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Steven Rinella: Why I Hunt

by Steven Rinella 2

One of the hardest things about being a hunter is trying to explain why I hunt. Whenever I attempt this,… more »


2012 Big Game Roundup

by Greg Rodriguez 2

Last year proved to be a much better year than some of the folks I interviewed for the 2011 forecast… more »

Much lighter and less expensive than a backcountry portable electric fence for bears.

The CAPSS by Brite-Stike Keeps Me Safe in Bear Country

by Conrad Evarts 1

Here’s a quick look at a product that helps me sleep here in bear country. It’s called the CAPSS (Camp… more »


A Blond Moment: Patience Pays Off on Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

by Mike Schoby 6

The stellar jay sitting in the small pine tree quit squawking and looked nervously around. Something had bothered it. It… more »

Trapped bear

Bear Eats Convicted Murderer, Later Euthanized

by PH Online Editors 6

Some of the more bizarre stories that come our way generally involve surviving inside a hollow log, or beating a… more »

Jason Babin

NFL Player Gets Stuck in Alaska During Bear Hunt, Misses Team Workouts

by Dylan Polk 2

It’s no secret that some professional athletes — quite of a lot of them, actually — are pretty avid hunters…. more »

Mama grizzly and cub

Les Stroud: How to Survive When Facing a Predator in the Wild

by Les Stroud 4

Nothing gets as much play in the media as people getting mauled or killed by animals. And while it may… more »

New Jersey black bear

One of the Largest Black Bears in North American History Killed in N.J.

by Dylan Polk 11

New Jersey has a new record black bear, but the hunter wasn’t out looking for big bruins. According to the… more »

Dieter Herbert

Teen Takes Possible No. 1 New York Black Bear

by Dylan Polk 25

Dieter Herbert has a lot to be thankful for. The 18-year-old Long Island, N.Y., native shot his first black bear… more »

A shameful stereotype of a complex skunk ape. How dare they?

Mt. Helena Sasquatch Wants In

by Conrad Evarts 0

Our groundbreaking work in the struggle against anti-Sasquatchism in America continues. If you are just getting onboard with the equality… more »

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