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Steiner H4Xi Rifle Scope

Steiner H4Xi Rifle Scope

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

With incredible light gathering potential, a versatile reticle and precision-ground German glass, the Steiner H4Xi should be on the top… more »


Battle of the Bolt-Actions

by Keith Wood 0

We put five predator rifles to the test; which delivers the most bang for your buck? By the time you… more »


Five Great Hunting Products Introduced at the NRA Show

by PH Online Editors 0

One of the fun things about attending the annual NRA show is that many manufacturers introduced new products at this… more »


Why You Should Plan A Western Hunting Trip Now

by David Hart 0

There are two types of hunters: Those who can’t dream of a hunt out West and those who dream of… more »


The Ultimate Mountain Rifle Test

by Keith Wood 0

Despite decades of evolution that led us to the useful all-around sporting rifles that most of us are familiar with,… more »


Basic Shooting Positions Every Hunter Should Master

by Craig Boddington 0

There are numerous shooting aids on the market today from monopods to tripods to sandbags and complete gun cradles designed… more »


Best Winter ATV Maintenance Tips

by Peter B. Mathiesen 0

Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your ATV running strong even in the coldest temperatures I live in Alaska,… more »


When is the Best Time to Hunt a Stand?

by Jeff Johnston 0

When I asked a dozen random hunters whether they prefer morning or evening deer hunts, most replied that they prefer… more »


Species Spotlight: Caribou

by Craig Boddington 0

Santa’s reindeer and caribou are actually the same animal: Rangifer tarandus, a medium-sized deer that circumnavigates the globe in the northern… more »

new bows

Exciting New Bows for 2015

by Andrew VanLaningham & Eric Conn 0

Somehow, year after year, bows continue to get better. This season was no exception as the top archery brands pumped… more »

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