’s one word that describes us rednecks, it’s innovative. If one of our favorite pastimes gets in the way… more »

Redneck renovation

The Ulimate Redneck Renovation

by Awesome Rednecks 0

If you’re anything like us, you yearn to expand your estate to cover a little more ground. Of course, knockin’… more »


Honey Boo Boo Style: The Ultimate Redneck Wedding

by Eric Conn 0

Nothing says “trashy redneck” like the TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. With a cast of characters like Mama… more »


Redneck Jackpot: Man Shoots Deer in Walmart Parking Lot

by Eric Conn 0

Of all the stereotypes associated with rednecks, Walmart and deer hunting probably top the list. The only thing more redneck… more »


Real Men Shoot Skeet Redneck Style…with Tanks

by PH Online Editors 0

If you thought debonair looking fellows in fine clothes and tuxedos were above turning skeet shooting into the ultimate in… more »


Farmer Style: The Redneck Rap Parody of Gangnam Style

by PH Online Editors 0

Taking a Weird Al-like spin on the recent Korean hit by Psy, “Gangnam Style,” a few Kansas farm boys filmed… more »

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