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Brittany and her European Wolf

Brittany Boddington Takes Down a European Wolf in Macedonia

by Brittany Boddington 78

For those of you that have been reading my earlier posts about our wolf hunt in Macedonia with The Hunting… more »

European Mouflon in Macedonia

Driven Wolf Hunt and a European Mouflon in Macedonia

by Brittany Boddington 3

It was  a busy day yesterday! We got up at four in the morning and drove about an hour to… more »

Brittany Boddington with her great Balkan chamois!

Balkan Chamois in Macedonia!

by Brittany Boddington 7

Sometimes you just get lucky and this was my lucky day for sure! We got up at four in the morning while… more »

White Springbok

White Springbok in South Africa

by Brittany Boddington 7

As my SHE Expeditions hunt was coming to a close I started to realize that with my dream of shooting… more »

mtn reedbuck

Mountain Reedbuck in Port Elizabeth

by Brittany Boddington 3

I shot my very first mountain reedbuck yesterday with Tollies African Safaris! I’m on a ladies hunt in South Africa… more »

Final post before I head to Africa!!

by Brittany Boddington 0

I’m about to board my plane to Port Elizabeth South Africa where I will meet up with the rest of… more »

Packing for my next adventure!

by Brittany Boddington 0

The packing gets tricky when you will be jumping from winter to summer! I’m counting down the days until I… more »

Perched on top of the world

The Illusive Peruvian Whitetail

by Brittany Boddington 5

This was one of the most fun hunts I have ever been on and by far the hardest. These whitetail are… more »

baby cheetah

Close Encounters with Big Cats (the nice kind)

by Brittany Boddington 2

I have been traveling around South Africa for the past couple weeks and one of my very favorite stops was… more »

On top of the Andes in Peru

Peru At Its Best

by Brittany Boddington 2

I just got back to Lima from the villages up in the Andes and this is one of the most… more »

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