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Craig Boddington’s Worldwide Top 10 Trophies

by Craig Boddington 15

This selection turned out to be very difficult as this was a good exercise in self-evaluation. It turns out my… more »


Petersen’s Hunting Episode 2: Cape Buffalo Charge

by Ben OBrien 14

Petersen’s Hunting Field Editor Greg Rodriguez hunts for cape buffalo in the Zambezi Valley. The hunt turns dangerous when Greg… more »


6 Hazardous Hunts That Could Kill You

by Craig Boddington 13

Let’s start with a couple of basic assumptions. First, hunting is supposed to be fun. Getting scared out of your… more »


Closing The Gap on Dangerous Cape Buffalo

by Ben OBrien 5

Hunting buffalo in Africa can be a perilous adventure…especially when you’ve got one on the ground. http://brightcove=4961946001

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