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Castaway: Hunters Discover Hunting for Survival

by Simon K. Barr 0

Waves splashed around “The Verle Anne,” a leftover landing craft from the Falklands War. The well-trodden vessel rocked back and… more »


Lost and Alone: Could You Survive?

by Mike Schoby 0

I am worried about the next generation of hunters. They seem overly fascinated with technology while neglecting basic woodsmanship. Many… more »


20 Skills Every Hunter Should Know

by Craig Boddington, Dave Draper, Joseph Von Benedikt & Keith Wood 0

The quest to become an expert hunter is a path of learning that never really has an end. It’s not… more »

Photo courtesy of Will Byington.

Are Urban Coyotes Becoming More of a Threat?

by David Hart 0

They’ve been spotted in Central Park. They live in downtown Chicago and suburban Atlanta, and they stroll through cities and… more »


Best New Camping & Survival Gear for 2015

by PH Online Editors 0

Every sportsman knows that danger can appear at any given time without notice, whether its a bear attack, a broken… more »


The Best Hunting Boots This Season

by PH Online Editors 2

Nearly every hunter can tell at least one story about stalking prey for miles, only to cover more ground tracking… more »


The Ultimate Predator Assault Vehicle

by Mike Schoby 2

When hunters think of all-terrain, off-road hunting vehicles, ATVs and UTVs are often the only options considered, but for many,… more »


The Ultimate Hunting Jeep

by PH Online Editors 8

http://brightcove=2665596328001 The 2013 Jeep Wrangler makes a nearly ideal platform for the Western hunter. Nimble, extremely off-road capable, and with… more »


Les Stroud: How to Dress for Survival

by PH Online Editors 2

Before you have time to build that first shelter, before you have the time to make a fire, and even… more »


How to Adapt Your Survival Kit to Your Destination

by Les Stroud 0

Think of your complete survival kit as something that should evolve and change according to your needs, rather than as… more »

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