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8 Amazing Tales of Wilderness Survival

by PH Online Editors   |  March 6th, 2012 8

Stay alive, that’s what it’s all about.

Survival is the ultimate fight to preserve life, to keep breathing, and defeat the odds. Out of this acute need to get home, to get out, comes an incredible ability to adapt and persevere. Our nature demands it.

Would you saw your arm off to escape? Would you drink your own urine and chop up rotting carcasses to fend off starvation? Would you kill to stay alive?

Each of the survivors listed below answered the tough questions and faced the consequences. Wild places cut you no slack, and these are examples of just how harsh things can get.

  • Sherrill Neese

    Good Golly!!!! This is some hard corps stuff…

  • adecker44

    Shackleton? Where is Ernest Shackleton?!?!?!

  • Antonio

    I'm going hiking this weekend, and these stories just gave me the shivers. I watch just about every survival show on TV, but question as to whether I'd really have to presence of mind to do some of those things.

  • T. K. Willard

    I read all 8 of these survival stories. They ALL had the single element: People who are reckless and don't use common sense. These people put the lives of those who try to rescue them in jeopardy.

    • zach

      i most definitely agree with you with the acception of #6

  • Jerry

    I heard that one before. It was done by an Indian who refused to be captured.

  • Holum

    People that were nominated, but did not win Darwin Awards.

  • deepsky

    tough kid, no brains

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