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8 Worst Hollywood Hunting Stereotypes

by Doug Howlett   |  March 26th, 2012 13

With the much-awaited opening of The Hunger Games in theaters, a movie in which the main character is a teenaged girl who hunts with a bow to provide for her family and ultimately to save her life, debate has raged on the blogosphere over whether the movie glorifies hunting or reflects the overall brutality of the futuristic society it portrays. In the movie, as it does in the book, hunting is portrayed as an admirable skill that promotes self-reliance, courage and respect for life — attributes many of today’s hunters will readily recognize in their own sporting lives. In fact, Katniss, the main character, exhibits more compassion and a reluctance to kill her fellow human than the city-dwelling Capitol residents who watch the games for fun.

The Hunger Games has garnered some positive press, particularly for women hunters, but may remain an oddity in that respect coming from Hollywood, for there remains abundant examples of movies and television programs that exhibit everything from total ignorance about hunting to a pointed effort to ridicule the tradition as being participated in by brutish louts bent on the destruction of every living thing in the forest. Here are some of the worst offenders.

  • Zachx97

    While I'm sure this was meant as a poke at ALL hunters. From a hunter's perspective this guy represented the (hopefully) small portion of our ranks that do fit this bill. The type that are no more conservation minded than rocket scientist.

    We should at least recognize that we have way too many of the "redneck", trophy hunting, season-ignoring, regulation breaking, "bubbas" out there that would drive down a deer with his 1-ton Hemi-Dodge. (Just spend 5-minutes talking to a game warden).

    Anyway, as hunters we need to root out this scum as much as the hollywood type scum.

    • Zachx97

      To clarify, I'm referring to the "Open Season" hunter.

  • Jäger

    When my nieces were young, they gave me a statue of Gaston because he "decorates with antlers". It is still on my shelf. Hey, if the boot fits, wear it.

  • Andreas

    So far the hunting stereotypes are really good, but:
    There is no "highly academic views of the Hollywood elite" as the majority of those "elite" in Hollywood totally lack the minimal requirements to achieve an academic education at an university.

  • Greg

    I am an avid deer hunter and when confronted with the typical, "Oh you kill Bambi" line, I simply reply by asking if they remember in the movie the big bad buck that came in and tried to steal Bambi's girlfriend which of course they do and I proceed to tell them that that is the deer that I hunt and it has never failed to shut them up.

    • Frank

      That is a great way of putting it Greg. I definitely agree with you when it comes to hunting, we don't want Bambi, we want the Buck with the Rack. By the way, is Bambi a Muley because he looks like a Mule Deer Fawn to me?

      • Zachx97

        Not sure of the Disney version, but in the original Bambi story he was a Roe (or Reh – German) Deer.. I believe the story originated in Europe. Anyway just some Cliff Claven info..

  • Heretic

    I can't help it. When Bambi's mom gets shot, my mouth starts to water. Mmmmm, venison.

    • hotstriper


  • Frank

    It's unfortunate that Hollywood portrays our past time like that and to be so inaccurate as to the goings on is so much like the media telling the world that everything is ok while we are suffering from some kind of pandemic. Hollywood and the media will always portray the do gooders in a bad light if it brings in the ratings and the money. Poachers give us a bad name and yet they are the ones that get the attention from the media or Hollywood. Aww, hell I am going Turkey hunting and I am going to have some Turkey Jerky and Bacon by the time I come back. I would have waited for Bambi to be old enough so that I can harvest the buck.

  • Just a hunter

    When speaking of the worst portrayal of hunters, don't forget another Disney classic, "The Fox and the Hound".

  • Antonio

    Someone who bases their philosophy of… anything from a Disney movie is seriously out of touch with reality.

    • Nathan_123

      One wonders if McCartney turned his back on immunizations after discovering the Polio vaccine was manufactured with and tested on animals.

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