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13 Hunting Slang Terms You Should Stop Using

by Doug Howlett   |  November 29th, 2011 39

Since first appearing in 1893 as a derogatory term to describe less educated, rural, lower-class Southern whites, the word “redneck” continues to serve as a slanderous putdown by some, and worn as a badge of country pride and honor by others. From Jeff Foxworthy’s famed “You might be a redneck” lines to Charlie Daniels singing about the world needing “a few more rednecks,” the prideful declaration that one is a redneck has expanded far beyond the South to describe folks of rural nature and proclivities across all of America.

But still, whether you consider yourself a redneck, hillbilly, good ole’ boy, country girl or whatnot, there remains a number of terms used — particularly in conjunction with hunting or while in camp — that, well, probably quite simply just should not be. But then, who better than the hunters of America to make that decision? Here then are 13 hunting slang terms that we think are best left at the gate to the trailer park when you head for the woods.

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