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(GRAPHIC) Video: Coyotes Take Down Deer on Trail Cam

by PH Online Editors 34

For a state that declared open war on coyotes and wild hogs in April 2012, there’s now even clearer evidence… more »

Grungy No Hunting Sign

Hunter vs. Hunter: The Battle for Sunday Hunting

by Dylan Polk 63

Let’s be honest: Hunting is not mainstream. I know it sounds blasphemous to say, but in modern society, hunting has… more »

Buddy Chapel

Principal Removes Hunting Trophies Amid Controversy

by Dylan Polk 21

Chances are your office pales in comparison to Petersen’s Hunting editor-in-chief Mike Schoby’s. An accomplished globetrotter, Schoby’s office is covered… more »

South Carolina Gator 2011

VIDEO: Alligator Hunting in South Carolina

by Melissa Bachman 11

Gator hunting has become super popular since the debut of Swamp People on the History Channel, but for years gator… more »

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