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8 Women Who are Tougher than Bear Grylls

by PH Online Editors   |  March 19th, 2012 20

Earlier this month, it was announced that the Discovery Channel was (finally) cutting ties with Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls, who for years has allegedly made a mockery of true survival shows by retreating back to a cozy hotel when the going got tough, and relying on his precious production crew to bail him out of trouble — which he frequently created himself.

”Due to a continuing contractual dispute with Bear Grylls, Discovery has terminated all current productions with him,” Discovery said in a statement.

Grylls’ publicist Heather Krug snapped back in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Bear’s goal has always been to make life-empowering shows for his many fans around the globe, and he has taken great risks to bring Discovery such award-winning programming over seven seasons,” she said.

Like every public dispute, this one has two distinct sides. Discovery says Bear refused to work with them on two shows that were in his contract and Bear says, well, probably something about liking the warm, salty taste of his own urine. (He said on Twitter last week, “Don’t worry … I’ll be drinking my pee again soon!”)

We’re just happy to say that Grylls is now free to go back to sleeping in disemboweled camels without a cameraman present. But we’re pretty sure the survival market will continue to be saturated with Grylls’ faux-hardcore facade.

In our (sarcastically) humble opinion, he should go away for good. As the Petersen’s editorial crew was compiling our list of people that could adequately replace Bear to submit to Discovery, one thing became quite clear: we’d accept almost anyone. In fact, these eight women could kick his ass….and we’d enjoy watching them much, much more.

  • KAW

    If any of those ladies successfully complete SAS Selection and climb Mt Everest with a broken back, THEN you can claim that they are "tougher" than Bear. Drinking one's own urine is optional.

  • John Heaston

    Janet Reno is a GAL !! !! all these years, who would have known

  • Smitty

    Are all these women from the U.S. by any chance? Is this an attempt to question his British masculinity, or just a poor attempt at humor?

  • Ben_OBrien

    It's both. Our poor attempt at questioning his British masculinity. Thanks for reading Smitty! You are the only one who truly understands us!

    Ben O'Brien
    Online Managing Editor

  • Outwrite

    Well I may question some of your list. (Gun-hating Janet Reno, for one) I will say my wife could drink pee and eat snail snot just as good as Bear. I mean, after all, she DID grow up surviving with HER mother. ANyone who could do that deserves a show of her own.

  • Sherm

    Oprah sounds real tough, "she will send armed guards to your house to smash your stupid face", that makes her tough? Is Reno tough because she can call in a rocket strike on your hunting camp, or is she tough because she wants to disarm America? My advice is for you to stick to writing hunting articles, before you start losing subscribers.

  • spinafish

    El Reno was also responsible for killing all those folks in Waco..really hope she has trouble sleeping at night..

  • DVW

    Oprah and Janet Reno? Are you stupid, or trying(and failing miserably) to be funny?

  • Latrans

    Are you Nuts??? Reno and Oprah are not even in the same world as the American outdoorsman!!!

    • Ben_OBrien

      Yes, it seems we are quite nuts. When did we ever say this had anything to do with the American outdoorsman? Bear is neither American or an outdoorsman.

      Ben O'Brien
      Online Managing Editor

  • Jim V

    I get the angle you were going for…..but Reno & Oprah??? You need to get out more. Whew guys. I'd hate to see your pick of dogs. Or even guns for that matter.

    • Ben_OBrien

      Dogs that are tougher than Bear Grylls? That might be our next entry in the humor column. Thanks!

      Ben O'Brien
      Online Managing Editor

  • Tom Willard

    I don't know Grylls and never watch stupid reality shows. BUT, that you have picked, are ALL liberal radicals, Peta members, and in my conservative, avid hunter opinion should't even come to the attention of Petersens Hunting. Petersens, the women, and Grylls are all pinheads! Any more of this and I'll cut off these emails and let my subscriptions in both Petersens magazine lapse. I can find better reading!

  • @BirdySportsman

    I don't really get the hate on Bear bit. Who cares if he went back to a hotel when he was done, he still gave solid advice even if some of it was over the top. There is no need for him to truly put his life in danger for people to learn survival techniques. What part of anything he has done is faux-hardcore? I think you have to be 100% hardcore to do the majority of what he does on that show. It's entertainment first, teaching second. Despite that, people have still managed to use things they've learned from that show to truly survive and he has also got kids thinking about going outside. BTW, outdoorsman doesn't just include hunters so he would be an outdoorsman…

  • Tiffany Lakosky

    This is Tiffany Lakosky, thank you for the kind write up! Just letting u know that I do infact field dress my own animals, I also run tractors, plant fields and help with harvesting our crops.

    Thank you,
    Tiffany Lakosky

    • Smitty

      I hope you don't do any of these honorable actions and then sleep indoors afterwards, like that girly boy Bear Grylls.

  • Antonio

    To me, these survival shows are more like comedies. Bear jumping off sheer cliffs for no apparent reason. Some US Ranger and UK reporter wife arguing in the woods. Another military guy and a naturalist who walks everywhere barefooted. Then they give you a lecture on a tree that only exists in Peru and buds during the first week in April — like they really knew that.

    The best are those three UK Top Gear guys driving through jungles in junkers — at least they're supposed to be funny.

  • Derek

    I'm sure they're tough, but I doubt if they match up to Bear Grylls. If they can make something on this website look like a walk in the park, then I might reconsider.

  • Shaxsss

    Bear…what a Joke. Gotta love America and its love of flashy crap.
    1# Bear jumps into murky pools without first checking depth and or obstacles. He suggests you do the same. This is against SAS training principles.
    Bear was almost seriously injured doing this.
    2# Bear drinks “flowing water” because he can see a small fresh water shrimp moving, so it must be ok…..right?
    This also goes against Standard SAS procedures. Running water does NOT…mean that the water is filtered and safe.
    That episode, he became sick as a dog for drinking the water. I mean…HELLO..people, wake up.

    Smearing dirt on ones face, drinking pee, eating insects and advising people do the wrong thing in the field, is bull. Jumping into water without looking is also wrong as is all the techniques he showed.

    He’s the laughing stock of many specialized Teams. Hollywood……there’s the real joke. Have a series and put people’s lives at risk with seriously badly informed Information.

    SAS for 20yrs.

  • N Carter

    She is tougher than a lion too. Did you see the lion she killed? That lion didn’t even know what was about to happen. What an amazing woman for pulling a trigger on a machine against something that won’t fight back.

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